The Book of Daniel

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on NBC

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  • Higher than ever

    A very good second part of an episode, still not quite perfect but it’s getting there as the characters get more background.

    The storyline about the lost money continues which is actually the least interesting one. Eventually a father finds it but he is in the mafia and the only way he will return it is if Daniel accepts to let it use it for the mafia.

    The Peter storyline is definitely the most amusing, he doesn’t want people to find out about him but he still decides to flirt away. It’s very interesting and i’m wondering if he will ever find mister right that way.

    Then we have Grace who has coke and she meets a friend to will help her find the strips she wants if only she gives her a bit of coke, it all turns rather easy for her and she seems to understand how much coke can help her/

    and Adam, he kisses away with his girlfriend but gets caught. The girlfriend’s parents are racists and don’t want him to hang out with her, he seems to be madly inlove with the girl.

    The storylines were once again great, Jesus was funny as well and Daniel continued being high and also made another person addicted. The sex talk was a bit to much though, but bordering funny.
    I also liked that the sister of Daniel’s wife turned out to have a lesbian relationship.

    The second part was slightly better than the first, a very nice beginning to a show that has a lot of potential.
  • A powerful follow-up to an excellent start. Characters are fleshed out more, but the mood is still light yet challenging.

    'Forgiveness' explores the themes that were set out in the pilot (or first part of the pilot, if you're inclined to think of these two episodes as part of two-parter).

    Daniel is clearly addicted to painkillers. Judith enjoys her martinis not just at dinner but also at breakfast and lunch. Grace is doing community service, and makes new acquaintances. Adam is caught with his pants down, and ends up in the hospital with broken bones. Peter is still struggling with coming out. The plot flows smoothly, the dialogue is smart but doesn't stumble by trying to be too witty.

    What I'm loving about this series is the grande dames; Kathleen Chalfant portrays Daniel's mother, clearly a woman who used to be very aware of her position as the bishop's wife, before succumbing to Alzheimer's. She is heart-warming and tear-jerking at the same time. Ellen Burstyn is Daniel's direct superior in the church hierarchy. She is immensely charismatic, and has some wonderful dialogue. I particularly enjoyed the bit about living through the 60's... How we young often forget that our parents and even their parents were once young, too!
  • Everyone should see this show - it's smart, funny, and ground-breaking in its accurate portrayal of a man in ministry and the problems he faces in his family-life and ministry. It's a hilarious and heart-warming show about love and acceptance through the

    I saw this pilot last night, and as a Christian and someone who has worked in ministry for 15 years, I was thrilled to see this show air. Good for NBC for seeing the profound truth in its theology and its writing. I have read that many Christians are upset by it, and feel it\'s some kind-of desecration of God and Jesus. I am deeply saddened by this opinion, and wonder if those people get what Jesus was trying to teach us. I read somewhere that someone was outraged, that it brought Jesus \"down to our level.\" Wasn\'t that the point of His existence, to be at our level and reveal God\'s wisdom and love to us. Isn\'t that what Jesus does on this show? I think so. He walks beside Daniel, with love and humour, holding him accountable and supporting him like a good friend. Although the reality of the show is heightened, it clearly is based in what I\'ve experienced to be true in the church and contemporary family. God forbid some of these Christians would have ever know the motley crew that was the Apostles.

    I give the show an A++++ and am going to tell everyone to watch it.
  • This is a good show - I don't see it as a treatise on religious life or an indictment or attack on a specific religion, it's a TV show that treats its subject matter with respect. I find it entertaining and insightful.

    I like this episode, and this show. I think it is realistic in many ways - I don't see that it shows Christians or non-Christians in a negative light at all. I think it shows the main characters in a kindly light, with almost affection. I like the depiction of Jesus - but it is obvious to me that it is Daniel's personal Jesus as an extension of his own self, not an interpretation of what Jesus should be, or how other religious people in the Christian realm portray him. I like Jesus kind, compassionate, patient, tolerant ... but I don't need to use this portrayal to embody my religious beliefs. This is a TV show!!!! And I think a good one.