The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 03, 2007 on Adult Swim

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  • Although I classed the episode as average, it really is just above average. Much of the intense humor and cutting edge issues are not as evident as in the first season, or the comic strip!

    Well, it may be just above average because the humor is good but the subject matter being addressed is not as evident. I'm aware McGruder is speaking to the attitudes of the modern athlete but I don't think a half hour episode is enough to address such a wide topic. For example, part of the attitude being driven by the double standard of holding Black athletes to the fire while white athletes committing similar acts seem to get a pass (e.g., steroids, performance enhancers). How about Black athletes screaming racism when held to normal standards when many of them have never experienced the type of hatred given to real sufferers of racism.

    I think Boondocks is suffering from a combination of the sophomore/second season blues and the long wait between season one and season two.

    Speaking selfishly, I think Aaron McGruder is at his best script writing when he overwhelmed with the cartoon series, writing the daily comic strips and developing Boondocks books. I'm sure the man was about to go insane at that pace but somehow he produced magic by being so stressed by time constraints.

    I do believe that he will hit his stride again with the animated series come season 3, if there is one.