The Book of Pooh

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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  • Season 3
    • The Great Honey Pot / Paging Piglet
      The Great Honey Pot:
      Pooh goes on a search for a honey pot called "The Great Honey Pot."

      Paging Piglet:
      A kite carries Piglet through the air.
    • The Wishing Tree
      The Wishing Tree
      Episode 7
      It's the Night before Christmas Eve and Roo is too excited to sleep, so Kanga sings him the song about the wishing tree, a magical tree that grants one wish to a person, Falling asleep Roo thinks that the wishing tree will give every wish that he wishes, the next morning Roo tells the story to Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger so they all set off to find the wishing tree and get lost. meanwhile Rabbit starts irriating Owl, Kessie and Eeyore when he starts planing his verison of the Perfect christmas Until he wrecks the christmas tee with the whole lot of Christmas Ornaments, When Kanga arrives looking for Roo. Rabbit leds an search for the gang. the gang have second thoughts about the song and the start singing wishing to be found,when Kanga and Rabbit's gang follow the singing to the group when Kanga explans to everyone about the true meaning of the song, She then notices that the tree is big enough for all of Rabbit's Christmas Ornaments and so they decorate The Wishing Tree and start singing....moreless
    • Piglet's Inadvertent Adventure / Power of the Pencil
      Piglet's Inadvertant Adventure:
      Piglet ends up having an adventure, even though he was just going to his mailbox.

      Power of the Pencil:
      It's Owl Appreciation Day, and the gang has to get ready for it.
    • Case of the Disappeared Donkey / The Littlest Dinosnore
      Case of the Disappeared Donkey:
      When Tigger reads a book in the adventures of his favorite detective, Stripey McSnarl, he inspired to don a suit and solve a mystery of his own. When Rabbit tells him that he's looking for Eeyore, he decides that Eeyore is missing. Hard-boiled detective he begins interrogating his friends, searching for clues as to where Eeyore might be.

      The Littlest Dinosnore:
      Pooh and the others head off on an expedition, but leave Roo behind, telling him that he's too small and it might be dangerous. This makes Roo feel sad and small, but Tigger decides to stay with Roo to help cheer him up. Tigger tells Roo a tall tale about a creature in "prehysterical times" known as "the little dinosnore." The littlest dinosnore faced similar problems as Roo, but despite his small size, was able to do big things.moreless
    • Enter Braying / Weather or Not
      Enter Braying:
      Rabbit stages a play which Eeyore wrote.

      Weather or Not:
      Pooh and Piglet learn about the rain.
    • Chez Piglet / Pandora's Suggestion Box
      Chet Piglet:
      Rabbit wants Piglet to start a restaurant, so he teaches him how to cook.

      Pandora's Suggestion Box:
      Rabbit has an idea for a suggestion box, but it doesn't work out the way he hoped it would.
    • I Was King of the Heffalumps / Tigger's Club
      I Was King of the Heffalumps:
      Piglet dreams of having the ability to talk to heffalumps.

      Tigger's Club:
      Tigger starts a fan club of himself and invites everyone to join. However, that soon evolves into a lot of trouble.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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