The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 7

A Huey Freeman Christmas

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 18, 2005 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Huey is offered the chance to direct the school Christmas play, but is the school ready for The Adventures of Black Jesus?

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  • Good for the kids!

    This has to be the best episode of the series. The storyline is well written from the beginning to the end. McGruder starts the episode off by addressing a pun on agape "..he knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake" in the classic Christmas carol "Santa Clause is Coming to Town." Praise Santa kiddies. My favorite part of this episode is the brief history lesson about the origins of the Christmas holiday. Whether you like it or not, this episode is enlightening and entertaining. If you didn't like it, I'm sorry that this episode turned your world upside down and your child no longer believes in Santa. Oh, and Riley is off the hook in this episode!moreless
  • i love rily in this episode

    this was one of my favorite episodes in the whole series.Huey's teacher is asking him to make a christmas play and he sais that he would get fired for being an irresponsible white person. But he wanted to see his vision and in the play, a black guy plays Jesus. Meanwhile, Rily is attacking the Santa Clause at the mall because he did not get rims last year for christmas, Santa is going to pay what he owes. The first time he attacks him, he throws a chair at him and starts beating him with a gulf club. The second time, he has his 2 BB guns. I loved this episode.moreless
  • The opening for this episode was great.

    I absolutely love this episode. The opening with Jasmin preaching about Santa Clause was great it was my favorite scene of teh episode. It was hilarious. The running gag of Huey pulling out the contract each time the teacher tried to go another way was funny. Though they tried to stop his vision in the end his vision was realised, though it wasn't seen by many. Riley sharp shooting and stalking Santa was funny. And his chant of pay what you owe me while he did it was great. I think Aaron McGruder is a great writer. His use of comedy to point out the shortcomings of society is beautiful.moreless
  • riley was tring to make santa pay he owe.So he wrote a letter to santa. heuy was head of the school play.

    this the greatest episode ive seen so far . I mean the episode are great but this had me and my auntie lauging.I really love this episode because it funny and it about chrismas. This episode me going. When my auntie first so one of the boondocks she was like was this is really funny.
  • When did shooting Santa with a gun become funny?

    I understand the racism, but I dont understand why it was done this way.

    I want to relate this to part of a Tyra Banks Show I saw today and the topic was about a focus group and their stereotypes of different races.The latinos were labeled only being good at servicing jobs(maids,bus boys, etc.), people thought that all middle easterns have guns and bombs in their houses, and that black people all came from the ghetto. This episode really only adds fuel to the flame. Riley is the typical angery black kid thats mad at the world. The reason is because \"Santa owes him some Rims\" which just create more stupidity because Riley even says he doesn\'t have a car...BECAUSE HIS A CHILD, that wasn\'t even remotely funny. At the end of the episode he says that hes going to be waiting for Santa next year after shooting Uncle Rukus with rubber bullets, meanwhile he told Jazmine that Santa isn\'t real?!? Am I the only one that realizes hes contradicting himself? That \"heathen nigglet\" ,as Uncle Rukus said so delicately, should be put on meds. My point is racism and stereotypes can be very funny in cartoons when it is done right. Make fun of the fact racism is so silly and stupid. Aaron McGruder, this episode makes me think you should\'ve kept Boondocks as a comic strip because your racist black&white jokes are getting old.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the epilogue at the end of the episode, Huey says that Mr. Uberwitz went on to teach at the University of Maryland, creator Aaron McGruder's alma mater.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Huey: So you want me to direct the school play?
      Mr. Ouberwitz: Yes.
      Huey: First of all, I don't give a damn about Christmas.

    • Riley: (about to shoot pellets at a mall Santa) Merry Christmas, nigga!

    • Huey: They gon' fire you for being an irresponsible white person.

    • Mr. Ouberwitz: I would really love to see your vision.
      Huey: Vision? What do you know about my vision?! My vision would turn your world upside-down, tear asunder your illusions, and a sanctuary of your own ignorance crashing down around you. Ask yourself... are you really ready to see that vision?
      Mr. Ouberwitz: We'll give you complete creative control.
      Huey: ... I want it in writing.

    • Uncle Rukus: No Santa Claus? Well, I'd expect a heathen nigglet like Riley to say something like that – but Jazmine, I'm surprised at you! Bein' a mulatto and all, you supposed to have more sense!

    • Mall Santa: Why hello there! And what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?
      Little White Girl: I want a… uh… Santa, you got a red dot on your head.

    • Huey: You know what? All of y'all are fired! Get out.
      Kid: What? Aww c'mon
      Huey: Did I stutter?!
      (kids groan and then look to Quincy Jones for help)
      Quincy Jones: Don't look at me...
      Huey: Don't look at Quincy Jones, Quincy Jones ain't gonna help you! Get your asses out. NOW!

    • News Reporter: That's right, Bob. A little bit of Christmas spirit is returning to Woodcrest for the first time since Santa was assulted by the unknown, probably Arab, Santa Stalker one week ago.

    • "Santa Claus": What the fuck?! Y'all just gonna stand there and let me get my ass kicked?! Nobody had my back?! Huh? Nobody's got Santa's back? Ain't this a bitch? This is a fucked up ritual!
      Random Kid: Santa said the "F" word!

    • Riley: Man, Santa these nuts. Where was Santa when we was in the hood, huh? Santa didn't show a nigga no love back then. I didn't ask for much just rims not even a whole car and what do we get? Nothing! That nigga gonna pay what he owe.

    • Uncle Ruckus: I am the real Santa! Ho ho ho, look at my belly shake!

    • Huey: Have y'all lost your damn minds? Opening night is two weeks away and y'all want to party!
      Kid: We're just having fun.
      Huey: Having fun? Do I look like Charlie Brown? Do I!?
      Kids: (whispering) No…
      Huey: Do I look like Charlie Brown to you!?

    • Huey: (narrating) We all want to believe in miracles on Christmas - all of us. But Christmas miracles only happen in the lies adults tell children, and maybe in Christmas specials.

    • Jazmine: He knows when you been sleeping, he knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for what?
      Audience: Goodness Sake!
      Jazmine: Think about that, be good for goodness sake. Who's sake? It's time to take the ho's out the music videos and put 'em in your mouth. Somebody say ho ho ho!
      Audience: Ho! Ho! Ho!
      Jazmine: Nowadays people think think ho ho ho means the Hilton sisters standing next to Nicole Richie. Now that ain't no ho ho ho, somebody give me the real ho ho ho!
      Audience: Ho! Ho! Ho!
      Jazmine: FedEx, UPS, they can ship the package but wait a minute, I know a man with a different kind of guarantee over night delivery, he got his own over night express. Forget airborne express, I'll take the reindeer express, cuz its free shipping on Christmas Eve. Somebody say ho ho ho.
      Audience: Ho! Ho! Ho!
      Jazmine: Praise Santa!
      (people start dancing, doing cart wheels, and singing)

    • Huey: So you want me to direct the school Christmas play?
      Teacher: I think you will do a wonderful job.
      Huey: Well, first of all, I don't give a damn about Christmas.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The Boondocks comic strip had a similar story in December 2004 where Riley threw a chair at a mall Santa and Uncle Ruckus replaced him.


    • A Charlie Brown Christmas:

      This episode is a spoof of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Huey is asked to direct the school play like Charlie Brown.