The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 10

Home Alone

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 17, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Granddad takes a vacation, leaving the boys alone with Uncle Ruckus, but just who is in charge?

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  • Grandad decides its time to take a vacation from the boys.

    While Grandad is taking a shower the boys are fighting and destroying the house in the process. Later Grandad, Tom, and Ruckus play cards while talking about Jay-Z and things Jay-Z related. He then decides to take a vacation and Tom wants to come with but Grandad doesnt want him to come cuz he isnt fun. The boys run off many babysitters and even Ruckus(cant say he didnt deserve!). They then countinue fighting and Huey still wins and takes Riley prisoner. Later, Tom keeps coming back to see if Grandad is ready to go on the vacation but Huey(told by Grandad) tells him that Grandad is at the store. Huey and Riley begin running out of food and Huey wonders who really is whos prisoner. Tom comes back again and Huey tells him Grandad is at the store, but Tom KNOWS Grandad is in Costa Rica(little does he know Grandad is having NO fun at all). Riley escapes Huey and him and Huey fight with there airsoft guns until theres a stand-off. They both fire knocking eachother out. Grandad comes back later on and find the boys unconsious but they wake up and are happy to see Grandad again. This episode is funny and the fighting was pretty well done. Each fight that comes gets better and better abd BETTER. Also, the writing was well dont also.moreless
  • I've been waiting for this the entire season!!!!

    When I finally think there's no hope left for my favorite family in Woodcrest, I stumble upon this episode on Stage 6. OMG! I haven't laughed that hard for a Boondocks episode in sooo long. I can't think of enough adjective to describe my delight with this episode. I love when Riley tells Huey: "You tha leader. Why don't you lead us to some breakfast then?" Best of the season, hands down. It makes me wonder if I've missed another gem like this one, seeing as I've missed the show for the past month and a half now. Gotta go huntin for 'em now.. hehehe... :Dmoreless
  • While Granddad is off to play, the boys turn the house into a war zone!

    So in this episode, Granddad decides to take a trip down to South America to get his pimp on with the ladies. First things first, a babysitter had to be found for the boys but they scared off the little girl that came to the house. Then, they pulled out the big guns by calling over good old Uncle Ruckus. The self-hating, "no nonsense" old man soon got shown who was boss when the boys went commando on his ass with their arsenal of bb guns. After running Ruckus out the house, Granddad had enough and left some money for food and left for Costa Rica. Tom wants to go outrageously bad, but Granddad dodges him at every chance because Tom is lame and would ruin the trip.

    Within minutes of Granddad's departure, the boys start to fight just like usual, over nothing. Huey continues to make up lies for Granddad by saying that he went to the store while keeping Riley in line. Riley, on the other hand, decides to take all the money that was left for them and goes down to the mall to get some Hip Hop gear. As soon as our favorite Mandela jr. finds out, everything gets taken back to the store with extreme force.

    Once the money is back in its rightful place, Huey decides to lay down some "ground" rules as leader of the house. Riley rebels against his captor and attempts to escape the house as only he could. Huey throws all of the bb guns into the upstairs closet in order to keep control of the house. Plan after plan continued to fail until Huey finally put his little brother on permanent lock down, handcuffs and all. After the many battles held in the household, it looks like a hurricane, a train wreck, and a nuclear holocaust had erupted into controlled chaos within the structure.

    While the boys are acting a fool, Granddad is also having a horrible time on his vacation which has not gone as planned. The ladies that he dreamed of were all too busy dancing and drinking at the bar. His cocaine-white suit got drinks spilled on it. And in the bedroom, he was forced to listen to other people have fun on the other side of the wall.

    Back at the house, Riley soon attempts another daring escape, reminiscent of a prison film, which leads to his being thrown in a closet. As Huey is on the phone with Granddad, he notices it's too quiet and figures out that his prisoner has escaped and gotten into the stockade of plastic weapons upstairs. The war continues on inside the house until the boys come to a "Mexican standoff" and wind up shooting each other between the eyes.

    Granddad hops on a plane back, after his horrible experience and comes back to a destroyed house and two very happy grandchildren. Tom comes over because he's pissed about being left behind and finds out that Granddad was only gone for two days!

  • Hilarious and entertaining, something Hollywood doesn't bring us anymore.

    This episode was no doubt a great one. An absolutely great one. Once again Aaron McGruder pushes out another great one. WHY DOESN'T HE WRITE A BOONDOCKS MOVIE??????? Aaron is a talented writer and needs to get like 20 awards fro it. This episode, like The Story Of Catcher Freeman, had a great score! I loved the platoon sequence and the music was great! And then the final battle between Huey and riley is epic! I love how they end up in a Mexican Standoff. The animation was great, and I loved how Tom was cursing at Grandad when he got back. I love this episode!moreless
  • great episode

    Probably one of the more intresting episodes this season, "Home Alone" is fun to watch and reminds us what sibling rivalry is all about. I liked the actual Home Alone homage with Huey lighting the bed rope on fire as Riley tries to escape. Overall this epsiode doesn't really go anywhere or have an actual message unless it's an obvious one of never leave your kids alone at the house. But this episode was made for pure fun and comedy, nothing else. Everything from the kids shooting Ruckus, to Huey putting Riley on house arrest was classic and this will probably rank as one of the funnier episodes of the seasonmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Huey said, "Come back here, Riley!", he said it in Riley's voice.

    • When Granddad gets back from his vacation and sees the boys out cold, Riley has his prison suit on, but when he got knocked out, he wasn't wearing it. Plus, when he got up, he wasn't wearing it either.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Uncle Ruckus: The first time you break the rules, you get the cattle prod. The second, you get the electric dog collar. The third time, I'm callin' up the lynchin' mob.

    • Uncle Ruckus: (he shuts the door) Okay, first of all, ain't nobody talkin' while I'm talkin', so shut the fuck up. My name is Uncle Ruckus, and I will be nigga-sittin' you two until your grandfather returns. Your grand-daddy picked me because I am a licensed zoologist. I have studied a variety of wild animals, and the African male is by far the most savagely cunning. This is an opportunity to observe you niggas in your natural habitat, and collect data, but be warned: whatever nigga trickery you got up your sleeves does not affect me.

    • (Riley and Huey are shooting Ruckus with pellet guns)
      Ruckus: Somebody save me from these African hooligans!

    • (huey throws Riley in the closet)
      Riley: No! Let me out! I'm closet-phobic!

    • Riley: Huey, where are my guns?
      Huey: I confiscated them for security reasons. I have supreme authority over the house until Granddad comes home
      Riley: You got supreme authority over these nuts, nigga!

    • Riley: Bitch, this all you got?! Three dollars and a prepaid cellphone with only two fucking minutes left on it?!

    • (Huey and Riley have guns in each others faces)
      Huey: Why does it always have to end up this way?
      Riley: Cause you's a bitch.

    • Ruckus: Hey there Robert. I would offer to help you out, but you a coon.

    • Riley: Why you get to be the leader?
      Huey: Because I'm the oldest.
      Riley: But you also the gayest, so I should be leader.

  • NOTES (0)