The Book of Daniel

Season 1 Episode 6

God's Will

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Unknown on NBC

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  • It's a very sad and emotional episode

    After Peter and Adam and attacked at the end of the last episode for being mistaken for a gay couple, Peter is in the hospital in bad shape. Not sure if he's in a coma, but he's not waking up and there's talk of possibly having to drain blood from his head. This episode shows the police interviewing adam and him admitting to his dad that he ran and thought peter was with him. There is several flashbacks to 2 years ago when Peters twin brother had lukemia. It showed Peter having a boyfriend Josh and Peters mom saw Peter crying on Josh and him kissing his forehead in an elevator after visiting his dying brother. His mom was rushing to take his coat to him, but stopped when she saw. There was a scence in a bar where the dying brother was doing his favorite thing playing darts. Alot of the family was there, even grandma and she couldn't remember that one of her daughters was 4 years clean and offered her alcohol, so they were showing her first signs of alshimers. On the twins birthday 2 years ago the mom and Peter got in a fight over bringing Josh to the party, but the conversation ended when the hospital called to say Peter's twins blood wasn't clotting and he was in surgery. The dad ended up finding out who was part of the beating through an aquaintance and his friend set it up so that the guy would come to the church to present an offer to help build the school. The dad ended up hitting him. It wasn't really shown, just that the guys nose was bloody and the dad/daniel's had was bloody. He then hugged god and asked not to be forgiven. While the guy was there Peter woke up at the hospital. There other various things going on, like 2 years ago they were all trying on fake bald caps to be funny, and the sister drew a picture of the twins in unforms where they had the letter of their first names on their jersey but they were crossed out and the other ones first letter was wrote on it. She showed it to her aunt I think she was, the redhead, after the aunt showed her this dart board she had made for her sick brother and 2 ballet tickets for Peter, and she offered to help her get a lap top. Then she was all happy when she saw and said it was "nice". The episode ended with everyone having super and Peter wasn't all bandaged on his head, but you could still see some bruises and such. It was definitely a touching episode. People really shouldn't hate. When Daniel was talking to his friend. He asked how someone could do that and he said he wanted 5 minutes to talk to whoever it was, to try to understand. I can't understand either how people can hate and hurt people in such a horrible way, that they hardly know.
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