The Bold and the Beautiful

Season 27 Episode 133

Ep. #6667

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Katie makes a huge decision about her future. Wyatt and Hope learn a mysterious fact.

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Sep 27, 2013
It's too much having Brooke at first pregnant by her sister's husband to now her being proposed to by Bill! This storyline has truly went overboard! It's downright scandalous for you all to have this ridiculous storyline where Brooke gets what she wants, who she wants and don't caring who it affects in the process! I have been looking at this soap opera a long time, but I'm thinking about stop watching it due to the fact that its has gone way too far with the Brooke, Bill and Katie storyline. It's just dirty having a sister fall in love with her sister's husband and now they are thinking about marriage now! Down right nasty and inhumane!

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