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  • Awesome

  • Essay

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  • Such an amazing series and it will be missed, it seriously deserves more than just 54 episodes

    I really love this show. Usually with shows like this, I am never interested in it (mostly) because of the language, violence, nudity, etc. But there's was something about this show that made me give it a chance (To be honest, what reeled me in was Huey. I found it interesting that this young boy was so intellectual and was so aware about what's going on in the world (and that he was also very skilled in martial arts at his age)). I watched the first season and it was great, I can't remember the last show I watched that was that funny. After I finished the first season I started to read the comic strips and I loved them just as much as the show (at times even more). I've watched absolutely every single episode (and read most of the comic) and it was amazing. I'm sad that it's ending so soon and it's also ending on such a low note, maybe one day it could come back but who knows. This show is really funny, entertaining and it really does make you think. On a scale of 1-10 it would be a 10, but I gave it a 9 (not because of season 4) for 2 reasons:

    1. Huey was always alone (This drove me crazy, Granddad had friends, and so did Riley. I know they can't make the show exactly like the comics but c'mon, why did Huey have to be so isolated. I wish producers would of brought Cesar into the show(at least once), if not him then create a new character that can actually listen to Huey and can kind of see his point of view )

    2. More Black Women (There wasn't much at all. Most of the ones we would see were complete idiots or they were crazy. On top of all that some of them were also prostitutes. I know some of them were used for comic relief, but I really wish we could have seen more black women who were sane and had everything together, Ebony Brown can't be the only one)

  • As far as I'm concerned, The Boondocks ended with season 3

    I was unimpressed with the first episode of the new fourth season, but by the third episode, I was thoroughly insulted and completely THROUGH with this new season. As far as I'm concerned, season three is where the show ended. with integrity, humor and intelligence. I don't know what the hell this BS is for this last season. Just racial slur after slur. Insults to black people in general abounds. Classless rhetoric spewed forth from hacks who dare to call themselves writers. F this season. And if you're wondering about my high rating, that deserving 10 is for seasons 1 -3. This last season gets a -100.
  • great series until the tacked-on fourth season

    The Boondocks was a brilliant, wildly funny show I saw years ago. Then one day it was just gone. And then, weirdly, years later it came back.

    Unfortunately it came back without it's creator/show runner, and based on the first two episodes, that's a very bad thing. The first episode of season 4 was sometimes funny but seemed to embrace rather than subvert stereotypes, and was thus neither smart nor true to the original vision. The second show, Good Times, was abysmal, and the third, a parody of Breaking Bad, was the last straw. The forth season has been compared to the third season of Community, which also lost its show runner, but that was just not as good a season as the others. Season 4 of The Boondocks is kind of gross, politically oblivious and somehow racist, even though I would hope it's still being produced by black people.

    But once upon a time it was great. And it's a shame my review is all about this last, inexcusable season, but it's been years and I can't say much about the original run after all this time.
  • Hilarious ADULT SWIM Show!

    is not a children's show. I am sure that is obvious since it is featured on a program called Adult Swim! It is hilarious and I believe that the premise is not intended for children so stop complaining! I am addressing the one who said that children "view I could say more but I think that is an awesome show. Also, the underlying message does pronounce a theme of education and acceptance. Some people can't understand how that works because of the crude humor. The language is realistic and is a reflection of current humor/communication in SOME individuals. I love the contrasting elements that are demonstrated by using hilarious nods to pop culture!!!

  • Awesome show

    Really funny, great cast and guest stars! Cant wait for the new episodes!
  • New episodes?

    Some really funny a*s s^%t. Were are the new episodes.
  • Stop complaining

    For those of you who have commented about this show being "racist" and "full of streotypes" all I can say is And your point? That's the point. The point is to make fun of whoever and whatever they see fit. Most of the time it just happens to be white people. I don't see all these complaints on the Family Guy page and they make fun of EVERYBODY! No one is off limits to them. Black, White, Asian, Mexican, Gay, Straight, Jew, or Catholic.

    But other than that most of the episodes are movie parodies like 'Soul Plane 2". Most of the cast was in Soul Plane so that worked. The Do the Right Thing parody was good too.

    Anyways. If you don't like it feel free to go to sleep or change the channel. Or here's a better idea. READ A BOOK
  • All time fav show

    Boondocks is the best . show ever made. It speaks the truth but in a funny way! This show caught my eye. All i want to say is that boondocks should make an eposide about crushes . I think that would be really funny. I mean yea it might be kinda racial but im sure they dont mean it..... they just wanna be funny.... family guy does it and robot chicken why cant boondocks do it?
  • Top 5 Best Adult Swim Shows

    This show made my list because it's unique when i watch this show im like how many times did it take the cartoonist to draw that it's really amazing plus the humor of this show is 10.00 on it's own but it lost 3 points with me because it's highly highly racial and I'd feel bad if some little boy went to school thinking it's ight to use racist slur and get jumped or some other stuff boondocks is the show it really needs to come on more and i bet this show would get like half a million views a day but not my show nor my desicion
  • A very high-quality cartoon with unique characters, smart humor, original plots, beautiful animation, and great voice-acting.

    I, being an avid comic strip reader, would occasionally read the Boondocks in the paper, and eventually, I found out that there was going to be a show of it, and on adult swim of all places (one of my favorite networks). Upon learning about the cast, and seeing the high-quality anime-like animation the show was going to use, I could tell this show was going to be good. The humor can be very subtle, but there were some jokes I did not find until my brother and friends commented on them and I then suddenly I would be like "Oh yeah, I guess it's not normal for a boy at age 3 to be questionning his grandfather's sexuality!" Huey is fantastic, I'm assuming he's based off Aaron McGrudger(comic strip creator and executive producer on the show), as he is always aware of the adult world around and is probably the smartest character in the show. I also love Riley as he seems to be this "child" compared to Huey as he is more obsessed with thug/gangster people and views everything as "tight" rather than being a realist like Huey. One of the best things about the show is along with being a comedy, it seems to have some dramatic/tragedic insights, which work terrifically as you can always come to feel for these characters in these situations. The voice-acting is very real on this show. Regina King does a wonderful job as a newcomer voice actress; she is able to find boyish tones in both Huey and Riley, and we are almost always able to distinguish them. I also really like John Witherspoon as Granddad, it would be what I would want out of him in the comic strip, and his comedic moments always come to life through his voice. I also love Cedric Yarbough, who can be both funny and serious as Tom DuBois. Veteran voice-actress Jill Talley is welcomed into the cast, who not only plays Sarah DuBois, but has a very flexible voice which allows her to play several minor characters, most of which sound very different. Gabby Soleil, only 10 years old of this writing, brings Jazmine as very cute, and seems to be able to work through acting with only her voice. Although it may be a cartoon, the Boondocks is possibly the best new show of Fall 2005 and I highly recommend it.
  • boondocks awesome

    dang this is awesome!!!!!!!!
  • To the writter Below

    I remember a time, when if something offended just turned it off

    lol...what the hell has happened to society these days. Stop bitching, and moaning about being "offended", by this show ,and that movie, and this painting, and that dont like something? dont watch/look/listen to it...dont want your kids watching it?...dont let em'

    It is really sick, despicable and down right ARROGANT, for you to think that YOUR opinion is all that matters.
  • The Boondocks 's last night episode

    I would like to address the writers from last night episode. I just found out about your show because my son was watchin it . I want to say that as a hard working African American i think your show should be cancelled due to the ongoing use of the word i have taught my son about powerful Black Leaders who made a difference in this world and to watch how this show degrade my culture last night by having various of black men shot covered in blood and to say that all blck are killing each other and we are on welfare, and the use of cussing is ridiculous. Young kids views this i will not support a show who think it's humorous to see are culture as a joke. Cancel your show
  • Did you guys know this show has stereotypical humor?

    To all those who have dissenting opinions about this show:

    This show is stereotypical, and that's what makes it hilarious. Did you want to watch normal black people instead? Or perhaps you wanted them to slip black people into an anime and have them act normal with the only difference being the skin color? Get over yourselves, it's just comedy... If you don't like that kind of humor, don't give other people grief and act like your opinion is THE truth, it's YOUR opinion. I don't have a single friend that acts like any of these characters and thats what makes it hilarious to me. I deal with normal people everyday, I don't wanna go home after a long day of work and watch normal people again!! (that's a Patton Oswalt reference btw) I don't care what ethnicity you are, you should be laughing your asses off, because it's so ridiculously funny. If you thought you'd learn something about blacks watching this show, then that makes you a one dimensional character.
  • F all the haters this show is good

    Okay so some people say that this show is racist but it's just funny Family Guy is racist but you don't see people complaining this show uses something like racist and turns into something funny so blacks and whites can enjoy the show and this is coming from a black guy anyways this show is one of the best comebies I've seen way better than family guy everybody in this show makes me laugh it's about a black family that moved into a white neighborhood Riley the wangster and Huey the more mature kid and the funny grandad I'ma buy the season two dvd you should too
  • Another show where white people have to praise and cheer so it doesn't seem that they are coming off racist.

    Well, I have read many reviews of this show before it came out and saw all those little ads on Cartoon Network. I told myself not to judge it until I saw the entire episode. A lot of times I misjudge some of the new shows on Adult Swim like Stoker & Hoop and The Venture Brothers. Now it is 30 minutes since this show has started. This whole show is just about black people, once again blaming whites for all the problems in the world and how there is a conspiracy against them. We get it. Whites are the Devil! GET OVER IT! Put some jokes in the show. This is Adult Swim on Sunday night. The shows at this time are supposed to be funny. All this show is, is just blacks repeating the same mantra of white people being evil. I'm really disappointed at the people of Cartoon Network. They decided to be socially relevant instead of providing laughs and irreverent comedy to their core and loyal viewers like they have been doing for the past couple years. And the only reason why I even gave this show a 1 is because the person playing the grandpa was the father in the Wayans Brother show. Oh yeah, the person writing this review is not a white person. I'm a slope, no, yellow, no, I mean I'm Asian. Had to be PC.
  • Was that supposed to be funny?

    Adult Swims current Sunday line-up is in trouble. Not only do we have Squidbillies and 12oz. Mouse, now we have Boondocks, a new show thats whole premise is to be *shock* controversial! Here in lies the problem, while it tries so hard to be controversial, it forgets to be funny. Now I know around 70% reading this out there are saying "OMGWTF, your just not have good sense of humore" or "You just can't handle the edge of it". Well, simply, no. Next time you watch it, actually pay attention to the jokes, and think why is this funny. Don't fall into the crowd that likes it just because it's so "controversial". The animation, while being clean and well done, is strangly reminicent of "Totally Spies". I'm not sure why they went with an anime style and I don't think it works too well for it. Voices are well done and feel natural for the show except the younger boy sounds like a girl to the point of someone I know mistaking him for one. As with most shows, I may give this one another chance at a later time. As for controversy, go with the actual trailblazer South Park or even the new Minoriteam which looks promising.
  • It's about a black family living in a white rich neighborhood, and it's full of great racism against white people

    I don't like this show, it's got some funny parts but it's way too damn racist. this is the kind of crap us whit epoeple try to avoid thinking about what black people think about us. This is family guy i guess gfor black people since family guy does the same nearly for every other race, but i personally don't like it. Hope it doesn't take over the network.
  • big disappointment

    This show is horrible. Not funny. The voices are terrible, especially Huey & Riley, who sound like girls. Animation looks bad. Writing is the worst. Mad corny but thinks it's on point. That's really the worst. It tries to be "edgy" and it's not.
    I'm a fan of the comic strip and was really looking forward to this so it's a big disaappointment. Most of my friends think it's wack also. I won't be watching again. Adult Swim is getting boring.
  • A garbage toon....

    Turner Broadcasting has taken Cartoon Network to a new low.

    Having given this series a few episodes, I asked my kids if they liked it. They gave it a quick thoughtful NO reply.

    Having seen this for myself, I tend to agree. This series is stupid, having to deal with nothing the average kid can relate too. It is full of sarcasm and such bad one liners that it just down right sucks.

    The subject matter too, is not really fit for a kids viewing channel. Given that it is shown within "adult" hours, it has no material that has merit, nor anything that is entertaining. This series needs to move to the Comedy Channel.... But then again.... garbage can stink anywhere you put it....
  • Sitcom about two black children and their grandfather.

    You poor parvenu youngsters. Obviously denied the privilege of watching enough, brilliant Afrocentric shows like “In Living Color” and “Martin” to see the essential problem here. Yes, Boondocks is about blacks and takes a black viewpoint. Yes, it attacks “the Man” and dutifully perpetuates every negative stereotype about white people that exists in a manner which the Nazis would admire.

    No, it is not funny while doing so.

    Please, get yourself some copies of the shows I mentioned above and watch them. Then compare them to this piece of tripe which has nothing more going for it than your white guilt to compel your viewing. Look up the words “humorless” and “heavy-handed” while you’re at it, and before you embarrass yourself further by writing another review which reveals your complete lack of any experience of real humor and praises a show which perpetuates stereotypes out of date in 1970. A show whose viewers apparently seek to substitute shallow white guilt tripping for any real appreciation of honest race relations in this country or the world today. Anyone who thinks this show is actually "relevant" probably thinks Ali G is real
  • Pseudo-political/intellectualism. Crap.

    Summed up perfect at

    "...if I wanted to see one-sided, preachy and ignorant political commentary, I would just watch an episode of The Boondocks."

    If you don't have much a mind, or you're too ignorant to look at other points of view, then you'll probably love a show like The Boondocks. Have at it.
  • This show is the reason i stopped watching Cartoon Networks Adult Swim.

    You have to market to your audience, and the majority of the audiance that watches cartoon network are not a abunch of Hip Hop, Libral, Anti-EverythingAmerican viewers. Just Sell the show to B.E.T. since thats more of the demigraphic needed for this show to truely prosper. Because its not entertaining me and i would prefer that my Cartoon Network and so many others Cartoon Network stay unbiest.
  • This is probably one of the most nastiest shows in history.

    I can handle 1 or 2 racist joke in something like Family Guy, but the way this show abuses it is horrible. It makes people think real live racism is funny, it\'s only the censored version and they are allowed to say \"you know what\" like 5 or 10 times per episode, and yet this show is actually popular! I say this show is 5000 times nastier then South Park ( no offense, like South Park). I just watch the censored version of South Park ( may watch the original when I\'m older), but I\'m pretty sure this is even cruder than the original, heck I even think the upcoming uncensored version of the 1st season is even nastier then the South Park movie (which I haven\'t seen). If you\'re racist, then go ahead watch this, but if you\'re not (which I hope most of you are), stay away from this, and watch something that\'s not as crude like Family Guy, Futurama, Pokemon Advanced Generation, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Simpsons, Xiaolin Showdown, One Piece, Spongebob Squarepants, Foster\'s Home for Imaginary Friends, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Naruto, heck even Robot Chicken!
  • I don't see how a show full or racism, slamming, and hatred of people can be so popular. This is my personal review.

    This show comes from esteemed comic creator McGruder. I was expecting a good show to play, but when I watched one episode I was shocked at all the terribly racism, crude humor and remarks, language, and other terrible things. I was shocked. I watched more to average out my review, but all were very low rate animated and voices were terrible. I could not beleive how out of character I thought everyone was. Animation deeply lacks with stiff and of ruff animation. Plots are all pretty different and definately have political agendas attatched to them. Standing out of the crowd among other shows of it's type, I agree, but not for the better. I know everyone on this forum here wil ldisagree with my review and I'll get hate mail, but I do not see what is be praised about, on a show that is so low as to say such terrible things and do thigns that are unheard of in most all other TV shows. Keep this show away from any minors, or anyone for that matter. No uplifting, or gratifying material.
  • Boring, pointless, Stereotypical "black Humor"

    I have to redo this review more appropriately. For starters I strongly disliked this show. I did get allot of people that disagreed with what I thought of it. But thats pretty much your problem. Anyone knows that a show that constantly does the same thing in every episode is sadly garbage. Boondocks not only steals the idea of "Anime art" the show also completely abuses the hell out of the "N word" which in most cases. Says that all Blacks are stereotypical people. Wayne Head was a show with afro american characters but they weren't stereotyped and Wayne Head was a far better show than Boondocks. I've seen every last episode in the boondocks before I even decided to make a judgment on the show. There isn't a single episode where someone never says "N*gga*". It would be like hearing Rogue in X-men say "Suga" in every episode (which she doesn't). Although Boondocks doesn't have one character in it with his or her own unique personality because they're all based on stereotype. I was asked before what I thought of the Boondocks and I said that it was uncreative and boring. Its not even adult swim material. Its more BET material. I could never be offended by anything like this. Personally I just think its awful and pointless. The show only appeals to people who enjoy the rap scene anyway. Which most likely explains the number of people that disagree. Although I posted this review on other tv show sites and 1,393 people agreed that this show was 100% BS. Thankfully it doesn't come on anymore.
  • There will be never an anime like this ever again


    Just like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken,this is basically one of Adult Swim's best shows. The Boondocks is about a kid named Huey Freeman and his brother Riley Freeman who go through their normal life with their abusive grandfather Robert Freeman and live life in the street. Okay,so basically,this is an animated black comedy. And this is also an anime. What I love about this show is that 98% of jokes are related to black people and racist jokes. While I have a problem with them in other shows,this show uses them hilrailously,and all of them are funny. The characters are all hilrailous,and tell many black jokes. Huey is the only normal character who is serious. Riley is different than Huey,and is a trouble maker who calls everything "gay" and loves to say n####. Robert is an abusive grandfather who resolves everything in whipping people with his belt. Uncle Ruckus is one of the characters who has a lazy eye,and makes too many racist remarks. Tom is one of the characters who tries to be nice,but is funny half of the time,and is afraid of jail because of rape. The animation is great,and this is another anime that has lip syncs that are not off. The humor is great,and the black jokes are great. The voice acting is hilrailous,but it can get a little annoying with so many cussing in this show. Overall,this was great,and was one of Adult Swim's finest shows. However,this is only played on Saturdays now. Why? You let Family guy get most of the air time,but not The Boondocks. Please watch this,Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  • Quite possibly one of the best shows ever.

    Racism, Profanity, Sexual Content. Please...who doesnt show that on TV anymore??
    People say this show shows a bad example of white people and is racism to the maximum. Comparing this to South Park or Family Guy, this show becomes a saint.
    Yes, the overuse of the word N*gga can be a disturbance at points, even to white people, but its how television works these days. The crisp, amazing shadow details and amazing animation, with good voice actors and an stories full of laughter and awesomeness, the Boondocks, in my opinion must be hailed as one the best show ever. PERIOD.
    Season by season, the show becomes more visually detailed and more funnier and has a better storyline. This feature is NEVER shown in any other show. So, cancelling a show like this would be devestating. The characters show a great resemblance to modern people. Huey Freeman acts as the Communist who defends the African American race. Riley, as the gangsta-wannabe who always gives a good laugh. and Robert freeman, the typical American.
    Insults and controversy arent in my opinion worth anything. Let me give a good example:
    I am white, and a Muslim and an Arab. On the Boondocks, South Park and Family Guy, we are insulted incredibely. But i have never felt so humorously insulted as the last episode from season 3 from the Boondocks.
    Thumbs up for Aaron MdGruder, thumbs up for [adult swim] and i hope there will be a fourth season, full of more laughter and better graphics than the previous ones.
    You wont let us down Aaron
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