The Boondocks

Season 3 Episode 1

It's a Black President, Huey Freeman

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM May 02, 2010 on Adult Swim

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  • "Hope is irrational"

    Season 3 of "The Boondocks" is finally here and the wait has been more than worth it. The season premiere always sets the tone of the season. If this continues to hold true throughout season 3, this is gonna be a fascinating and hilarious ride!

    The episode is all about a Bavarian documentary filmmaker chronicling the historic election of Barack Obama. I love the way this season appears to be leaking into our actual reality as evidenced by Huey's former domestic terrorist activities used by the republican party as a means of trying to defame Obama like they did with Rev. Wright. Obama denies any affiliation with Huey Freeman and says he's only friends with Huey on myspace. Then Obama literally says "basically, f*ck him."

    And so season 3 kicks off shining with brilliance as celebrity parody, political intrigue, and harsh truth collide into one of the most well put together episodes since season 1. Everything the filmmaker says is so hysterically dry. (and it's made even better that he's played by famous filmmaker, Werner Herzog!) Riley and Granddad's belief that black people will rule the country with a black man in office is in line with almost everyone in my neighborhood at the time. Huey's indifference because he can see the election for what it is - a political scam - filled me with joy and sadness at the same time because it was basically my mindset the whole entire time the election was going down. And even the ancillary characters like Tom and Sarah, Ruckus, and Thugnificent get their moments to shine - although Ruckus appears more harsh and ignorant than usual. Thugnificent gets some of the best scenes he's ever had when he first fails to realize a black man is running for president, then jumps on the celebrity bandwagon for Obama. His song with Will i Am, "D*ck Riding Obama", is off the chain funny. His decision to dress up in tight green suits with tight pink pants to be taken more seriously and his idea of calling all brothas "Obama"
    and all b*tches "Michelle" is even funnier. (FILMMAKER: "And what about b*tches named michelle?"
    THUGNIFICENT: "Man, you making jokes. I'm tryin to uplift my Obamas!")

    The fact that they actually show the scam for what it was is the greatest accomplishment in this episode. Watching Granddad get tazed outside the gates of the White House during the inauguration speaks volumes. The very idea of change thru hope was laughable when I first heard the campaign 2 years ago. Change happens by changing things. Thugnificent sums up the episode best when he explains why he jumped on the Obama bandwagon. ("I heard talking about changin' sh*t. You know, hope and sh*t. And I was like 'yea'. You know, I mean, anyone can hope. You can sit on your ass all day and hope. If you're too lazy to hope, you're a lazy muthaf*cka.") But really, the episode is perfectly summed up by Huey's quote I used in my summary. An unbelievably brave episode written solely by Aaron McGruder. Every character is dead on perfect (rare for a boondocks season premiere) and nothing feels too forced (also rare for a season premiere). Add into all of that a story that truly resonates with the times (yea, the election happened 2 years ago. If that's all you saw in this episode then you missed the point entirely) and you've got a perfect storm of controversy, commentary, and comedy. 10/10
    and a good sign that season 3 will be closer to the vibe of season 1, which can never be a bad thing!
  • Season 3 was So worth the wait

    Aaron McGruder has always been controversial when it comes to providing social satire with The Boondocks. "It's a Black President, Huey Freeman" did so intelligently and creatively. This episode captured the taboo truth that while many people supported Obama for his policies, there were still still quite a few who supported him for poor reasons including:

    Because he is black: Riley was shown in favor of Obama for this reason. He humorously states that the police will not be able to arrest him because he can just tell them The President is black and get off the hook. The myths: Grandpa supported Obama because of misconceptions he hard about his policies i.e. "he will cut taxes" The German documentary interviewer corrects him by stating Obama will raise taxes at your income level (The Freeman's live in a rich, white neighborhood). Because he is "hot": Sarah liked Obama because he was attractive. Remember Obama-girl?

    Huey Freeman, was shown taking the logical approach when it comes to Obama. He is skeptical and says "hope is irrational." Though Huey doesn't say much, he seems rightfully indifferent about Obama because he is a politician and "hope" does not always translate to action. For this, he is criticized by members of the black community. Huey asks, "What's the point in talking if no one is willing to listen?" (I may be misquoting). In 2008, the logical talk of Obama the politician was often overshadowed by Obama the First Black President, Obama The Attractive President and of course the conspiracy theories for the Right.

    McGruder also succeeds in poking fun at the rap artists and extremists on The Right Wing. Thugnificent did not even know Obama's name one day and then the next, he claimed to be Obama's biggest supporter. In 2008, many rappers supported Obama but did not bother to get versed in the basics politics. I loved the scene where Thugnificent goes on real time claiming to be politically active and Bill Maher (yes Bill Maher actually voiced himself) calls him out for not even knowing the three branches of government. The tune of Will I am and Thugnificent's "Dick Riding Obama" will be stuck in my head for a looong time. (Note: did any of you notice Gangstaliscious' cameo in the vid?).

    Uncle Ruckus perfectly captured the position of many right wing extremists by spewing his typical racism and obsession with white culture.

    The Boondocks is one of the most daring show on television right now. It does not nearly have the hype that South Park or Family Guy does but it provides a uniquely hilarious but honest social satire that keeps me watching.
  • The Boondocks return and show their views on the election of the first black president of the United States: Barack Obama.

    After a way too long hiatus, The Boondocks return with a very interesting season premiere. It's the outcome of the presidential election- Barack Obama: The first black president of the United States. Everyone is cheering; change is just around the corner right? All seem happy except Huey Freeman. While he may think it's interesting to be alive to see the first black president, he doesn't seem really excited about the situation, let alone Obama. While it took me awhile to figure it out, it's from Huey's perspective that we see while it may be a historic moment in the presidency, it doesn't right away mean the president will do anything historic himself, other than getting elected. That basically is what the episode is about: The over excitement in the moment of Barack Obama. While I am not political, I see the humor in the episode. I see the excitement the characters face in thinking just because it’s the first black president things will change and automatically get better. That's what we hope for. But in reality, things really stay the same. Civil rights more than anything, one of the real victors. In short and whether when he is in office or not, judge a president by the content of his character and his actions, not by the color of his skin,( though of course cheer for great historic moments). On a big side note, the "Dick riding Obama" song is absolutely hilarious and sums up the premise of this episode better than I ever could.
  • A true and classic Boondocks episode.

    This is what the Boondocks is "supposed" to be. Very thoughtful and meaningful episode. Not too many laughs, but the episode depicts what truly happened. Alot of people were excited when Obama was elected President. I do remember a couple of black people selling Obama T-shirts and pins outside Wal-mart. During the last day of the election I was playing basketball when a couple of Black ballers ran onto the court yelling, "MY N*GGA Obama is the PREZ!" Now, one and a half year later not much has really happened. Approval rating is below 50%, and much of the enthusiasm of a black man in White House has died off. Rappers start wearing skinny jeans and flashy colorblind clothing, and using autotune. Ignorance is on a rise. In conclusion, Obama isn't the president which we thought he was going to be. Of course this is only Obama's second year, but as Huey Freeman says in the episode, "Meh..."

    Very truthful episode, with a good amount of reality; not silly, idiotic, randomness you would find in other animated shows. This is what makes The Boondocks,... The Boondocks.
  • The Return of 'The Boondocks'

    Aaron McGruder's series appeared eight months after the election of Barack Obama(Riley and Robert were going crazy). A German journalist was making a documentary for a public access channel and interviewing all the crazy characters in the neighborhood of the Freeman's including Thugnificent. This episode was very interesting and was pretty funny too, but it was in thoughtful mode more than its shockingly funny mode. This episode also revealed Huey being a domestic terrorist, and almost getting locked up by the CIA. In the end of the episode, Riley and Grandad's dislike for Obama increased. And now i'll share a quote with you, Journalist-- "How would you feel if Obama became president" Riley-- "Oh Sh!t, man I aint doing no more homework, i'm just like **** them, we takeover for reelz tho, Obeezy's my N*****"
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