The Bold Ones: The New Doctors - Season 3

NBC (ended 1973)




Episode Guide

  • Discovery At Fourteen
    Dr. Amanda Fallon tries to help a teenage boy who develops severe physical and psychological problems after discovering his father is a homosexual and believing it's hereditary.
  • A Threatened Species
    A 37-year-old resident nurse at the Institute, who was recently abandoned by her free-spirited husband, gives birth to a premature baby with a heart defect. When her 10-year-old daughter overhears that she doesn't want to save the baby, Dr. Stuart has to intervene before psychological damage is done.
  • Short Flight To A Distant Star
    Ted and Paul try to figure out how to move a bullet fragment in a patient's brain without surgery. They think NASA may have an answer.
  • Moment Of Crisis
    Moment Of Crisis
    Episode 8
    Dr. Hunter's girlfriend, frustrated that he's still not ready to marry her, drives away from their dinner engagement in a rage, causing a bus full of children to swerve off the road and crash. The injuries push the Institute to its limits, and cause a standoff with possible life-and-death consequences between Dr. Craig and the doctor who is seeking to replace him as head of the Institute.moreless
  • Dagger In The Mind
    Dagger In The Mind
    Episode 7
    A distinguished and dedicated medical professor who abruptly gives up his career to become a playboy and marry a girl 30 years his junior complains of pains that no one is able to diagnose. One of his former students, who happens be in treatment at the Institute for a newly diagnosed heart condition that will prevent her from pursuing her career, thinks she knows what's wrong with the professor and takes matters into her own hands...literally.moreless
  • The Glass Cage
    The Glass Cage
    Episode 6

    Three alcoholics receive experimental treatment for their alcoholism.

  • The Convicts
    The Convicts
    Episode 5
    The Institute uses four volunteers from the state prison system to perform extremely high-risk tests of a serum designed to reduce transplant rejection. One of the volunteers, a former medical student serving time for selling heroin, has an ulterior motive that will put everyone at the Institute in danger.
  • Close Up
    Close Up
    Episode 4

    Model with Tic Douloureux (Trigeminal Neuralgia) wants Ted to operate on her with an experimental technique, however, Ted is injured in a hospital accident.

  • One Lonely Step
    One Lonely Step
    Episode 3
    Dr. Craig is accused of racism after he cuts funding for a new serum developed by a black colleague to treat Sickle Cell Anemia and refuses to let Dr. Hunter use it on a young boy being treated at the Institute.
  • The Angry Man
    The Angry Man
    Episode 2
    A young, egotistical paramedic being trained at the Institute feels he has the same standing as the doctors due to his vast experience as a medic in the Vietnam war. Using stolen supplies from the Institute, he opens an underground clinic to treat the poor, putting Dr. Craig and the Institute at risk.moreless
  • Broken Melody
    Broken Melody
    Episode 1

    Musician with hearing problem tries to befriend abused boy.