The Bold Ones: The New Doctors

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • And Other Springs I May Not See
      After saving a pregnant 16-year-old from a fiery car wreck, Dr. Amanda Fallon attempts to mend a deep rift between the troubled girl and her divorced mother, who is insisting she have an abortion.
    • The Night Crawler
      The Night Crawler
      Episode 15
    • A Tightrope To Tomorrow
      In order to train Drs. Hunter and Craig on a new type of heart bypass surgery, visiting doctors are scheduled to perform the procedure at the Institute on four men who have unstable angina. When the patient who stands to benefit the most from the new procedure backs out because he is afraid to tell his fiancee about his condition and postpone their wedding, Dr. Hunter has to find a way to change his mind.moreless
    • A Terminal Career
      A Terminal Career
      Episode 13
      Dr. Hunter's most recent girlfriend, a resident at the Institute who is on the verge of obtaining her license, has an intense fear of dealing with patients which is obvious in her very poor bedside manner. When she is tasked with informing a patient that he is in the initial stages of ALS, she is forced to ask herself if she really has what it takes to be a doctor.moreless
    • The Velvet Prison
      The Velvet Prison
      Episode 12
      A story about a child hemophiliac.
    • End Theme
      End Theme
      Episode 11
      The life of a popular singer has been a roller coaster of emotions that could lead to suicide.
    • A Purge Of Madness
      A Purge Of Madness
      Episode 10
      A dedicated teacher suffers from random, extremely violent outbursts which he has no control over. After all traditional therapies are unable to help, Dr. Craig reluctantly suggests an experimental psycho-surgery that critics compare to a lobotomy.
    • An Inalienable Right To Die
      A newspaper reporter in the prime of her life is paralyzed from the neck down in a boating accident. Despite initially being told she has no hope for recovery, she is accepted to a specialized rehabilitation program at the Institute. However, the circumstances surrounding the decision cause her to rethink her options.moreless
    • A Quality Of Fear
      To test a new theory on encouraging improved quality and length of life of terminal cancer patients, Dr. Hunter takes on a bluntly honest, and at times forceful, demeanor when dealing with patients who resist treatment and want to give up. When the approach seems to backfire with several of the patients, he begins doubting his own abilities.moreless
    • A Very Strange Triangle
      Dr. Cohen attempts to rekindle a relationship with a former girlfriend who has just been hired as a nurse at the Institute. To his shock, he finds out she is now in a homosexual relationship with another woman but thinks she still might have feelings for him.
    • A Substitute Womb
      A woman who has already miscarried twice now faces having an abortion to save her life. As an alternative, Dr. Hunter suggests transplanting her embryo into another woman, which has never been tried in a human before. Her younger sister quickly agrees to volunteer, but the ethical questions surrounding the process threaten both the Institute and the sisters' relationship.moreless
    • A Standard For Manhood
      A friend of Dr. Hunter's confides that he has recently become impotent, which has caused him to become increasingly violent to compensate for his lost sense of manhood, making his wife think he is having an affair. The doctors discover and remove a small brain tumor, but they quickly learn they are far from solving his real problem, which could destroy more than just his marriage.moreless
    • Time Bomb In The Chest
      The Institute's Chief of Medical Design suffers a mild heart attack while having difficulty completing the prototype of a "Quantitative Cardiac Radioisotope Counter". As he makes what is an otherwise normal recovery, he becomes obsessed with his own mortality, causing him to lose focus and neglect his wife and young son.moreless
    • A Nation Of Human Pincushions
      Dr. Craig invites an acupuncture expert to the Institute to give a symposium and provide treatment to patients with chronic pain. Although the expert is able to provide instant relief to most of the patients, he faces stiff skepticism from the medical establishment because he lacks formal medical training, happens to be a communist, and expresses an interest in attempting acupuncture on internal organs.moreless
    • Is This Operation Necessary?
      An aging gynecologist is accused by Dr. Hunter of performing unnecessary operations. Dr. McLain, the besieged doctor, is promoting lake side property investments which requires substantial capital. Dr. Craig, a long time friend of Dr. McLain, defends the renown surgeon until it becomes evident that his practice must come to an end.moreless
    • Five Days In The Death Of Sgt. Brown (pt 2)
      Ed's best chance of recovery is an untested experimental operation to be performed by a surgeon whose integrity is very likely about to be put to the test after his daughter is kidnapped.
    • Ironside: Five Days In The Death Of Sgt. Brown (pt 1)
      Before he can testify as the star witness in a major case, Ed is shot and seriously injured by a mystery assailant. Threatened with paralysis he conducts his own struggle from within his hospital bed, whilst the Chief tries to find out who is still trying to kill his prize pupil.

      * This is an episode of the series Ironside whose events were concluded on The Bold Ones: The New Doctors.moreless
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