The Boondocks

Season 3 Episode 6

Smokin With Cigarettes

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jun 06, 2010 on Adult Swim

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  • 9.7 at least. This season just keeps rollin and shows it will never pull its punches. "You smoke with cigawettes?"

    First thing's first, I hate the wack rating tool this site uses, so no, this episode was not a perfect 10 and not the best of the season but it was a damn good installment in this unrelenting season!

    Lamilton Taeshawn is a very troubled 8 year old who happens to be friends with Riley. The ever impressionable Riley gets swept up in Lamilton's key philosophy: "It's fun to do bad things." As you can imagine, things get out of control quick when Lamilton steals his grandma's SUV and starts a high-speed chase that lands the duo on national news, tho Riley's identity is never discovered(with his obvious silhouette on display as they talk about Lamilton's unknown accomplice) Granddad gives Riley the worst whoopin' of his life and forbids him to hang out with Lamilton. Lamilton's grandma shows up shortly after and makes him give an apology to the Freemans that he openly admits he doesn't mean a word of, and his Grandma gives The Freemans a sob story about Lamilton's upbringing filled with every single cliche' in the book in an attempt to let Lamilton remain friends with Riley. When she claims Riley is the nicest boy Lamilton's ever made friends with, Huey sums it all up by saying "He's in worse trouble than we thought." Lamilton beats his grandma black and blue at the local Walli-Mart when she denies him fried-chicken from the deli ("You gotta understand - he really loves his fried-chicken") he lands on TV again and begins to think he can become a "superstar" by hurting people. He and Riley ride around spraying people with a combo of urine and hot-sauce and dropping everything from baby-dolls to a flaming mattress off the over-pass into oncoming traffic. They go back to Lamilton's to watch movies (which all seem to invlove gruesome serial killers)

    Then Lamilton comes back with a gun and flips the script when he shoots Ms. Vonhausen's dog. Riley suddenly realizes he's befriended a sociopath. A school-counselor obsessed with stopping Lamilton (so much so that it's like a hilarious parody of the relationship between Michael "Halloween" Myers and his psychologist - "I first met Lamilton Taeshawn 3 years ago. I spent the first year trying to help him. I spent the next two trying to have him locked away with no hop of release.") follows Riley and Lamilton and warns the Freeman family that Lamilton is a monster. The school-counselor calls the po-po on Lamilton and has him put in "the system." But as we all know, "the system" doesn't work. Thinking Riley was the one who snitched, Lamilton heads to the school looking for revenge. Huey and Granddad race to the rescue after Granddad has Huey bring him his shotgun, silver bullets, and wooden stakes. Riley and Lamilton have a knock-down-drag-out on the roof of the school (and Ruckus casually observes and leaves them to hopefully kill each other) Lamilton nearly falls off the roof but Riley catches him at the last moment. Unfortunately, Lamilton is too fat for Riley to pull up on his own. The Freemans and the school-counsleor arrive just in time to save them both and it looks like we get a redemption tale in the maki...

    Oh wait.

    The obsessed counselor claims that Lamilton needs to die and breaks Riley's grip on Lamilton. Lamilton falls to his untimely, uh, bruising and walks off. The crazy-ass counselor jumps off the roof and lands on Lamilton ("Help! Somebody call my grandma! You're supposed to stay 40 yards away from me!") The Freemans shrug this bizarreness off their shoulders and go on about their day, but not before Riley realizes there's more kids out there like Lamilton than he thought...

    Socio-political commentary at it's best. From the opening question of "You smoke with cigawettes?" the gateway is opened and pandora comes flying out of the box. And I use the word "gateway" deliberately because more than any other substance, cigarettes are the gateway to the stupid, thoughtless and dangerous decisions a lot of people make - and I speak outta personal experience. Even tho I never flew off the rails quite like the Lamilton Taeshawns of the world, a lot of my more morally questionable decisions of my childhood started after smoking cigarettes. Not marijuana as a lot of anti-drug campaigns would have you believe. I applaud McGruder for reading thru the BS and presenting the truth in veiled, but easy to see thru fashion as per his usual style. So in a way, yes, this episode definitely earned a 10. Next episode - "The Fundraiser" - looks like an instant classic. Season 3 has so far been a big improvement from the things that were missing in the more straight-foward comedy style of season 2. Let's hope the trend only grows from here!
  • Riley finds a friend, but turns out to be a Psycho!

    The episode starts off with an interview with 5 year old boy Lamilton Taeshawn being questioned him about hurting people. He responses, "It's fun to do bad things." 3 years later, Lamilton drives his grandmother's SUV and finds Riley. Riley gets inside the Car with Lamilton asking him does he smoke Cigawettes? Riley takes 1 and Lamilton drives through town, making havok until they are stopped by the Popo. Later, Grandad beats Riley and tell him not to hang out with Lamilton anymore. Lamilton apologies to the Freeman family and his grandmother tells a long boring story about why he's like this. Later, Riley and Lamilton does more bad stuff and hangs at his house to watch R-rated movies about a Clownstabbing a Woman with a Knife. Lamilton shows Riley his grandmother's gun and says they should do more bad stuff. Riley refuses but Lamilton pressure him to do it. Riley comes Home and apolgies to Huey and Grandad for hanging around with Lamilton then grounds and beat himself, leaving Huey and Grandad in Shock. Dr. Doomis comes to the Household to tell Huey and Grandad about Lamilton when he met him in the Interview and says he should be stopped. Riley and Lamilton goes to rob an Old Lady but a dog barks at him. Lamilton shoots the dog and Riley says why he did it. Lamilton said it tried to bite him, but it was chained up. Riley calls him Crazy and leaves, Showing Dr. Doomis spying on them. He tells the police that Lamilton shot the dog and Lamilton is arrested. He tells The Freeman family that he wouldn't escape from "The System", but he does. At school, Riley sees Lamilton outside the window and says, "Oh Sh!t!, but gets Detention. Dr. Doomis tells Huey and Riley that he escaped the System so Grandad tells Huey to gey a Shot gun, silver bullets and a wooden stick(thinking Lamilton is a Vampire and Werewolf). After Riley leaves Detention, he sees Lamiltion and he threatens Riley that he snitched to the Police( which he didn't). Riley tells Lamilton that they should do more bad stuff, but he tackles Lamilton and takes his gun. He runs to the School's Roof and throws the Gun far into a forest. Then a good Fist fight starts. Riley is losing when he's being choked, but Uncle Ruckus as a Janitor comes to find out what happens. He sees to black kids fighting and leaves. Riley is let go and get back fighting. Riley is winning and the fight ends when Lamilton falls off the roof but Riley grabs his hand. Riley can't pull him up since he's Fat. Huey, Grandad and Dr. Doomis comes on the Roof and sees Riley trying to pull up Lamilton. Dr. Doomis makes Riley let go and Lamilton falls to the ground,but is alive. Dr. Doomis jumps off the roof and lands on Lamilton saying "He must Die". The freemans leave the roof, but a kid ask Riley, "Got any Cigawettes?" Riley turns his head with a blank expression on his face.