The Book of Pooh

Season 3 Episode 5

Case of the Disappeared Donkey / The Littlest Dinosnore

Aired Weekdays 8:00 AM Jul 08, 2003 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • The featured song in "The Littlest Dinosnore" is one of the few not sung by a character in the series, instead by an off-screen choir.

    • Theme: Tall Tales ("The Littlest Dinosnore")

    • The featured song for "Case of the Disappeared Donkey," "Stripey McSnarl Always Gets His Man" is Track 13 on the album Songs From The Book of Pooh. In the story itself, it is presented in black-and-white. In Tigger's band, Owl plays the violin, Pooh plays the drum and cymbal, Piglet plays the piano, Roo plays the trumpet and Kanga plays the guitar. Neither Kanga nor Roo are seen elsewhere in the story. "The Littlest Dinosnore" features a song by the same name.

  • Quotes

    • Rabbit: Frankly, I seriously doubt if there were any dinosnores in the Hundred Acre Wood.
      Roo: You never know, Rabby. It could have happened like Tigger said.
      Tigger Little Roo, is right, Rabby. You never know. A-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo. Do ya'?
      Rabbit: I suppose anything is possible.
      Narrator: And so ended the day that Roo discovered how everyone is important in big and small ways.

    • Tigger: Soon, the two bestest buddies were playin' a game of dinosnore tag.
      Rooasaurus: Tag, you're it!
      Roo: Dinosnores play tag?
      Tigger: Well, it could happen.

    • Roo: I don't like being little, Tigger. I never get to do anything big. I wish I were... as big as the giant in Owl's book.

    • Tigger: A tall tale just means that everything in the story is kind of exaggeratated... you know, just for the fun of it.

    • Narrator: One afternoon, Tigger and Roo were enjoying themselves a great deal, reading one of Owl's books of tall tales.

    • Tigger: How could I have missed it? It's always about sandwiches.

    • Tigger: Time to come clean, Pinky.
      Piglet: Am I dirty?
      Tigger: That's a question only you know the answer to.

    • Tigger: (film noir) It was beginning to feel like a wild donkey chase. Maybe I was being played for a patsy. Maybe the bird and the bear were in cahoots. Whatever that is. Maybe everybody was in on it but me.

    • Pooh: Well, now that I think of it, I seem to remember that I did see Eeyore this morning, in the meadow. He-he had a basketful of bread, I believe.
      Tigger: So, your memory's getting better all the time. (film noir style) The bear knew something after all.
      Pooh: Oh, Tigger, who are you talking to?
      Tigger: Nobody. (lapsing back into film noir) I told him I wasn't talking to nobody or anybody. You get the idea.
      Pooh: I'm rather confused.
      Tigger: You and everybody else.

    • Tigger: So you wanna play games, do ya'?
      Pooh: Well, I suppose I could play some games. Pooh sticks is very nice. Oh, and so is croquet.
      Tigger: (speaking into the "camera," film noir style) He was playing dumb and he was good at it. But not as good as I was.

    • Tigger: (singing) Stripey McSnarl always gets his man, see?
      Rabbit: I really just wanted my picnic basket.

    • Tigger: How long has the mopey guy been missing?
      Rabbit: I didn't say he was missing. I merely thought you might have seen him.
      Tigger: All right now, Floppy Toes, calm down, calm down. I can see you're upset a-a-and confused.
      Rabbit: I don't know what you're talking about!
      Tigger: See what I mean?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tigger: Aha!
      Pooh: (bonking his head on a table) Aah! Oh, hello Tigger.
      Tigger: The name's McSnarl, Stripey McSnarl.

      In the James Bond films, the title character would often state "The name is Bond. James Bond."

    • One of Pooh's drums in the "Stripey McSnarl Always Gets His Man" song features the name "The Beatless." This is a reference to The Beatles, the extremely popular and iconic British band also known as the "Fab Four," known for such hits as "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Hard Day's Night."

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