The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 1

Or Die Trying

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Granddad, Huey, Riley and Jazmine must avoid guards after they sneak in to a cinema to watch Soul Plane 2: The Blackjacking.

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  • All I can say is dat waz effin hilarious!!

    Season 2 starts off with Grandad taking Huey and Riley and sneaking Jazmine to go see Soul Plane 2! Jazmine is scared because she went into the movie without paying and starts crying and so on. Riley is bootlegging the movie while Huey is ticked because he doesnt want to see Soul Plane 2. This episode is so funny and waz a good way to start off season 2. Mo'nique and Snoop Dogg was in this episodes as characters from Soul Plane 2. Ruckus was working at the movie theater and was kicking all the black peeps out(you know why!) Ruckus and Huey faced off against each other and Ruckus revealed that he also knew the 'anicent art' of "Nun Chok"(or watever).

    You can watch this episode on [adult swim] but it does come on on the 8th so dont miss it!moreless
  • Worth the Wait! Welcome Back, "The Boondocks"!

    What can I say about the return of The Boondocks?

    Nunchuks, Bootlegging, $20 Popcorn (It's Only POPCORN!!!), and Season 2! Huey, Riley, Granddad, and even Jasmine go sneak into the movies to see Soul Plane 2: The BlackJacking! This episode is worth watching because Snoop Dogg, Monique, and 50 Cent (Voiced By Affrion Crockett).

    Uncle Ruckus as Secruity and him fighting Huey was funny as I don't know what! After watching this episode on adult swim's website, I can't wait until the next episode airs which is titled: "Tom, Sarah, and Usher".

    Next Friday is when adult swim may add that episode online to their website.

    WELCOME BACK, "THE BOONDOCKS"! Now I can watch another great show on TV.moreless
  • First episode of the highly anticipated second season of The Boondocks.

    All I got to say is that This episode was straight up hilarious! It wasn't clever like Passion of Ruckus(Season one, episode 15) or intellectual as the very first episode of the series but it contained MUCH humor. I have to say that the plot was extremely well written due to Uncle Ruckus' racist remarks (which is expectedly hilarious), the way the conflict was solved, and the never failing humorous plot. All in all, I was really entertained but the only problem was as to why I had to possibly wait so long for this to come out. I understand that McGruder has his reasons but this season has been pushed back so many times I was a bit overwhelmed and slightly pissed off. But this episode almost made forget all that and I'm sure the rest of the series will be as good or even better than this episode.moreless
  • Eh...

    Certainly amusing but not that great. Not worth waiting 1.5 years for, although the next few episodes could easily change my mind on that one. We'll see.

    Animation looked great, as expected for the 2nd season of a show given much more money. The story, however, did not live up to the standards set by the first brilliant 1st season. Cute, but no real substance. Amusing, as the familiar characters were true to form, but somewhat tame for a season premiere. [AS] airing "The Garden Party" afterwards just reminded viewers how groundbreaking season 1 was. I still enjoyed the silly, simple story of "Or Die Tryin'," (the 50 Cent impression was priceless), but let's hope the remaining 19 eps can live up to -- and perhaps exceed -- the high standards set by the series' 1st season.moreless
  • The Simpsons's pranksta rap was 0kay,but aaron my brother you diss the living crap outta of 50 cent and that's was great,man and you even convince snoop dogg to guest starts even mo'nique funny,funny,funny,but simpsons you still my favoritemoreless

    Huey,Grandadd,Riley and Jasmine sneak into the movies and trying to avoid ruckus frevent he will call the police on them,funny,funny funny

    Funny things from this esipode

    1. Robert was so so funny,man the way he was snapping about

    the concession worker refuse to put butter on his popcorn,man if that was me in the concession,i be whooping his ass and force him to put butter on my popcorn

    2. Riley preach to grandad about stop snitchin when huey and jasmine got busted and got caught

    3. Ruckus and Huey was straight up jackin hard and they was about to get serious at the end

    4. you dissin 50 cent but using his catchpharse"or die tryin"

    you funny man funnymoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Mo'nique played the same character in the movie that they went to see that she did played in the real Soul Plane.

    • Goof: When Granddad is supposed to be getting popcorn, there's a reaction shot of Jasmine where he's clearly sitting next to here.

    • Cast members John Witherspoon (Granddad) and Gary Anthony Williams (Uncle Ruckus) reprise their roles as the blind man and Flame from Soul Plane.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jasmine: You have problems, Mr. Freeman, and you need help.
      Huey: Thanks for coming back...eventually.
      Riley: Yo, you need to stop snitching, Granddad. (Granddad slaps him in the back of his head) Ow. Hey, why don't you call Social Services and turn yourself in for child abuse? (Granddad slaps him again) Ow.

    • Uncle Rukus: I've been waiting on this day since your little up-ity ass came into town.

    • Uncle Ruckus: Oh, I see. Just because your skin is light, bright and two shades from being white, you think you're too good to butter your own popcorn. Well you're wrong, Lando Calrissian.

    • Huey: Robert Jebediah Freeman had sworn a lifetime intifada against the movie theater industry for exorbitant prices and poor customer service, which, interestingly enough, did not stop him from going to see movies.

    • Granddad: What's wrong with you?
      Huey: I don't wanna go to the movie.
      Granddad: Why not?
      Huey: I don't ever wanna go to the movies with you again! Not after what happened last time!
      Granddad: What happened last time?
      Huey: We got arrested and shot at!
      Granddad: Nah, racism.

    • Jasmine: Daddy says I can go to the movies, but he said I'm not allowed see Soul Plane.
      Huey: Good, you don't wanna go to the movies with him. He's crazy!
      Granddad: Hush! (to Jasmine) Can't see Soul Plane? Why little baby?
      Jasmine: Because of the types of stereos or something.
      Granddad: Types of stereos? Oh, no, no, no baby doll. This here's a good theatre, they have THX. (Granddad mimics the THX hum)
      Huey: She means Stereotypes.
      Granddad: Stereotypes? In Soul Plane? That's nonsense!

    • (The Freemans and a reluctant Jasmine sneak into the theatre)
      Granddad: How about that? Another victory for the common man over corporate greed!
      Huey: You're not advancing any struggle by bein' cheap, Granddad.
      Granddad: I'll advance my belt on your behind if you don't shut your ass!

    • Riley: Boo! Hey, get to the flick!

    • (Huey sits next to Riley in the theatre)
      Riley: Ewwwwwww.
      (Riley moves to another seat)
      Riley: Nigger, you gay.

    • Hijacker: It very important this plane leave on time!
      Monique: (waving Hijacker's breath away) Damn! Now are you yelling at me or shitting at me?!

    • Granddad: Large freshly popped popcorn please, and lots of butter.
      Guy at concession stand: Anything else?
      Granddad: I asked for butter on it.
      Guy at concession stand: Butter's over there.
      Granddad: I don't want to put the butter on it! Why can't you do it?
      Guy at concession stand: You're supposed to put the butter on it.
      Granddad: I don't want to put the butter on it! I'm already paying 20 dollars for this bullshit popcorn, I will not demean my self by putting butter on popcorn!
      Guy at concession stand: Why? It's really easy.
      Granddad: Why? Because I don't work at the movie theater, that's why!
      Guy at concession stand: You're supposed to put the butter on it.
      Granddad: If I go to Burger King, and order a cheeseburger, they don't make me put the cheese on it, do they, Goddammit?!

  • NOTES (0)