The Book of Daniel

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • Joda and relationships

    So far the best of the three episodes. It was once again a very fun and up episode with plenty of hilarious moments though still a bit slow at times.

    The episode continues a few storylines from the last episode.
    The one about the mafia, Daniel isn’t going to see his money back unless he makes deal with them. He decides to because he’s a bit of a chicken and that makes them loose a couple of clients. Daniel also keeps using drugs after someone says something to him and is slowly becoming addicted.

    The storyline Judith’s storyline was that she finds out her house is still her mothers who mocks her and pushes her button. She says that the house will be assigned to her when she’s dead which upsets Judith and goes more into drinking.

    Sadly Peter hardly had any storyline in this episode, but it looks like he’s going to have it soon. He definitely flirts around with another guy I Church and he’s going out with his sister even though he’s more interested in the brother.

    Adam continued with his silly crush over the girl, he’s ready to do anything for her but her family will send her away of she doesn’t stop the relationship and so she does.

    Grace on the other side is having problems with her computer, she is very gifted and wants to put her stuff on it so she meets this little man who totally crushes over her and invites himself over for dinner.

    The episode wasn’t that brilliant except for some hilarious moments. On dinner table for example, when Vanessa came out and that she had a relationship with Jessie. But when she comes back home her lover left her once again only this time she stole her jewellery.

    The episode wasn’t a masterpiece but it was still great. A lot of fun moments and character development.