The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 11

Let's Nab Oprah

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Feb 12, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • great episode

    This episode had me cracking up for beginning to end. Seems like whenever Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummi are on, you're guaranteed a "stitch on your side" after all the laughter. Between the 2 of them, Rummi is the funniest.It's amazing how much Huey would go through to not only keep Riley away from those 2, but to keep his brother's gangsta backside out of trouble. I liked the fight scene between those 2 a lot better than the one with Bushido Brown (it was really good, on the other hand, Huey and Riley used everything that wasn't nailed down).Despite the ending wasn't as good as I wish it was, "Let's Nab Oprah" still deserves a 10/10.Favorite scene: Huey and Riley fight sceneFavorite quote (I got a lot from this episode): "You want beef? I got your beef." - When we first meet Bushido Brown
  • this is actually my favorite.

    hands down it is "Exactly why I watch the series". The duo of Ed & Gin just made it a lot more funnier. I also do think that they are realle gay for each other. I just wanna ask "why are there two book stores across from each other, what's the point in that?"
  • Goddamn this one was hilarious

    I like the part with the three white ladies and the Thats really F##### up Agnes. I wonder why Agnes is only and old person name nowadays? I still dont know how those stupid guys could mistake MAya Angelou for Oprah but i loved how the just thjrew her out like trash as if a great african american writer is not nearly as important as a great african american tv hoste ess. ALso I like the suprise visit and Kidnapping of Blill Cosby, And then they just put him back because he was just so damn annoying ... And Yall (black people) is GAy i love that line
  • More Kung fu Madness in this episode

    Now I have no Idea how Riley and Huey know Kung-fu, what they downloaded Martial Arts Info to their brain overnight like the Matrix? Still even though its almost Unrealistic I still love the action. Also the Heist Introduction element was pretty cool, I love Hiests. This have Guns, Fighting and Opera, which is why I love this episode
  • Gin, Ed the 3rd, and Riley are bored of doing stupid crimes, so they plan to kidnap oprah.

    Lets nab Oprah was my all time favorite boondocks episode all becuse of Ed Wuncler III and Gin. They are my favorite characters because of their badas* attitude and they're army like attitude, they're freakin hilarous! Ed and Gin were the main characters of lets nab oprah. In this episode Riley decides to hang out with ed and gin to help them do some crime, but they are disappointed because nobody takes them serously, so they decide to kidnap oprah to get some attention and to rule all women then the world. i thought that was absoulutely hilarious because gin and ed are complete idiots and they couldnt plan a simple kidnapping.
  • This is the first episode of the show that I had seen, and I think I'm in love.

    Wuncler and Gin happen to be the most retarded guys on the planet, yet they make it look so cool. It was pretty funny that Riley, who is probably eight, was the smartest one in teh plot to kidnap Oprah. Seriously, how could those guys miss the big "Welcome Oprah" sign? That was just too funny. That Huey kid has a hell of a lot of fight in him for someone who gave Oprah's bodyguard the hell of a fight that he did. Anyway, this show is funny, well written, and well animated. I'm glad I stumbled across the Boondocks.
  • Just as you thought the Boondocks couldn't get any funnier, "Let's Nab Oprah" debuts

    This episode had me cracking up for beginning to end. Seems like whenever Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummi are on, you're guaranteed a "stitch on your side" after all the laughter. Between the 2 of them, Rummi is the funniest.

    It's amazing how much Huey would go through to not only keep Riley away from those 2, but to keep his brother's gangsta backside out of trouble. I liked the fight scene between those 2 a lot better than the one with Bushido Brown (it was really good, on the other hand, Huey and Riley used everything that wasn't nailed down).

    Despite the ending wasn't as good as I wish it was, "Let's Nab Oprah" still deserves a 10/10.

    Favorite scene: Huey and Riley fight scene
    Favorite quote (I got a lot from this episode): "You want beef? I got your beef." - When we first meet Bushido Brown.
  • The Leader, The Look-out, and The Muscle decide that their little criminal endevours would be a lot more successful if they had Oprah on their side. So logically, they decide that kindapping her would be the best thing to do. Huey tries to stop them.

    A great allusion to the United States\' adamant persistence at pursuing the Missile Defence System. I love it when McGruder makes fun of the George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the White House in general. \"It was a bad plan! You plan things badly!\" LOL all the undertones had my sides hurting.
  • It surprised me and I had to watch over several more times!

    This is one of my favorite episodes yet. Of course, the main reason for that is when Huey is fighting Riley so passionately. I had already gotten used to the fact it looked like an anime, but I had pushed it out of my mind that I would see something nearly as cool as what I would in an anime. Huey has some serious moves! Through the comic strip I've seen, I have never seen Huey and Riley engage in a serious fight, but then again, they are confined to a few panels a day. It wasn't just the fact that I love to see a good butt-whooping every now and then, but also that the cause of this fight was to protect Riley from his hoodlum friends. Now that's some brotherly love. He'll kick you down some stairs and hit you on the head with a frying pan, just to keep your crazy behind out of trouble. It's a nice change from the comic Huey, who often seems to busy drowning in his disatisfaction with life to worry about his brother so much. In my eyes, Huey became a more dynamic character because I knew that if need be, he could wield some fearsome power. In respects to the rest of the episode with the trio trying to nab Oprah, I now see that Rummy and Ed are basically just children. I find that to be another interesting development, which I hope they continue in future episodes. Although they were attempting kidnap and they had guns, I couldn't help but think of Ed and Rummy as the same age as Riley, if not younger at times. I'm wondering if this episode will cause Riley to rethink spending so much time with the two. If not, I'm sure another frying pan to the head can help him think twice about it.
  • One of the best

    This episode really shows that there is a lot more to the show than some people think. Samuel L. Jackson gives some excellent speeches ala Pulp Fiction with some of the best writing I have seen in a long time.

    Let's Nab Oprah really showed how much power Ed Wuncler and Gin Rummey in the town because of their ties with a rich white guy that owns everything. The amount that two people can screw up and still get away with in a cartoon is hilarious however it gives good insight to the current culture and what some people seem to be able to get away with.

    A ton of the best characters in the show were included in this episode even if just for a minute, and added constant humor to moments that could have easily been stale. One of the series best.
  • This episode represents the spirit of the characters created by Aaron McGruder.

    First let me say: the "24" style freeze frames of the bank robbers was frickin hilarious and quite awesome. The episode begins with Ed III, Rummi and Riley robbing Ed's father's bank, with Riley serving as lookout Ed as mastermind and Rummi as the muscle. After the bank robbery is executed although Rummi has to be reminded to ask for the money. After receiving kudos from the bank manager, Ed III allows him to return the money and jewels they stole. Ed is pleased by this un-biased opinion, yet Rummi thinks that 22 minutes to rob a bank is too long. Describing the bank job as taking as long as an episode of Seinfeld.

    Afterward, a bruised and torn Huey says that he will not allow his opponent to leave the house. Huey is holding a katada sword. A chair comes out of no where and Huey slices it in two as Riley tries to escape. The brothers fight; Huey shows his martial arts prowess where as Riley personifies the 'street fighting' technique. He pulls a gun on Huey, and Huey puts down his sword only to take the gun from Riley. The fight continues, as Huey whips Riley's ass all over the house. As they continue to fight in the kitchen, Granddad enters. When he inquires as to the cause of the fight, Riley calls Huey a hater as Huey relays his wishes to keep Riley away from Ed and Rummi who he describes as international criminals. But Granddad tells Huey to stop hating and allows Riley to go.

    Afterwards Rummi comes up with the plan to kidnap Oprah. With the logical flow chart of control of Oprah leads to control over women and control of Oprah leads to control over bitches. Huey threatens Riley but he is unphased. Rummi and Ed have another "nigga technology" argument. Then they enter the bookstore guns drawn and seek Oprah, however they enter the wrong bookstore and kidnap Maya Angelou instead.

    Later on, at Ed's house the gang is gathered and Ed, and Rummi have an argument but Ed apologizes and Rummi and Ed III hug, causing Riley to proclaim: "Ya'll niggaz are gay." Rummi declares himself a criminal mastermind. Riley's response: "Whatever, Nigga." The plan is revised. They decide to kidnap Oprah the next day at her show taping. Rummi and Riley come up with the plan. Huey asks if they are planning to kidnap Oprah. Riley denies it, but leaves his notebook behind. Huey reads the plan and goes to extreme measures a combination lock secured briefcase, housing a stun glove. He plans to stop Riley at all cost. Huey is peeped, by Riley so he calls in a tip and has all the guards pursue Huey leaving the back door unmanned. Oprah's personal bodyguard the crap-your-pants scary Bushido Brown comes to fight. Huey faces him in order to get to Oprah but after a long fight Huey gets his ass whupped. Meanwhile the gang has entered the building but they take a wrong turn and end up in Bill Cosby's dressing room. A disgusted Riley leaves but not without calling the dumb duo gay again; Rummi and Ed kidnap Bill for 15 minutes then bring him back.

    Riley had nearly got away scot-free but he returns to get his two-way and Huey comes to, punches him and grabs him as Riley tries to explain. Huey isn't listening: "You, do not kidnap Oprah."

  • Probably the best episode next to the health inspector. I laughed like crazy.

    The fight with bushido brown and huey and also the one with huey and riley were well put together. Ed and Gin rummy trying to rob their own fathers bank was hilarious. Also when Riley had to text Ed to say that they took Maya and not Oprah. Overall, there is something for everyone to see, great episode, the rest will definitely be this good.

    What was the song while Huey was fighting bushido brown??

    best quote:
    Ed: bitches love the smiley faces.
  • Ed, Rummy, and Riley plot to kidnap Oprah for ransom, but it all falls apart when they go to the wrong bookstore and mistakingly kidnap Maya Angelou instead thinking they had Oprah.

    I loved this one. I though it was one of the funnier episodes and showed a greater development of several of the characters, especially Huey with the fight scenes. This one also introduced a new character that I hope we can see more of, "Bushido Brown." Bushido Brown is a reincantation of Black Belt Jones aka Jim Kelly. His line, "Man you come right out of a comic strip." was based on a line from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon in where Kelly's charater fought Han (the villian) and said, "Man you come right out of a comic book."
  • Riley is gonna pay what he owes...

    The whole idea in giving more time to an idea like The Boondocks is to give the creator a chance to explore larger ideas with more depth, and in this case, a sharper edge than a comic strip. If you didn't understand who Gin and Ed III were supposed to represent in past episodes, it's inescapable this time. It's hard to tell who Huey is more upset with, Gin and Ed for being incompetent thugs or the people around them that do nothing to stop them.

    But it seems like the Iraq was and it's creators weren't the only target of this episodes blade. This one was run out of order, and I can only imagine from the content that it might have been a jab at Al Sharpton. Gin Rumy (Samuel L. Jackson) drops all kinds on new street knowledge on us. It would have been fun to have an EKG hooked up to Sharpton while he watched this episode because it would have been going nuts. It's nice to know that McGruder isn't going to told what to do and is going to give us the show that he wants us to see.

    Oh, there are two sequences of awesome kung-fu. This episode really have something for everyone.
  • Bushido Brown vs. Huey

    This episode is about Riley and his gang robbing a bank that Eds' (one of the people in da gang) father own. Then they try to kidnap Oprah but instead they kidnap Maya Angelou. The fight between Huey and Riley waz tight and the fight between Bushido Brown and Huey waz even betta'! That Black fist power glove waz tight too.
  • I now have newfound respect for Huey. Respect that he demands!

    This was the best episode I've ever seen. Not because of the antics of the Hole In Their Heads Gang (Ed, Rummy, and Riley, I'm calling them idiots, by the way) robbing a bank Ed's father owns or trying to kidnap Oprah but kidnapping Maya Angelou instead, but because of the cans of grade 'A' made in the USA woop ass Huey opens up durring the episode. The best is when he's fighting Riley with a katana (where does he get a katana?) and then dropping his brother like a bad habbit with unarmed combat. The fight against Bushido Brown was pretty sweet too, especially with the added boost of the Black Power Fist. If they make action figures, Huey has to have the katana and the Black Power Fist. And his afro has to be bigger than his head.
  • I never laughed so hard in my life!!!

    Wow! I thought I'd tune into The Boondocks tonight and watch it instead of waiting until mid week to download it (shame on me). I'm glad I did. This was the funniest episode by far. They need more of Gin Rummy and Wuncler Jr. Hell, they could have their own show. The action was great, especially between Riley and Huey early on when Huey is trying to stop Riley from going to Wuncler's house. The bit about the text messaging was spot on. I really like the messages in the show, but they need a good gut buster every now and then like this one. Kudos Mr. McGruder.