The Book of Pooh - Season 2

Disney Channel (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • It 's a Bird? Yes! / A Breezy Little Story
    It's a Bird? Yes!:
    Owl reads a comic book about superheroes to Kessie but is unable to finish it. Kessie, inspired by the comic book, decides to be a superhero. So, she becomes "The Plumed Protector," a superhero who flies around looking good. But there's something wrong with that, don't you think?

    A Breezy Little Story:
    On a particularly windy day in the Hundred Acre Wood, Piglet receives a kite-building kit as a gift from Christopher Robin. He shows it to Pooh, Tigger, and Kessie. Together, they set out to build the kite. However, when Tigger lets the instructions get blown away by the wind, Kessie has to go after them. But can Tigger hold back and wait to set up the kite once Kessie has retrieved them?moreless
  • Bee-Friended / The Nightmare
    A bee gets lost, so Pooh and Piglet try to help it find its way back home.

    The Nightmare:
    Piglet is scared after he has a nightmare.
  • Could it Be Magic / Diary of a Mad Gardener
    Could it be Magic:
    With Piglet as his assistant, Tigger stages a magic show during a party.

    Diary of a Mad Gardener:
    Rabbit loses a page from his garden diary.
  • Do the Roo / Buck-a-Roo
    Do the Roo:
    Roo wants to impress Kanga with a special type of dance. The problem is, he can't dance, so he calls upon his friends to help him improve his dancing.

    Roo is sick in bed, so Kanga tells him a story about him as a cowboy to make him feel better.moreless
  • Day of the Knights
    Day of the Knights
    Episode 14
    The story of King Arthur inspires the gang.
  • The Stickiest Glue of All / A Smackeral in Every Pot
    The Stickiest Glue of All:
    Piglet lets Pooh borrow his special Friendship Plate, but when Pooh is about to eat lunch, he accidentally breaks it. Feeling badly about it, he tries to hide it from Piglet, but that only seems to make the situation worse.

    A Smackeral in Every Pot:
    Tigger hits the campaign trail when the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood get hit by election fever.moreless
  • Kessie Gets a Message / Map of the Wood
    Kessie Gets a Message:
    Kessie feels left out of what the gang is doing.

    Map of the Wood:
    Pooh gets lost and misses lunch time.
  • Where the Heffalumps Roam
    Piglet wonders what heffalumps look like, so he and Pooh go on a safari to find out for themselves.
  • The Book of Boo
    The Book of Boo
    Episode 11
    On Halloween evening, everyone gathers at Owl's house and listens to a spooky story from The Book of Boo. Everyone is thrilled and spooked by the story except for Eeyore, who seems to find the story rather boring and says that nothing much scares him. He says that he doesn't understand the fuss about Halloween and heads home. Later, everyone makes their way to Kanga's for a Halloween party and they keep knocking over Eeyore's house on the way there. Irritated, Eeyore says he's moving his house to the scary woods because he knows that nobody else ever goes there, but he's not scared.moreless
  • The Terrific Talking Tomato / Kessie Flies for a Spell
    The Terrific Talking Tomato:
    Tigger pulls a prank on Rabbit that involves a talking tomato, but it backfires when his prank turns into a job.

    Kessie Flies for a Spell:
    Kessie stages an airshow for Owl when he breaks his wing.
  • Bounce of a Lifetime / Hare and Share Alike
    Bounce of a Lifetime:
    Tigger says to everyone that he can leap over the Scary Woods in a single bounce. But is that really possible?

    Hare and Share Alike:
    Rabbit tries to keep his best harvest ever to himself rather than share it with his friends.
  • Honey Glazed Hamlet
    While he and Piglet are helping Owl organize his books, Pooh finds a book about William Shakespeare. When Owl sees this, he gets a huge notstalgiac feeling and starts reading it all of the time. Pooh and the gang are starting to get worried about him. What will they do?
  • The Best Laid Planets / Happy Harvest Hare
    The Best Laid Planets:
    Kanga reads Roo and Tigger a story about a space adventure.

    Happy Harvest Hare:
    Piglet finds Rabbit dancing after his harvest has finally been completed.
  • Under the Pig Top
    Under the Pig Top
    Episode 7
    When Owl reads Piglet a rousing adventure story, it gets Piglet thinking of having an adventure of his own. Owl helps Piglet to put his dream to paper, creating a thrilling story of running away to join the circus. Later, Rabbit visits Piglet's house and finds the story, but mistakes it for a letter. He tells the others that Piglet is running away to join the circus, leading them to all get together to create a circus of their own, hoping Piglet will be inspired to remain in the Wood.moreless
  • Blue Ribbon Bunny
    Blue Ribbon Bunny
    Episode 7
    When Rabbit puts out some of his best vegetables for his friends to have, Pooh and Piglet decide that they should do something to show their appreciation for him. They create a blue ribbon with the message "Gardener of the Year" and leave it in an envelope on Rabbit's doorstep. Rabbit is thrilled by the award, but thinks its from sort of gardening society who has spotted his special talents. Rabbit's head grows bigger and bigger until he decides to leave the Hundred Acre Wood in search for fortune and Pooh & Piglet realize that it might be best to tell him just who it was that gave him the ribbon.moreless
  • Pooh's 24 Hour Bugs
    When Pooh gets a cold-like illness, Owl gives him a prescription for a special tea to help him feel better and tells him that his stuffiness will go away in 24 hours. Pooh mishears Owl and tells his friends that Owl told him that he will lose his stuffing in 24 hours. Worried that they will lose their friend forever, Tigger, Rabbit and Piglet search for the ingredients for the tea, which they believe to be the only thing that can save Pooh.moreless
  • What's News Tigger Cat?
    Rabbit and Tigger litterally jump out of the Book of Pooh and visit Christopher Robin where he tells them about how he has a new paper route. All of the talk about newspapers gives Tigger the idea to start a newspaper for the Hundred Acre Woood with Rabbit as Editor-in-Chief.
  • Where the Heffalumps Roam / And a Good Time Was Had By All
    Where the Heffalumps Roam:
    Piglet wonders what heffalumps look like, so he and Pooh go on a safari to find out for themselves.

    And a Good Time Was Had By All:
    Owl lends Pooh his watch which needs winding.
  • Roo Sticks
    Roo Sticks
    Episode 4
    Tigger finds a stick which reminds him of the day that Kanga and Roo first moved in. As he recalls the day, we view a flashback of it which is shown in a way that is similar to A.A. Milne's version of the story of Kanga and Roo moving in.
  • The Hundred Acre Scrapbook
    When Piglet goes on a trip, he tells Pooh to tell him all about what happened while he was gone. But Pooh can't figure out exactly how to do it.
  • Owl's Book / The Autobiography of Tigger
    Owl's Book:
    Wben Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, and Tigger are at Owl's house (and he is not), they fight over a book of Owl's and it accidentally falls into a barrel of water. They remove it from the barrel, only to find that they have washed away all of the writing in the book. In an attempt to fix this, Tigger, Rabbit, and Piglet try to rewrite the story that was in the book.

    The Autobiography of Tigger:
    After learning about biographies and autobiographies, Tigger is inspired to write his own.moreless
  • On a Clear Day You Can Bounce Forever / The Best Day Ever
    On a Clear Day You Can Bounce Forever:
    When Rabbit tells Tigger he is reading a book about a rabbit who wants to eat carrots forever, Tigger gets the idea that he wants to bounce forever. However, despite Rabbit telling him that it's impossible, Tigger plans to follow through with it.

    The Best Day Ever:
    Pooh and Piglet plan to have the perfect day with all of the activities that they enjoy doing together. However, they face a problem when they realize that things aren't going the way they planned.moreless
  • Day of the Knights / Comes as Eeyore
    Day of the Knights:
    The story of King Arthur inspires the gang.

    Comes as Eeyore:
    Eeyore starts to think that he is too boring to show up at Tigger's party.
  • Piglet's Perfect Party / A Wood Divided
    Piglet's Perfect Party:
    Piglet tries to have a perfect party, but everyone gives him too much work to do.

    A Wood Divided:
    Tigger and Rabbit have an argument that affects the whole wood.
  • Mr. Narrator
    Mr. Narrator picks his own story for this episode.
  • You Can Lead Eeyore To Books
    When Owl starts a library at his treehouse, everyone finds a book that like... everyone except Eeyore. Eeyore doesn't think that it's a big deal, but the others feel that Eeyore is left out. They begin recommending their favorite books to him, but they all seem to lead to disaster. Not willing to give up, Pooh and his friends decide with some help from Mr. Narrator that the best solution might be to get Eeyore to actually come into the library.moreless
  • A Wood Divided
    Tigger and Rabbit have an argument that affects the whole wood.
  • Mother's of Invention / Once Upon a Happy Ending
    Mother's of Invention:
    Repeat of a story first aired in Season 1.

    Once Upon a Happy Ending:
    Repeat of a story first aired in Season 1.
  • Map of the Wood
    Pooh gets lost and misses lunch time.
  • My Gloomy Valentine / Mr. Narrator
    My Gloomy Valentine:
    Repeat of a story first aired in Season 1.

    Mr. Narrator:
    Repeat of a story first aired earlier in the season.