The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 9

Return of the King

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 15, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • Return of the King is about Martin Luther King Jr. waking up after a 30 year coma. His ideals are known as terrorists-sympathy. So Huey tries to help MLK get his word back out to help the black people realize who they are again.

    An awesome, funny, well written, and truthful episode. I really liked this episode for its hilarity about if MLK was alive today he would be consider a terrorist-sympathizer. Where his ideals are shut-down by his fellow black man. The entire time MLK is alive Uncle Ruckus is trying to fling bricks at him. Even back then Ruckus try to throw a brick at him at one of his eariler speeches back in the Civil Rights movement era. All-in-all in this was a good episode. Now the show has been nominated by NAACP Image Award. Go vote at .