The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 3

Thank You for Not Snitching

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 22, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Two men are invading homes, and Riley and Granddad are refusing to speak to the police. It gets worse when Granddad's car, Dorothy, gets stolen by the robbers. If Riley and Granddad still refuse, worse things may be in store.

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  • great episode

    After crossing my fingers and hoping that the second season would be just as tantilizing as the first, I was not let down what so ever with this episode. Ed and Rummy (voiced by Charlie Murphy and Samuel L. Jackson) were great and doing what they do best, making trouble. It also seems that whatever position there is available, Ruckus is gonna be there to fill it. Everything was perfect, the old woman in the crime watch group, Riley (who wouldn't snitch, even when his bike was stolen), Grandad (who took matters into his own hands when he shot Ed and Rummy after his car, Dorothy, was stolen), and Huey. I know that the rest of the season will be as good as this episodemoreless
  • To Snitch or Not to Snitch... Riley is faced with dropping dime regarding a crime he witnessed or keeping it real and not talking to the 'Po Po'.

    Absolutely hilarious! No better way to describe 'Thank You for Not Snitching'. Tackling the whole 'Stop Snitching' campaign, this episode examines what happens when Riley the Street Solider witnesses a crime and faces the dilemma of dropping dime. As an African-American male who loves Hip Hop culture, Riley represents the lower end of the hip hop scale, the keepin' it real, bust your gat and gettin' hoes, but he's my favorite character because even though he's misguided, he's hilariously sincere about the way he feels and stands up for it. When snitching hits close to home Riley has to choose between the code of the streets and the code of the house, does he keep it real? LOL! Tune in and see. And as usual bringing the comedy as well is Uncle Ruckus who provides his "different" perspective of things. One scene provides a funny cinema quote in the form of a guest appearance by actor Bill Duke. But all the laughs are made possible by our friends Ed Wuncler the Third and Gin Rummy who as usual create havoc and come out unscathed while bantering in their Pulp Fiction dialogue.

    Thank You for Not Snitching is well written and funny, hands down! The Boondocks is the best place for laughs now that our favorite comedian can no longer been seen providing fresh material on a weekly basis. Hopefully Aaron McGruder can continue providing the laughs for years to come!moreless
  • What The **** Yall Looking At?

    "Thank You For Not Snitching" is the best episode this far in the season. There's Ed Wuncler III, Gin Rummy, Old Lady with a shotgun, and snitching.

    Even Bill Duke from Menace II Society was in this episode. He was the guy that said: "You know you done f***ed up, Right?" and what he said to Riley was pure classic! "Someone get me outta here...before I shoot this f****ng kid."

    Ed pulls this episode with a show-stopping tagline near the end of the episode and by now, every boondocks fan should know what it is.

    "Thank You For Not Snitching!!!!!!"

    I can't wait for the next episode!moreless
  • Robberies occur in the neighborhood and Riley sticks by the saying "Stop Snitchin."

    So it's season 2 and the Boondocks are finally back on track. The first season's episode (or die tryin) was good and funny and the second episode (tom, sarah, and usher) was ok but this episode goes back to the contriversal level, which I enjoy. Probably not the best episode but it does teach us a lesson. On a comedy level I loved how they made fun of rappers that though while they support the stop snitchin policy they often rat themselves out in their songs, case in point gangstalicious getting arrested at TRL after a live performance, confessing in his lyrics to beating his lawyer with a tennis racket and whiskey bottle. Also it shows us that if we have to snitch it's best to do it when it involves us or our family as with Riley when not even confessing to what happened to Grandad's car gets his bike stolen by the same people. Overall, this was a very good episode.moreless
  • Aaron,you did it again,you the man,man,now that's funny and this is my favorite esipode ever even then the or die tryin esipode but it was good,good,good and genius and thank you for the anime,my brother near the end,i'm a huge fan of anime,forevermoreless

    After ed and rummi steals granddad's car,dorothy,riley refuses to snitch but the hilarious part get hilarious when bill duke guest stars and he was hilarious and the white lady who loves talking to the police was funny and the crazy ass white with the gun shootin at gin and ed was funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,funny,keep this up and make sure you don't stop doing what you're doing you are way better then south park but you even with the simpsons,the boondocks is my favorite show and also the simpsons,i grew up liking the simpsons until you came to the comic strip and brightened my eyes and you taught a great lesson today

    never snitch because snitch end up getting killed or murdered is best if you just mind your damn business and worry about your life because life is too short,thank you for the lesson,aaron and don't let me down for the code cracker on stinkmeaners strikes back,and make sure mr. wuncler in in this esipode or ed and make jasmine cry on this esipode and please make sure that every last character in your series bust some more jokes and make this series funny funny funny and the halloween esipode funny to death.moreless
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