The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 9

Return of the King

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 15, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • Newsflash! The Boondocks is controversial!

    Martin Luther King Day. The one time of the year, aside from Black History Month, where white people are actually supposed to think about black people. Although, most I know only look forward to the day off. Perhaps, in its own way, this episode of Boondocks can change that.

    Personally, I love this episode, because it reminds me of why I started reading the comic strip. It is a good mix of humor and of Aaron's fresh and honest view of life in America. Of course, not everyone will agree with Aaron's overt opinions, which is the lovely thing about free speech. Either way, it is bound to stir some thought.

    The scenario for this entire episode is dreamed up by Huey, giving the show free reign to explore an alternate reality where Martin Luther King does not die. It is an interesting look at the degradation of modern day culture.

    Perhaps my only complaint is how this problem is shown as specifically black, when, of course, it involves all of America. After all, according to that definition of Nigger, practically everyone in America is one.

    Maybe this episode will get people to think about the current condition of the world. Well, like Huey says, it's fun to dream.