The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 4

Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 29, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Huey has a dream of Stinkmeaner and Granddad says that he was a menace and he sent him to hell like he deserves. Stinkmeaner's spirit later inhabits Tom Dubois' body and goes looking for revenge against Granddad. Huey must stop him from killing Granddad.

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  • A very funny episode. Definitely the best episode of Season 2 so far. "Not even death could stop a **** moment."

    This episode had me laughing throughout the 30 minutes. The episode started off with the Devil himself sending Stinkmeaner back to earth not as himself but as Tom Dubois. The possessed Tom was really hilarious especially when he confronted the Freemans family. The fight scene was funny and crazy. After Grandad's date early departure, Grandad called Uncle Ruckus for excorism. Even though, Uncle Ruckus used the white-man tools to stop the black man like whip,branding iron, nightstick, and a job application. Sometimes Uncle Ruckus get on my nerves but I can't help myself to laugh. Ghostface Killah's appeareance was great. With Ghostface help, Huey figure out in order to stop a **** moment, it's to be resolved with peace. Overall, the episode was fanastic. The possessed Tom scenes, the fight scene, and the Excorist scene made the episode a true one.moreless
  • funniest eisode since the garden party

    No I'm Dead serious, this episode was downright HILARIOUS. I almost had a cornea when Uncle Ruckus performed and Exorcist on Stinkmeaner. My god I swear I was LITERALLY, rolling on the floor lauging my ass off. "There powerful ***** going on here" I LOVED that ine. If this episode does not deserve to get a grammy nothing else does.

    Also the fight sceen was kick ASS, sure the Freemans got their asses kicked but hey they put up a good fight. The Boondocks could be a action show if it wanted to with some comedy on the side. But even still you MUST watch this episode. if you didn't like season 3 at first this episode will get rid of ALL your fears. PerfectAgent outmoreless
  • Stinkmeaner is back and ready to kill the freemans

    stinkmeaners returns and he wants revenge training in hell he was evil enough to return and have revenge with grandad because there still in the n**** moment so he posseses tom body and goes to the freeman house to kill grandad but huey and riley stop and the four start fighting it was the best fight scene so far and the freeman won so they get rid of stinkmeaners soul from toms body with ruckus help they get rid of stinkmeaner by ending the n**** moment which is peace. This episode was funny and great best of season 2 I like the excorcist it was really funnymoreless
  • WHAT'S GOOD *****? What's REALLY good?!?!????!!! Ha HA! Funniest thing I've watched in a long time!

    This was the funniest Boondocks ever, no denying it. It's right up there next to "Granddad's Fight". Stinkmeaner is just too effin funny. I laughed at the guy getting kicked in the chest, Tom yellin "What's gud?" at the court, all that mess Stinkmeaner was saying when grandad was on his date or whatever. And grandad tripping down this stairs with his underwear on his ankles was ridiculous! All that stuff he was doing involving the internet dating or whatever, and them trying to exorcise Tom by trying to get Stinkmeaner to read. I love this episode and I love this show. LOLOL! 10/10moreless
  • N**** please!

    The fact that episodes of animated series have to be written so far in adavnce has always seemed to hold the series back a little.

    At its best the inability to deal with current affairs ...while they are still current has turned the show into more of a social satire than the more political its worst its just tries to get as much milage out of the N***** WORD as humanly possiable...this worked out brilliantly in the season one episode "Granddads fight"...but that episode actually did have some intelligent social satire and jokes that just didn't rely on N**** word...I can't say that about this crap, which just seems to be running the joke into the ground and turning the absurdness to 11.

    The plot stinkmender comes back from hell...posseses Tom (the moment were Possessed Tom freaks out in a court room was the only funny thing about the episode)...tries to kill the Freemans, just before lazy star wars and exorcist parodies kick in...did I mention a large portion of time spent at the Freeman house involves the boys being forced to take shoots of Granddad in his underpants for his myspace page...

    "Theres powerful n***gegry at work" as Rukus would say...

    This was the halloween episode, if anything it scares me that the show wil die from the same kind of lazy writering that killed the strip when they introduced Caesarmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Stinkmeaner: Who in the hell are you?!
      Uncle Ruckus: Nigga, my name is Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus. No relation.

    • Uncle Ruckus: Avoid conversation with the nigga. The nigga will lie. The nigga will make excuses. He will use words he don't really know. If he gets really desperate, he may start to rap, or dance.

    • (Stinkmeaner is flying out of hell)
      Stinkmeaner: Ah! Hell ain't shit! I'm coming to get you Freemaaaaaaan!

    • Stinkmeaner: (in Tom's body) What's my name, nigga, what's my name?! (hits Granddad)
      Granddad: Aaaah!!!
      Stinkmeaner: (in Tom's body) Aaaah ain't my name. My momma didn't name me aaaah!

    • Answering Machine: You have reahed the National Headquarters for the Catholic Church. No one is available to take your call. If you would like to report sexual abuse.....
      (Granddad hangs up)

    • Uncle Ruckus: Removing the evil nigger's spirit from a Negro is as hard as removing the stink from a hunk of shit. We must use these tools the great God has give us to fight niggers. A whip, a noose, a night stick, a branding iron. These things strike fear into a nigger's heart, a job application.

    • Stinkmeaner: (while being beaten in Tom's body) Oh you niggas ain't shit! Your mothers ain't shit!

    • Possessed Tom: You got a date, Robert? Did you tell her you have two sets of genitals? A vagina and a poochie?
      Granddad's date: What's going on?
      Granddad: Oh, that? That's just the television. Boys, turn the television down!
      Granddad's date: My friends warned me there were weirdos on Myspace!

    • Possessed Tom: Fuck your court, nigga!
      Judge: Mr. Dubois!
      Possessed Tom: Fuck your court, nigga! Fuck your court!

    • Possessed Tom: Oh, yeah! I think I wanna have sexual relations!
      Sarah Dubois: Tom, what's gotten into you?!
      Possessed Tom: The same thing that's about to get into you!

    • Stinkmeaner: You all are testicles, and no shaft. What happened to your shaft, Robert?
      Uncle Ruckus: Oh, yeah. There's powerful niggatry at work here.

    • Uncle Ruckus: Read, nigga, read!
      (Colonel Stinkmeaner screams in agony and the bed floats)

  • NOTES (0)


    • Isabelle Antena

      The record that Granddad puts on before his date is an Isabelle Antena record. Isabelle Antena sang the song playing in the background during the end of The Passion of Ruckus.

    • The Shining

      The scene where possessed Tom breaks down the bathroom door with an axe and peaks his head through the crack is a parody of a scene from The Shining.

    • The Exorcist

      The end of the episode is a parody of the horror film The Exorcist.

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