The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 11

Let's Nab Oprah

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Feb 12, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Riley, Gin Rummy and Ed Wuncler III attempt to kidnap Oprah, though Huey learns of their plan and sets upon stopping them.

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  • great episode

    This episode had me cracking up for beginning to end. Seems like whenever Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummi are on, you're guaranteed a "stitch on your side" after all the laughter. Between the 2 of them, Rummi is the funniest.It's amazing how much Huey would go through to not only keep Riley away from those 2, but to keep his brother's gangsta backside out of trouble. I liked the fight scene between those 2 a lot better than the one with Bushido Brown (it was really good, on the other hand, Huey and Riley used everything that wasn't nailed down).Despite the ending wasn't as good as I wish it was, "Let's Nab Oprah" still deserves a 10/10.Favorite scene: Huey and Riley fight sceneFavorite quote (I got a lot from this episode): "You want beef? I got your beef." - When we first meet Bushido Brownmoreless
  • this is actually my favorite.

    hands down it is "Exactly why I watch the series". The duo of Ed & Gin just made it a lot more funnier. I also do think that they are realle gay for each other. I just wanna ask "why are there two book stores across from each other, what's the point in that?"
  • Goddamn this one was hilarious

    I like the part with the three white ladies and the Thats really F##### up Agnes. I wonder why Agnes is only and old person name nowadays? I still dont know how those stupid guys could mistake MAya Angelou for Oprah but i loved how the just thjrew her out like trash as if a great african american writer is not nearly as important as a great african american tv hoste ess. ALso I like the suprise visit and Kidnapping of Blill Cosby, And then they just put him back because he was just so damn annoying ... And Yall (black people) is GAy i love that linemoreless
  • More Kung fu Madness in this episode

    Now I have no Idea how Riley and Huey know Kung-fu, what they downloaded Martial Arts Info to their brain overnight like the Matrix? Still even though its almost Unrealistic I still love the action. Also the Heist Introduction element was pretty cool, I love Hiests. This have Guns, Fighting and Opera, which is why I love this episode
  • Gin, Ed the 3rd, and Riley are bored of doing stupid crimes, so they plan to kidnap oprah.

    Lets nab Oprah was my all time favorite boondocks episode all becuse of Ed Wuncler III and Gin. They are my favorite characters because of their badas* attitude and they're army like attitude, they're freakin hilarous! Ed and Gin were the main characters of lets nab oprah. In this episode Riley decides to hang out with ed and gin to help them do some crime, but they are disappointed because nobody takes them serously, so they decide to kidnap oprah to get some attention and to rule all women then the world. i thought that was absoulutely hilarious because gin and ed are complete idiots and they couldnt plan a simple kidnapping.moreless

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  • QUOTES (14)

    • Riley: Do we have any intel?
      Gin Rummy: Intel?
      Riley:Intelligence, nigga! Keep up!

    • Bushido Brown: Man, you come straight out of a comic strip!

    • Huey: Pretty strange, huh? Armed gunmen. Assault a bookstore. To kidnap Mya Angelou. Riley: Hey. I heard she had enemies. Huey: Even stranger, Oprah was right across the street when it happened. Riley: I don't know anything about no plot to kidnap nobody. Huey: So… Ed and Rummy DO have a plan to kidnap Oprah.

    • Wuncler III: KEE-YAH, bitch.

    • Wuncler III: (everyone is staring at him and Gin Rummy) The fuck y'all looking at?!

    • Huey: (narrating) Ed and Rummi kidnapped Bill Cosby. (slight pause) But, he was really annoying, so they returned him to the studio 15 minutes later.

    • Armed Texan: Ya want beef? I got your beef.

    • Wuncler III: It was all Rummy's fault. Gin Rummi: Ed ran into the wrong store. I was following Ed. Wuncler III: How was I suppose to know which bookstore to go into? I mean, they look exactly the same and they both got books. Riley: There was a large group of people outside one. Wuncler III: That don't mean Oprah was in there. Riley: There was a large sign that read "Welcome Oprah". You guys are lucky Ed's grandfather owns the cops.

    • Huey: The life of a black hero has never been for the meek of heart.

    • Wuncler III: Hey! Why you leave me out here?! One of you mother fuckers better come out here and get me, I know that! Or you will be living in a haunted house tonight!
      Gin Rummy: Swim, bitch!

    • Gin Rummy: I am a pretty good planner, huh? (Hugs Ed)
      Riley: … And ya'll niggas are gay!

    • Gin Rummy: Let's go, Ed.
      Wuncler III: Hold up, my nigga. Hold up.
      Gin Rummy: Go time, nigga! Let's go!
      Wuncler III: I sent that bitch a smiley face. Bitches love smiley faces

    • Huey: (brandishing katana) You will not get out of here alive!

    • Gin Rummy: So basically, nigga technology is anything that doesn't plug into a printer. Does that plug into a printer? Ed Wuncler III: No Gin Rummy: Know why? [Ed looks silently] Gin Rummy: 'Cause niggas never have anything to print.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Enter The Dragon:

      When Bushido Brown said, "Boy, you come straight out of a comic strip", this was both an allusion to two facts:

      1. The Boondocks was originally a comic strip.

      2. The character Williams from Enter The Dragon, who was an obvious inspiration for Bushido Brown, who told the villian Han, "Man, you come right out of a comic book."