The Bonnie Hunt Show (1995)

CBS (ended 1996)


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The Bonnie Hunt Show (1995)

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Bonnie served as the creator, executive producer and co-writer on this show. Bonnie plays Bonnie Kelly a features reporter for channel 12 WBDR news. The first show has Bonnie moving from Wisconsin to Chicago for the job. She makes friends with the people at work right away and develops a crush on Bill Kirkland her boss, even though he is often too busy to give her the time of day. Tom the camera man, has a secret crush on Bonnie, and she later admits to Holly that she thinks he's cute (she's torn between both guys). But we never got to find out who Bonnie ended up with because the show was cancelled after 11 episodes. Bonnie's character is much the same as The Building. Very wholesome and kind. Often to a fault. Most of the same people from The Building, Holly Wortell, Don Lake, and Tom Virtue (who she met at Second City) are in this show also. Holly plays her best friend who does makeup at the news station. And Don plays her next door neighbor Keith, who is constantly talking to her through the window and coming over. A really cute part of the show is Bonine's constant conversations over the phone to her Mother. The best part about this show however is the remote segments. They're improvised and they are hilarious. The show was an experimental use of improv techniques in a sitcom. With improv you accept a certain amount of failure in exchange for edgy, original, unpredictable approaches to comic situations. First Telecast: September 22, 1995 Last Telecast: April 7, 1996 Episodes: 13 Color Episodes, 2 Unaired CBS Broadcast History

September 1995-October 1995----Fridays----8:30

March 1996-April 1996----Sundays----8:30 (new title Bonnie )moreless

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  • As Bonnie Kelly, she has moved to Chicago from Wisconsin to work as a TV reporter. The stories are mainly about Bonnie at work (with "remotes" that were totally improvised) and her interests in her boss and her camera man.moreless

    Probably the best of Bonnie Hunt's many TV shows. The writing, pacing and production of this show were unique and wonderful. I've heard some grumble about the overlapping dialogue, but I think it's realistic and absolutely perfect for the show. I've read that Bonnie wanted the cast to watch "The Front Page" to get that newsroom feel. There are several actors that will be recognzied as being from the Hunt "stable" - Holly Wortell (she was in every show that Bonnie Hunt wrote and produced), Don Lake (he was in her first two shows and co-wrote/co-produced the third - "Life With Bonnie"), Mark Derwin (shows up again on "Life With Bonnie" as her husband), Tom Virtue (was in her first show "The Building", had a recurring role on "Life With Bonnie" and a small part in the film "Return To Me"), and Brian Howe (was seen again in "Return To Me").

    Apparently, the show ran for 6 episodes and then was on hiaitus for a while. When it came back a few months later, it was renamed "Bonnie" and had slightly different opening credits. (An improvement, if you ask me.)

    If you ever get a chance to watch this show, DO IT. You'll really enjoy it.moreless
  • A workplace comedy with a bit of light-hearted romance thrown in for fun.

    Bonnie gets a job as on-air reporter for a Chicago tv station, falls for the newsroom manager, Mark, and deals with office politics, romantic rivals, and everyday life.

    Such is one of the troika of Bonnie Hunt's underappreciated gems. (The other two, The Building and The Bonnie Hunt Show, equally underappreciated faced wildly different runs though.)

    Bonnie specializes in gentle comedies, though slapstick and other physical comedy is used to great effect. Her taped-live bits, for her on-air segments, are a hoot and she has great rapport with practically any person she meets.

    If you get a chance, watch this!moreless