The Boondocks

Season 3 Episode 9

A Date With the Booty Warrior

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jun 27, 2010 on Adult Swim

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  • XDDDDD this episode is hilarious

    I always wondered how a the boondocks would interact in prison and this episode answered my question. Thanks for the episode Aaron McGruder.
  • Poor Chris Hanson...

    Yet again, this is not a perfect 10/10. More like a 9.6 or 9.7 - But this season has blown away all the boundaries they had established for themselves and then some - and this episode just continues that trend with a vengeance!

    Before the theme song can even play, this episode cranks up the funny. Chris Hanson (star of "To Catch A Predator") ambushes an ex-con who visits the home of an underage boy. The ex-con (AKA "The Booty Warrior") informs Chris Hanson that he didn't come lookin for the booty of a kid - he's after man-butt.
    He then informs Chris Hanson of his intentions ("look, Chris Handsome - ya see I call ya Chris Handsome - I likes ya, and I wants ya. Now we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way...") Then The Booty Warrior ,uh, "ambushes" Chris Hanson. cue theme song.

    The rest of the episode involves Tom finally conquering his fear of being anally-raped in prison after joining a support group for people with his same phobia. To prove his success, he volunteers to take Huey, Riley, and several other trouble-making kids to the "scared stiff program" where kids spend a day in jail and are told the horrors inside firsthand by the inmates. The inmates describe the vivid details of prison rape to the kids and a terrified Tom. One of the inmates intimidates Tom into taking off his clothes, leaving a shank he confiscated from Riley laying unprotected. Another inmate who happens to be The Booty Warrior grabs the shank and holds Tom and the kids hostage - which starts a prison riot!

    The Booty Warrior chases down Tom. Tom makes a tearful phonecall to Sarah that could be his last as a "virgin." Meanwhile, the inmates use Huey's intelligence to organize a list of demands. In the funniest scene of the episode, their list of demands all revolve around getting b*tches into the prison as an incentive to work!

    The Booty Warrior finally corners Tom, but Tom's self-help group truly did give him confidence, and he ends up defeating The Booty Warrior in the showers and whooping his ass with soap. Tom saves the kids and the prison riot ends. And Riley didn't learn a damn thing.

    Yet another episode lacking in heart, but brimming with socio-political commentary and tons of jokes about anal rape that are actually funny. A great companion-piece to season one's "A Date With The Health-Inspector" and an excellent addition to a balls-to-the-wall season of The Boondocks