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  • To no surprise, the first major network television show to talk and revolve around Jesus is designed to represent a Christian life as sin-filled and loving it. No true Martyrdom/suffering for the Cross here. Of course there is no loss of integrity bec

    Well, it seems that the show has an obvious purpose, a purpose to not necessarily demean the Christian Religion and Jesus very openly, but drive people into a beleif that a life as a Christian, no less a Christian minister, is one that tolerates and agrees with the influences of drugs, sex, and debauchery.
    To say that this is a realistic look on Christian life is absurd. Granted no one is perfect, but to surround a show filled with sin with the ideals of the Christian faith is obviously an attack on the true representation of Jesus.
    No one would ever dare to air a show about Christian Martyrdom and or those who have suffered for belief in Jesus. But yet, that would be more attuned to a Christian representation.
    Nevertheless, this kind of show should be expected considering the religious situation the world is now in. Dealing drugs, pre-marital sex, alcoholism, and homosexuality is as wrong in Christianity as murder. I feel sorry for the people who landed their first premier television show in "The Book of Daniel", cause it really speaks badly about their character and integrity, whether they are Christian or not.
    It does not surprise me that the only time Jesus is ever considered as a central part of a major television network show, His ideals are desecrated in way that is cunningly "comedy".
    In short, this show is an obvious attack on Christianity, yet I have a feeling they will fall in their own trap.
  • I liked it

    If you want to get the Christian Coalition fired up all you have to do is make a show like this one. I for one never understood what the big deal was. So you had a minister with a few family issues, and he happened to carry on regular conversations with Jesus. What is wrong with that?

    I think that some people need to learn to relax. I think that NBC originally thought that all the controversy would lead to people checking out the show. I do not think that they expected to see several of their affiliates take it off the air.
  • Staging a boycott will only give the show millions of dollars of free publicity. Besides the Nielsens don't need your help killing a show.

    Never judge a show by it's pilot: The Book of Daniel. This past Christmas I was in Ohio and I saw a lot promos for a new NBC series titled The Book of Daniel. My first thought was that this show looks to do to organized religion what Desperate Housewives did to suburbia. When I returned home to Hollywood I was surfing the net and wanted to check up on the American Family Association. This was the group that was staging boycotts of businesses that chose to say “Happy Holidays” as opposed to “Merry Christmas” in their retail ads, in-store promotions and in television commercials. I was curious to see what this group was going to do now that Christmas was over. What I found was their new crusade with a link that read NBC Demeans Christian Faith. I clicked on the link and read their statement, “New NBC Drama Show Mocks Christianity”. The AFA has set up an e-mail campaign where they want people to write to NBC Chairman Bob Wright and complain about the yet to be aired series. Here are some of their grievances:

    NBC is touting the network's mid-season replacement series "The Book of Daniel" with language that implies it is a serious drama about Christian people and Christian faith.
    What promo were you watching?

    The main character is Daniel Webster, a drug-addicted Episcopal priest whose wife depends heavily on her mid-day martinis.
    Even priests and their families are not immune to addiction.

    Webster regularly sees and talks with a very unconventional white-robed, bearded Jesus. Garret Dillahunt looks no different than most of the other depictions of Jesus I have seen.

    The writer for the series (Jack Kenny) is a practicing homosexual.
    The AFA seem obsessed with the Gay Agenda”. Currently the AFA is considering a boycott of Ford Motor Company because they support the Gay Agenda”

    The readers are directed to use a link to send a letter to NBC Chairman Bob Wright and find a prewritten letter. I would like to remind the AFA that shows in the past like Soap, Married... with Children and Desperate Housewives grew in popularity when groups or individuals protested the show on moral grounds. As I stated in my article Must See Sabbath, “I believe in God but I don’t see myself as a religious person”. I also feel that God has a sense of humor. You might say that I’m betting my eternal life on it. Since God gave us free will I’ll watch the pilot and decide for myself.

    Let me start with the positive. The pilot titled Temptation opens with Daniel Webster and his wife Judith (Susanna Thompson) bailing their daughter Grace (Alison Pill) out of jail. The family interaction on the drive home establishes that this is a caring family. Revered and Mrs. Webster's addictions were seen, but not resolved nor was it glamorized. I liked that this is not Father Knows Best so to speak. I have known a couple of pastors and have the seen the difference between their personal life with all it's struggles and their alter persona. This is captured nicely in the show. The best part of the show is the character of Jesus who is a constant companion to Daniel in times of trouble or temptation. The Jesus character is not judgmental. He helps Daniel find the answers within himself and does it with great humor. In other words, Jesus is Daniel's rock

    My problem with the show is the pacing. The promo implied that the show would be one comedy of errors after another and like movie previews they show the best part of the show thus eliminating any element of surprise. Many characters are witty, perhaps too witty, but being witty is no substitute for being funny. There was no physical comedy until 48 minutes into the episode when Daniel's sister in law Victoria (Cheryl White) runs after her late husband's mistress Jessie (Alana De La Garza) during his Funeral. I think the show could use some work, but has potential. I would tell the AFA that the show is a serious drama about Christian people. I have more problems with the serious part than the Christian part. I expected more laughs, but I never judge a show by it's pilot fortunately the second episode titled Forgiveness aired immediately after the pilot.

    The second episode had a better pace and a better balance of witty and funny. I'm starting to care more for the supporting characters, (More so the adults then the smart-ass children.) and the "what happened to the money" storyline. The episode had a stand-alone story where Daniel gives premarital counseling to a couple. These stand-alone stories could be a great way to cover the problems facing the church in the 21st century (They can have a lot fun of with the topic of morality on Television). The bisexual sister in-law reveal should have been a surprise but again the show's promo gave it away. Perhaps this reveal should have been saved till a later time allowing Daniel's gay son Peter's (Christian Campbell) story line time to develop. This show is really a nighttime soap opera and should be promoted as such with out giving too much away. Also since this is a nighttime soap opera, it can't take itself too seriously and should be more of a comedy with some serious moments instead of the other way around. Finally a note to the Christian critics (Not to be confused with critical Christians). I understand that you would want to see a positive portrayal of Christians and Christianity and I don't see that The Book of Daniel demeans the Christian faith, nor does it mock Christianity. I think showing Christians as superior to their fellow man is a mockery. The show should be evaluated on the acting, writing and directing. Staging a boycott will only give the show millions of dollars of free publicity. Besides the Nielsens don't need your help killing a show. Nothing is stopping you from airing something on one of the Christian cable channels to draw from The Book of Daniel audience. Let the free will of the TV viewing public decide the fate of the show. Since the shows airing I have had a few water cooler conversations about it. Something you don't get that from reality TV. The most memorable comment I heard was, "Jesus is cool". Isn't that your message?

    To quote The Book of Matthew Chapter 7:1, “Judge not, that ye be not judged”.

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • An Excellent Show.

    The Book of Daniel is probably on of the best family dramas ever but because it was deemed offensive to Episcopalian groups it was wrongly canceled. The show revolves around a minister played by Aidan Quinn who between his drug addition and dysfunctional family really tests his faith every day. With all of this good material it would have made an excellent show.
  • i think this hould go back on the air like on cable Hbo or showtime. i really do so i am going to e-mail them both and see wich is might pick it up.

    Think this was such a great show. it delt with stuff none of us want to. i think this should be on like Hbo or Showtime. it would be great there. Plus you can show in little more detail what to deal with. this is 10.10 rated. I do like the fact that issues are being delt with. Such Gay interaical, and drugs. These are some of the thing a regular show wont deal with. That is why i think Hbo and showtime shouls pick it up. we need a show like this on the air cause it's fesh and re freshing for our time now. and it is better that 7th Heaven is now. it is also very well acted. as in every one in it.
  • This incredible original show with smart writing, brilliant performances deserves a second chance. Come on HBO, this is your kind of show. It must have hit too close too home for the fundamentalist "Christians."

    I absolutely loved the show; I watched ever show rivited to the TV. I was so disappointed when it was canceled. I am glad they released the DVD with the unaired episodes included. I want more Book of Daniel. It was smart, creative, real, honest, thought provoking, funny, and at the same time extremely relevant.

    Every episode is packed with a mulitude of issues and life lessons and has something for everyone to relate to. Perhaps that was its downfall. Christian Campbell deserves an Emmy for his dual performances of Peter and his leukemia stricken twin Jimmy.

    Every character was real and essential to the story; the casting was brilliant with an all-star cast. These actors brought to life real characters dealing with real life--this was so creative to use A real human Jesus to provide, insight, questions and even comic relief--yet he managed to always be there for Daniel when he need comfort, support and guidance.

    I have shared the DVD with several of my friends who missed the show when it aired and they, like me, want more book of Daniel. I really cannot believe that someone like HBO did not pick this show up. It is on par with if not superior to Six Feet Under and The Soprano's.

    How is it that a group of fundamentalist "christian activists" can kill a show. Why are they not satisfied with just changing the channel. GREAT Programs like the Book of Daniel, don't come along very often. I am glad that NBC continued to run it even after they lost sponsors... but come on, 6 episodes is not enough to build a solid audience. Friday night is also one of the hardest nights on TV for a TV show.

    PLEASE someone bring us more Book of Daniel.

    And for those who missed it... go buy the DVD's because you will want to watch them multiple times and share them with your friends.

    Blessings of love, joy, peace & health,
    Irvine, CA
  • The mindless masses

    I'm so tired of the narrowmindedness we continue to nurture in our fair country. What a refreshing, deeply moving, and thought provoking series and why would we want something like that to continue!? Let's make sure we continue to produce the mindless drooling drivel like Flavor of love and Deal or no deal. I'm DYING to know how the series would have played out!! I think it was and is edgy and needed in our time.
  • This show was GREAT! Keep IT!

    After all the talk going on in the forum and on the news, this show was great. The preview, I think made the show seem more risky than it really was.. But i hope it stays around cause i need something to watch on friday and i loved this show!
  • Altought it was made to be just a mix of "7th Heaven" & "Joan of Arcadia" it became really special...

    The story, the cast, the feeling was good and it had a really good place on the NBC'S Firday night. I don't know why anyone thouth it was against Christianity. I don't want to say that Joan did the same like Daniel, because I don't want to hurt Joan of Arcadia which is one of my old time favourites. After CBS canceled Joan, Daniel was the hope of the lovers of this type shows. Now, Book of Daniel is canceled too after just 7 episodes. I'm getting to think that the clever family dramas have no place in television nowadays (the last two years make me think it, because in that two years TV canceled Joan of Arcadia, Jack & Bobby, Book of Daniel & Everwood). And we can't do anything to save dramas, because the networks like CW what was so rude, when it turned out that they wasn't interesting in the Save Everwood Company what costed thousands & thousands of $ for the fans...
  • For God's sake, NBC, if you do not have the guts to air the show, sell the rights to HBO, USA, or some other network!

    The cast is stellar. The writing complex and superb. Situations heartbreaking, poignant, hilarious. It puzzles me that NBC would simply yank the series that shown as brightly as The Book of Daniel.

    HBO has not shied away from the controversial with its series "Big Love". Perhaps they would pick up the rights and the cast, and run with them?

    Hide it under a Bush?
    Oh no! I'm gonna let it shine!
    Hide it under a Bush?
    Oh no! I'm gonna let it shine!
    This little light of mine,
    I'm gonna let it shine...

  • A pain-killer addicted priest casually chats with Jesus himself about everything from his speech material to what to do about his: a) gay son, b) very sexually active adopted son, c) manga-drawing drug-dealing daughter, d) semi-alcoholic wife, e) embezzli

    Argh! WHY did they have to cancel this show?? It was rapidly becoming one of the highlights of my week! Any show that involves casual, everyday conversations with Jesus Christ (especially a Jesus who actually acts like a real person instead of some holier-than-though saint and has an awesome sense of humor) instantly has my vote to begin with. And then this show went above and beyond that by addressing nearly every contemporary controversy/ongoing debate that it could think of. Then it added in a healthy dose of normal life problems to top it all off. This show was truly fresh and original and brave and INTERESTING, and a bunch of easily-offended, erm, citizens, had to go and get all worked up about it and get it cancelled. Thanks a lot, boring people. You managed to kill one of the best and most creative shows that I've ever seen. I repeat: argh!
  • The Book of Daniel is a stunning work of pure genius and witticism. Three episodes only wets ones appetite for more. However, it does not look as if it will be given a reprieve.

    I think that this show is one of the best written and witty shows that I’ve seen in quite some time. I don’t understand why a show of that quality and genius has not been picked up for more episodes. Someone at NBC needs to take another look at that decision. I’m not quite certain why the show was cancelled after airing only 3 episodes, but I’m fairly certain that it had to do with the subject matter. In my opinion, the subject matter of this show is mere fiction with a side order of witticism. It’s just plain and simply disappointing that in this day and age that the people who made the decision to cancel it can’t see past the selective criticism.

    If anyone at NBC is listening, please bring back The Book of Daniel. Three episodes is not nearly enough.
  • 10
    I loved the show, and can\'t believe it was cancelled, I would love to see it come back or I would pay to get the channel it goes to!!! To many hyprocites out there to see just how wonderful this show was. I really loved that show bring it back
  • This show has the perfect blend of morality vs temptation. Our humanity makes us both honorable and vunerable. Something the show illustrates in a humorous, at sometimes dramatic way.

    I couldn\'t wait to see this show develope. And I watched every week to see how it would. The lead Adrian is hot! And the other key characters were interesting and appealing as well. I found this show to be extremely well written, and the network needs to wake up! And realize what they\'ve got. The first editor Jane Austin went to declined. He and NBC are soon to have much in common
  • A television show geared for people that think.

    Witty, intelligent, edgy, realistic, poignent, honest. It was refreshing to watch a show that does not assume that all viewers want to watch little more than test patterns with canned laughter.

    No wonder the network cancelled it - this is a truly classy show geared for people that think for themselves.

    Bring it back!!! (and not just on the internet).
  • BRING IT BACK!!!! What the??? This was a really great show. Funny, honest, dramatic, it was just fabulose, What the?????

    BRING IT BACK!!!! What the??? This was a really great show. Funny, honest, dramatic, it was just fabulose. Tha characters were great, very interesting and inventive, loveable, and quirky. Are we really living in a world so un-diverse that it can not see the ingenius of a show like this?? Aidan Quinn is great in everything. I beg you please bring it back? Save me from reruns of Roseanne and the Cosby show, save me from reality tv so unreal it stinks of limburger and bogeys.
  • OOOOOOOH, whoever wrote this show won't be sorry!!!!

    This is a great show about a normal family and things that happen all the time. I cant wait till the next show. whoever wrote the show is a complete genuis!! I hope people like this show so much it stays on for at least 4 seasons. My pastor's daughter actually got aressted like in the show and it was like the same senerio almost. ok have a great time reviewing...and adios and cya.
  • Great writing, Great acting, Great cast. Get over the hype and give it a try...You wont be sorry. Unless your an anal Christian who never sins and wouldnt stoop to hang out with anyone who does

    O.K. Im Christian. After all the hype over the show, I was afraid to watch it. I woudnt want to do anything to make a mochery of Christ. I decided to to make up my own mind. What a great show. Christian or not. I believe it tells the truth. That people are human. Even Priests have dysfunctional family\\\'s, vices, problems..... The show had great writing that I could relate to. People think that just because your a Christian that you live a sin free life and only hang out with people so pure they would glow in the dark. Not true. You do try to lead a better life, but no one is perfect. I hope that another network will pick up the show (like FX) because I think it sends a message that needs to sent. Not to mention if was one of the best shows I have ever seen on TV. I would like to start petition to bring it back.
  • Miss the show please bring it back.

    I do not enjoy or watch to many t.v. shows, but this was a good one. Very interesting and funny. The acting was great. Please bring it back I miss it. I told my family about it but before they had a chance to see it it was off the air. It is a different show and very interesting. I would watch it every week and tell my family to watch it. I hope there is a good chance it will be on again in the near future. I am having a hard time writing 100 words, I just think this was a very good show and should be brought back on the air.
  • Miss it......... Is it still going to be on the computer to watch?

    I watched this last week and am looking for it tonight.... Can't find it .......but this is only the first time I have used this venue............. Hope I can see it here since it was removed from TV.
    In trying to accomodate the rest of the world and each persons difference and sensitivity, I found my own "self" being compromised. I do not know how we can all reconcile our differences with one another without loosing ourselves... I can't quite see how to do this in todays world.
  • This show was wonderfully well written, acted and casted. Why is solving real world problems with understanding, love and compassion is so offensive to some. Why do a few fanatics ruin the experience of a good show for the rest of us.

    In today's climate of hatred and violance, it was refreshing to see a program that encouraged love and understanding. We all live in the real world with real problems and real people. Every family goes thru illness, addiction, rebellion, etc.and where better to find ways to deal with life's hickups than the bible. What a shame this program was canceled due to a few bad negotive comments.
  • Not terrible, not great, but did create overreaction.

    Here's an idea: Take "7th Heaven", take out a couple kids and the dog, add heavier dysfunction involving marijuana and homosexuality throw in Jesus! There, you have "Book of Daniel".

    I'm a Catholic, but I didn't take the show's depiction of Jesus all that offensively. Or seriously. I just took it as a fictional story about a priest's relationship with Christ. No big whoop, really.

    The show wasn't without it's charm. I'd wait for Jesus to make some Biblically witty line, basically not judging anyone, and all but have a brewski with a minister as his life was thrown one grenade after another.

    I think they over-did the hot-button issues. Gay son, then gay sister-in-law, then gay priest...can you say "same old song"? And the legitimizing of the housekeeper's use of weed seemed a little...tacked on.

    I enjoyed BoD while it lasted, but I'm not going to cry now that it's gone, nor shall I demand it's return. At least now it won't hinder my watching of Monk.
  • WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Television is for enjoyment

    What ever happened to letting people express themselves. This show (no matter how ridiculous) is still someone's creation and I am sure that they thought it was a great idea. Give it a chance before slamming it. Hey maybe it would have the reverse effect of what you think. Maybe people will think that it is a good way to portray the wrong thing to do. I am so tired of people trying to control what I watch on television. I mean it is my decision isn't it? I can understand parents wanting to be able to control what their children watch but that is what parental controls are for. You may be wondering what the heck I am talking about. Well about a month ago NBC came out with a great idea for a series on television 'The Book of David', but religious groups threw a fit because it made fun of the Catholics and got it canceled even though it was in the top three both weeks it aired. They were upset because the series followed a catholic priest who was addicted to vikodine and could see Jesus. The priest's family was a complete mess. Instead of viewing this as meaning that priests are still people, they made it out to be very condescending to catholics. I believe that these types of people just are not satisfied in their lives and have to have something to complain about. Television is meant to make people feel good, keep them informed, and to make business men money. I believe it serves these three purposes very well. I am atheist, so I could say that there praise shows (what I call television religious services) are pushing me to do something I don't want to but no, I just turn the channel. It is not that hard, pick up the remote and hit the up arrow on the channel or get off of your butt and turn it at the t.v. set. How hard is it to believe that not everyone is in a conspiracy to corrupt the U.S.A.'s youth. Just enjoy your television shows. That is what television is for ENJOYMENT!!!!
  • This is a gripping series. The final episodes are being aired on the NBC web site weekly. If just a few of the intolerant idealogs whole protested this show, actually watched it.... Maybe they could have come to a less hateful understanding of the worl

    This show is a melting pot of drama, light heartedness, compassion, understanding, and life's complications & realities. I have never been happier with a drama/comedy series (and place this right up there with West Wing & Desparate Housewives). It treates the audience as adults, and the characters as human beings with their own strengths & weaknesses.

    The series is not afraid to show that someone can be flawed, but still be a good person. That, we may all be flawed in some way... (Heaven forbid, you tell a religious zealot that they aren't perfect - and that may be OK.)
  • This is a gripping series. The final episodes are being aired on the NBC web site weekly. If just a few of the intolerant idealogs whole protested this show, actually watched it.... Maybe they could have come to a less hateful understanding of the worl

    This show is a melting pot of drama, light heartedness, compassion, understanding, and life's complications & realities. I have never been happier with a drama/comedy series (and place this right up there with West Wing & Desparate Housewives). It treates the audience as adults, and the characters as human beings with their own strengths & weaknesses.

    The series is not afraid to show that someone can be flawed, but still be a good person. That, we may all be flawed in some way... (Heaven forbid, you tell a religious zealot that they aren't perfect - and that may be OK.)
  • Hope they bring out the rest of the episodes on DVD

    I watched all three episodes that were broadcast. Too many references to real life things. Almost uncomfortable to watch, but like a train wreck, I couldn't look away.

    I hope they release the 6 episodes that were made on DVD.

    Hmmm, I need to have 50 words for the review. So now I do.
  • I will never watch another show on nbc, it is unfair to the masses that they let bible thumpers decide what everyone should watch. Law and order which used to be my favorite show is also off my list now due to it being on nbc.

    I will never watch another show on nbc, it is unfair to the masses that they let bible thumpers decide what everyone should watch. Csi can show naked dead people and that is ok, law and order which used to be my favorite show is also off my list now due to it being on nbc. They to show some questionable content but they didn’t pull it off the air. I ask if they do a law and order about a murdering raping priest is everyone going to get it pulled off the air? What ever happened to freedom of speech shouldn’t that also go for tv shows? I feel nbc gave into the drama caused by religious groups with their own agendas. The show was a good comedy that was unfairly judged but people who probably never even watched it. Everyone I have talked to has loved the show and are disappointed it isn’t on anymore. It showed that people in religious setting are not always perfect but apparently the church cant handle it. They must always appear better than everyone. Bring back the Book of Daniel or at least release it on dvd so those not afraid of religious groups can watch. Down with nbc!!
  • One of the BEST shows to come along in ages! Far ahead of it's times and it was about time! Too bad it's been cancelled! I LOVED IT!

    I was so sorry to hear the show has been cancelled, its unbelieveable that \'finally\' a show that shows the foibles of a good man trying to do his best for all of those around him in this REAL world, and not some idealistic or pollyannish one. It was truly a breathe of fresh air and the acting was superb and each perfect for their parts.

    Much like the satire of an Archie Bunker in its heyday and I knew immediately it would be a hit.. I still am convinced (mark my word) that some day this will be revived and it too will be one. (If someone is astute enough)

    Too bad always being politically correct has to take precedence over the truth! Just so sorry to hear its been pulled when I rarely watch TV but did make it a point to watch this one show of all the junk thats out there. It made me laugh, smile, cry and agree and say..... Thats Life~ Please bring it back to whoever the powers may be!

  • 10
    Please bring it back--Iloved it. I can't believe it was so short lived. It wasn't possible to guess what was going to happen. What is happening with it now? Is it going to come back?

    I know it was a bit controversial, but so what. I'm Catholic and didn't take it the wrong way. Bring it back soon!!

  • Why did it stop? C'mon!

    I have just seen the first two episodes of "The Book of Daniel". This series was amazing and so modern, why did it stop? I just can't understand. Stupid useless series can continue and since there is a priest talking with Jesus, people feel hurt? I love Jesus, I believe i God and we cannot stop believing in new things, like this series shows. Aidan Quinn is amazing as a priest. Very modern, very loving with his wife, with his kids. One of the boys is gay and he stands for him, as well as his wife. The middle kid is Japanese (adopted) but they don't change the treatment for him, the girl selled drugs and still, they are by her side telling her the good way. This series is amazing!! Is it possible to be back on the schedule? Please people, can't you stand up to have it back?
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