The Bold Ones: The Lawyers

NBC (ended 1972)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Sound Of Anger
      Two teenagers who have been engaged in pre-marital sex become the prime suspects when the girl's disapproving father is mysteriously murdered. The Lawyers take their case.
    • The Whole World Is Watching
      After a university police officer is killed during a campus protest, student activist Gil Bennett is arrested for the murder. Milking this turn of events for his cause, Bennett refuses to testify about his innocence. Nichols and the Darrell brothers now must find the young man's one hope; the only witness to the crime who has his own motive for not coming forward.moreless
    • A Game Of Chance
      A Game Of Chance
      Episode 1
      A rogue cop who makes a habit of dwelling in the gray area of the law is the target of junior partner Neil Darrell, who's out to expose the officer's abuse.
    • The People Against Ortega
      Brian's client, who was wrongfully convicted of a capital murder many years ago, accidentally kills the wife of the district attorney during a failed escape attempt shortly before he is cleared of the original crime. Brian chooses to continue to represent his client during the trial for the accidental killing, even though the district attorney and his wife were his good friends.moreless
    • The Crowd Pleaser
      The lawyers are shocked when their client, a cocky real estate agent accused of murdering a prostitute, gleefully admits to the crime during a private party celebrating his acquittal. When another man is subsequently convicted of the crime and faces the death penalty, Neil makes an agonizing decision that could sacrifice his career.moreless
    • Rockford Riddle
      Rockford Riddle
      Episode 4
      Walter volunteers to represent a mentally ill homeless man who has just admitted to murdering a peer, on the condition that the man divulge the facts of a previous murder that Walter represented him for several years earlier, in which the man admitted to murdering his wife's rival when his wife was on trial for the murder, only to recant his guilt immediately after she was acquitted.moreless
    • Shriek Of Silence
      The lawyers represent a front-running gubernatorial candidate who is being framed for the murder of a female campaign worker by his former campaign chairman, a man forced to resign because the candidate found out he was a homosexual. His defense becomes a lot more complicated when he is witnessed moving the body out of his apartment and into a park as part of an ill-conceived plan to avoid being linked to the crime.moreless
    • Trial Of A Mafioso
      The lawyers represent an incarcerated former mobster who has provided key testimony against other mob bosses while in prison and is ultimately exonerated after an eventful retrial. Although their client has arranged for a helicopter to take him out of the country upon release, the lawyers are given the dangerous task of transporting him from the courthouse to the remote location where the pickup will take place.moreless
    • Point Of Honor
      Point Of Honor
      Episode 7
      Brian gets himself involved in a murder case and now privileged communication between a lawyer and his client have become a key issue.
    • The Shattered Image
      Ted Hollister is charged with the murder of the ward of a rich guardian and Walt Nichols agrees to defend him.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3