The Bold Ones: The New Doctors - Season 1

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Dark Is The Rainbow, Loud The Silence
    A high ranking government official begins exhibiting severe symptoms of schizophrenia and attempts to kill the President. Dr. Stuart, a personal friend of the man, fights to delay a Presidential order to institutionalize the man in Washington, D.C. while Dr. Hunter performs an experimental biochemical treatment at the Institute.
  • This Day's Child
    This Day's Child
    Episode 9
    A severely mentally handicapped girl suffers rapid liver failure after drinking poison, and the only treatment available to her is an experimental cross transfusion with her sister that could possibly kill them both.
  • If I Can't Sing, I'll Listen
    Three women who share a room at the Institute all face serious illnesses but have very different attitudes toward their prognosis and treatment. Dr. Stuart tries desperately to help one of them change her grim attitude toward treatable cancer before it's too late.
  • And Those Unborn
    And Those Unborn
    Episode 7
    A former girlfriend of Dr. Hunter with a history of miscarriages comes to the Institute with her husband to receive cutting edge genetic counseling and prenatal care. During their stay, her husband displays random bouts of increasingly strange and violent behavior, and Dr. Hunter is determined to find out why before it's too late.moreless
  • Crisis
    Episode 6
    Dr. Stuart develops a promising new "arterial rerouting" heart surgery procedure which works on a healthy chimp, but fails to save the first human patient it's used on. The setback causes Dr. Stuart to insist that further procedures be delayed until more research can be conducted, but faces pressure from multiple sources who don't want any further delay.moreless
  • A Small Step For Man
    The Institute is selected by NASA to monitor the health of three astronauts, including the country's first black astronaut, before and during an Apollo moon mission. When one of the astronauts suffers a mysterious medical emergency mid-flight, Dr. Stuart puts his own life at risk in order to diagnose the problem.moreless
  • Man Without A Heart
    The family of a deceased patient sues Dr. Stuart for malpractice because he allegedly made the decision to insert an experimental artificial heart without proper authorization. While harshly calling Dr. Stuart's character into question during the trial, the prosecuting attorney suffers a heart related medical emergency, thrusting Dr. Stuart into a very awkward situation.moreless
  • Rebellion Of The Body
    An accident in the Nuclear Research Center leaves Dr. Hunter and another injured. A piece of radio-active metal is lodged in Dr. Hunter requiring the hospital to seal off an entire wing due to the danger of radiation poisoning.
  • What's The Price Of A Pair Of Eyes?
    After being unable to secure adequate funding from Dr. Craig, Dr. Hunter and a determined biophysicist use their creativity and limited resources to successfully build a prototype of a "Tactile Vision Substitution System"...a device that might give certain blind individuals a crude form of sight.
  • To Save A Life
    To Save A Life
    Episode 1
    A young man is left brain dead after being involved in an automobile accident. The doctors at the Institute, who have a patient in grave need of a kidney transplant, walk a delicate line trying to convince the man's wife and the attending physician to end life support and allow the transplant before it's too late.moreless