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Favorite Songs

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    There's a lot to love about this underrated series and one thing that was great about it was the many excellent songs. Here's ten of my favorites, in no particular order:

    "Under a Spelling Bee's Spell" (It has a very catchy tune and Pooh, Piglet and Owl all sing well in this one.)
    "Do the Roo" (It's a very fun and cute song, I was delighted by it when I heard on the Book of Pooh music album. Never saw the episode that it came from, though.)
    "I Wanna Be Scary" (Very fun lyrics in this one-- a good song performed exclusively by Piglet in the Halloween episode.)
    "If We Were Talkin'" (The back and forth between Tigger and Rabbit is quite entertaining.)
    "The Bluebird Song" (Nice tune and I find the song just precious.)
    "Someone New to Meet" (Another excellent tune and the song really expresses the characters' feelings well on the arrival of Kanga and Roo.)
    "Stripey McSnarl Always Gets His Man" (Tigger is an absolute riot as Stripey McSnarl. This is one where the visuals in the episode also stand out, being in black and white and with Pooh and the gang showed as Tigger's band, the "Beatless.")
    "Keep it Simple" (Like the idea expressed and there's some good humor-- "One syllable or less?!")
    "Everyone Knows He's Winnie the Pooh" (A very catchy theme song for the series.)
    "Goodbye for Now" (Even better in its full-length form-- unfortunately, once they added the recaps, they had to shorten down the theme on the broadcast episodes.)

    But those are just mine-- anyone else have some favorites they'd like to share?
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    I find all of the songs you listed to be enjoyable, too. I would also put them on a favorites list of mine.

    Ten more of my favorites are as follows, and like you, in no specific order:

    1. "Where Do Words Go?" (I tend to like the occasional vocal change for songs, and the lyrics and catchiness in this song make it all the more better)

    2. "Rhyme-a-Bye" (sung by Rabbit, Roo, and Tigger in the episode "Mothers of Invention," I find this to be a slow, but soothing and entertaining song)

    3. "A Pirate Has Got to Have 'Arrr'" (I find this to be a well-written song, and I really like the tune in it. I like the back and forth singing between Tigger and his "Pirate Crew" as well)

    4. "Impossible to Live With" (I find the little dance Rabbit and Tigger do as they sing this song about how they feel they can't live with each other, and the tune is pretty catchy as well)

    5. "Give it a Try" (What may be the longest song (over 2:30 long) from any Book of Pooh episode, this a song where Piglet, Rabbit, and Tigger try to come up with something that Pooh will like as a replacement for honey. Tigger is entertaining in this song when he makes his "Peanut Buter, Marshmallow, and Banana Sandwich" for Pooh, especially in the way he sings his verse. I also enjoy the part where everyone sings each of their verses together)

    6. "That's Just What We Do" (Sung by the Pooh cast (minus Kanga and Roo) to Mr. Narrator as a way to explain to him why it is important for them to stay in character, and that the things that they do are simply just what they do. I'm not sure exactly what it is about this song that I like, but for some reason, I just like it)

    7. "Carry On" (This is a very catchy song sung by Eeyore in "Beastly Burden." I especially like how Pooh and Piglet do the backup singing in this song)

    8. "The Plumed Protector" (Sung exclusively by Kessie, this is a catchy song about Kessie imagining herself as a superhero of the same name as this)

    9. "Nightmare Wranglers" (Pooh and Tigger, with the goal to catch a horse which they believe is the cause for Piglet's nightmares, sing this catchy song explaining that goal and how they won't rest until their job is done)

    10. "Show the Sign" (Again, for the same reason as "Where Do Words Go?" I like this song. I also enjoy the dancing the characters do as they paint their signs, and the general style of the song itself)

    As you may have noticed after reading this list, I tend to look for a catchy tune in a song when I look for a favorite. But hey, that's my style, I guess.
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