The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 6

Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Nov 19, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

After many failed attempts at online dating, Granddad finally meets a beautiful woman named Luna...who just happens to be a psycho.

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  • great episode

    One of the things that I saw coming and I'm guessing anybody else that watched this episode, was that Grandad's date was going to be crazy. Be it the episode's title or the inescapable fact that Grandad decided to go find love on the Internet. Overall I did like Luna's character though I think she was bit overplayed. For the first time that I can remember, Boondocks used "goofy" sound effects in an episode. Either when Luna refers to her fighting days or when she fights. It's weird and doesn't fit for me, but maybe it's part of Luna's character, I don't know. Anyway, I did like the Goodfellas refrence with Luna over Grandad on the bed with a gun. The ending also made me laugh. My favorite character by far is Huey and to watch him narrate that Luna might turn around to a life of good and uncrazy behavior, only to see her blow herself up in a car with a grenade, is absolutely priceless.moreless
  • An odd but funny episode.

    This episode was pretty weird. Well not Grandad meeting someone on the internet but the girl was weird. When Huey and the killer kung-fu wolf **** fight is pretty funny. The mortal Combat jokes is also funny. The girl was a pretty cool character. I kind of wish that she would have survived the episode so she could make more apperences. The conversation between Grandad, Riley, and Huey in the bathroom is one of the best parts. This is not the best Boondocks episode in the world but it was very interesting. I think that it could have been better if they made the girl more of a pycho. She was weird but I wouldn't say she was that bad.moreless
  • SPOILER ALERT. Don't even glance here. Spoiler alert. I told you. Luna is my fantasy woman! It's tragic that she had to die. Besides her heartbreaking end, the rest of the episode was exquisite, sublime!moreless

    I understand perfectly that if Luna had survived, it would've meant fundamental shifts to the structure of how the characters function in their day to day lives. Her death was necessary for the continued integrity of the series. If she hadn't perished, Robert would have come to realize what a wuss he was being, and then joyfully embraced this incredible, vivacious and loving woman as his life-mate. Huey would've ended up having a strong female role model in addition to Oprah. And Riley! Oh, the potential impact on Riley! Two words: Model Citizen! The rest of the Boondocks world would also have been profoundly impacted. Imagine someone to encourage neighbor Tom in his mission to be a Good Man and not be such a damn sissy in the process. Imagine Uncle Ruckus (no relation) being confined to a wheelchair after Luna works out on him after one too many of Uncle Ruckus's inappropriate behaviors.

    Mr. A Pimp Named Slickback's bones would be artfully arranged to decorate a flourishing garden in the yard.

    This is almost too much to consider!

    Understand, this alternative universe would have a breathtakingly hilarious series of percussive events in its formation. After the initial reckoning and (at times forceful) rearranging, harmony and unabashed love would open up as a torrent for the Freeman family. With that, conflict in the Boondocks as we know and love it would come to its sunset and disappear below our horizon.

    When you understand that, you can swallow the unbearable truth: especially in the long run, making the Freemans whole isn't funny.moreless
  • Grandad + Internet Dating = Of course its going to go wrong!

    grandad does some internet dating and finds a girl named luna who just happened to be a psycho. she has 15 wolves (lol!) and she knows white lotus kung fu, the deadliest kung fu out there according to huey. there is a part where she is talking to huey riley and grandad at the tabe and when she says about the kung fu the all go "we gotta go to the bathroom" at the same time! this episode is funny and hilarious and for me it was the best in the series. i have gotten into trouble counteless times for laughing in my maths lesson because i was thinking of this episode. try it and im sure you will love it.moreless
  • an internet date gone wrong

    So Grandad starts internet dating but instead of seeing hot girls he meets with really ugly people so he meets luna on a webcam and he dates her without knowing who she is. So when she shows up she tells her she a crazy martial artist. Which freaks out grandad. So they hide in the bathroom and Huey fights her but he loses so they lie to make her leave saying it is fidel castros birthday but luna friend tells her to eavesdrop on grandad and uncle ruckus and after hearing grandad say she crazy she kidnaps grandad and tortures him but grandad convinces her to change after hearing her story but her friend makes luna blow herself up.

    Anyway it was really funny and I like mortal kombat refrencesmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Granddad answers the door for Luna, and after she poses like she did in her Myspace photo, you look over Granddad's shoulder, and Riley and Huey aren't on the balcony like they were earlier. Then we see Luna again, and then we see Riley and Huey on the balcony.

    • Running Gag: Whenever someone mentions the word 'Kumite', a sound effect often heard in kung-fu movies can be heard in the background.

    • During Luna's first flashback to the Kumite, Bushido Brown, the bodyguard for Oprah in the season one episode "Let's Nab Oprah", can be seen winning a tournament match.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (After Luna locks Huey and Riley in a room)
      Riley: I told you we should've shot that bitch!

    • Riley: So you like Jean Claude Van Dam? Damn!

    • Luna: He lied to me!
      Nicole: You see girl, that's exactly why I don't have a man now! Love the vibrator, better not get rid of it.

    • Huey: And that was the day Miss Luna decided to take responsibility for her own actions.

      Granddad: (while watching from his window) Why ain't she leaving?

      Huey: Maybe she's still talking to her friend.

      Tom: Well, I hope her friend isn't giving her more bad--

      (Luna's car blows up)

      Huey: Umm... Okay... Then that was the day Miss Luna let her girlfriend talk her into blowing herself up instead of taking responsibility for her own actions.

    • Riley: Thanks for inviting a killer kung fu wolf bitch to the crib Granddad!
      Granddad: You think I knew she was a killer kung fu wolf bitch?

  • NOTES (0)


    • Goodfellas

      The scene where Robert wakes to the barrel of a gun in his face is similar to the scene from the movie Goodfellas, where the main character Henry Hill, played by Ray Liotta, wakes up to the barrel of a gun held by his wife Karen, played by Lorraine Bracco, due to suspected dishonesty and infidelity.

    • Mortal Kombat

      There are several allusions to the game Mortal Kombat:
      * In the flashback, Luna fights a man that kinda looks like Jax.
      * The setting is similar to the courtyard, where Shang Tsung and the monks watch the fight.
      * They use a lot of the victory tag lines, such as "finish him", "flawless victory" and "Luna wins: fatality".
      * Luna "finishes" the guy with Kano's signature heart rip.
      *When the "Fatality" caption appears it drips blood just like in the game.