The Boondocks

Adult Swim (ended 2014)


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  • A very high-quality cartoon with unique characters, smart humor, original plots, beautiful animation, and great voice-acting.

    I, being an avid comic strip reader, would occasionally read the Boondocks in the paper, and eventually, I found out that there was going to be a show of it, and on adult swim of all places (one of my favorite networks). Upon learning about the cast, and seeing the high-quality anime-like animation the show was going to use, I could tell this show was going to be good. The humor can be very subtle, but there were some jokes I did not find until my brother and friends commented on them and I then suddenly I would be like "Oh yeah, I guess it's not normal for a boy at age 3 to be questionning his grandfather's sexuality!" Huey is fantastic, I'm assuming he's based off Aaron McGrudger(comic strip creator and executive producer on the show), as he is always aware of the adult world around and is probably the smartest character in the show. I also love Riley as he seems to be this "child" compared to Huey as he is more obsessed with thug/gangster people and views everything as "tight" rather than being a realist like Huey. One of the best things about the show is along with being a comedy, it seems to have some dramatic/tragedic insights, which work terrifically as you can always come to feel for these characters in these situations. The voice-acting is very real on this show. Regina King does a wonderful job as a newcomer voice actress; she is able to find boyish tones in both Huey and Riley, and we are almost always able to distinguish them. I also really like John Witherspoon as Granddad, it would be what I would want out of him in the comic strip, and his comedic moments always come to life through his voice. I also love Cedric Yarbough, who can be both funny and serious as Tom DuBois. Veteran voice-actress Jill Talley is welcomed into the cast, who not only plays Sarah DuBois, but has a very flexible voice which allows her to play several minor characters, most of which sound very different. Gabby Soleil, only 10 years old of this writing, brings Jazmine as very cute, and seems to be able to work through acting with only her voice. Although it may be a cartoon, the Boondocks is possibly the best new show of Fall 2005 and I highly recommend it.