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The Book Group

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Who says good reading is good for you? American Claire has just moved to Glasgow and is extremely keen to meet some new and interesting people. She decides to start a book group. To her utter dismay, those who turn up for the first session are not the friends she had hoped for. There's Kenny, a handsome ex-climber in a wheelchair, Janice the frustrated wife of a famous Scottish footballer, and eccentric student Barney who Claire actually does fancy. The Book Group is about this intriguing cast of characters, who are all trying to make new friends, new lives and new versions of themselves. But pretty soon things get complicated. A little education can be a dangerous thing. Bad News! Channel 4 did confirm a third series was in the works due for broadcast mid 2004, However, I received an email from Annie Griffin (Creator of the show) explaining that no third series was in production for 2004, nor had she even yet written a third series due to commitments towards other projects, "...but perhaps some time in the future they'll be back" Currently I shall leave the status of the show as on hiatus, for it may return.moreless
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  • Cult classic - different to anything at the time.

    Sadly there were very few episodes of The Book Group and it ran for only a short period of time - typical of a Channel 4 series. I found at times most of the characters were likeable on only a basic level and they were not easy to relate to until the show began to develop, by which time it was almost finished. In spite of this I still found it fun to watch and I still pull out the DVD's from time to time. Although there wasn't anything like it at the time, Channel 4 have spewed out some similar shows - not in plot but in style - since BG, some of which were good, some were average and some were garbage but I'll always consider this to be an original series with some classic episodes, short run or not.moreless
  • A different type of show.

    When I first read about this show that was about to appear on channel 4, I really did not think much about it. I wouldn't have even watched the first episode had it not been for complete lack of anything else decent on the tv to watch. I am now so glad that tv is so bad on the whole.

    This tv show was a delight from the start to the end of its second series. None of the characters are very likable but this added to the show's appeal for me. The main character claire is a prime example of this where she is akward most of the time and even depressed but the chracters played well off each other. The fact that the show was full of scottish people, apart from claire, also helped as I am scottish and there are not too many great tv shows st in our country. I was gutted when the show never got a third series but the first two are excellent pieces of television.moreless

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