The Boondocks

Season 3 Episode 13

The Fried Chicken Flu

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Aug 01, 2010 on Adult Swim

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  • Huey's master plan

    An episode that McGruder intended to be the season finale before the network changed the order that also happens to be a Huey-centric episode? Buckle up for a wild ride!

    Granddad and Riley wait for the unveiling of the new original recipe of Kernel's Fried Chicken that now has 2 new herbs and spices - and an incredibly racist commercial promotion, not unlike the real KFC - while Jazmine helps Huey in the garage as he prepares for the end of the world.
    Granddad sees Huey's stockpiling as a waste of money, but Jazmine believes in Huey's outlook and praises his ingenuity. Granddad and Riley drive down to Kernel's Fried Chicken and find themselves trapped in a massive traffic jam that leads all the way to Kernel's drive-thru window. Several hours later, Granddad and Riley make it to the drive-thru where he and hundreds of fried chicken enthusiasts discover the Kernel's outta the new recipe. ("Kentucky Grilled Chicken" anyone?) A riot breaks out. The drive-thru box gets taken out with a well placed roundhouse kick from a pissed off civilian, while another pissed off civilian gets in his car and drives it thru the restaurant! Granddad and Riley leave before things get any crazier.

    Huey, Riley and Granddad sit and watch as the news reports on the chicken riots happening all over the nation. Then the report switches over to an outbreak of a "mystery virus" that no one knows the source of. Huey immediately makes the connection that the Kernel's "new recipe" must have been contaminated and puts the house on emergency lockdown, allowing only Jazmine to join their refuge. Huey gives them all copies of his master plan for survival - aptly titled "I Told You So." Granddad and Riley refuse to read anything and demand Huey tell them the most important part. Huey stresses the importance of keeping a low profile and not letting anyone know about their stock of supplies (which mostly consists of Cheerios and green beans.) Obama comes on the TV to address the nation during this time of crisis - by ensuring everyone that he and his family are safe in some underground bunker "with enough food, water, and entertainment to last several lifetimes." He then tells everybody that the key to survival is to share, wishing the rest of the world the best of luck...

    The next morning Huey wakes to find a strange woman eating breakfast with Granddad. Huey tries to explain that the plan only allows enough food for four people, but Granddad fights back by pointing out that Jazmine is only there because of Huey so he should get to have a "friend" too. The doorbell rings and, much to Huey's chagrin, Granddad opens the door without bothering to check who it is. Thugnificent says that Riley invited Thugnificent to stay with them as his guest. (THUGNIFICENT: "I'm a rapper, I don't know sh*t about survival!") Thugnificent claims he's not a freeloader tho, and proves it by having Leonard come out with big ass bags of Wendy's. Leonard reassures them he didn't bring any chicken. Shortly thereafter, Tom and Sarah knock on the door. Huey monitors all this thru spycams and talks to them thru the most comedic voice modulator ever made. Not wanting Jazmine to cry endlessly they invite them in after using thermal imagery to determine they didn't have the virus - and after telling them they weren't allowed to have any food. While everyone munches out on burgers and cheerios in front of Tom and Sarah, Huey laments how quickly they're all gonna run out of supplies. That's when Ruckus appears outta nowhere claiming to have been there all along. Everyone in the house throws him out the door. Granddad gives him a gas mask.

    Obama makes yet another address to the nation and reassures everyone that he's doing everything he can to help - which literally consists of Obama talking to the viewers in a calm, reassuring voice. The power goes out, but Huey's generator in the garage saves the day - for like 5 minutes. Then everybody overloads it by turning on every electronic device in the house at the same time. They wait without power for a week and a half for the crisis to end.
    Ruckus comes back with Ms. Vonhausen and a bunch of people from the neighborhood as the "Fried Chicken Flu Militia" demanding access to the Freeman's stockpile of supplies. Huey activates his plans for security, which no one read except for Jazmine. The Freemans and their respective guests make homemade teargas that they gleefully drop from the roof onto the Militia. Granddad catches Thugnificent in bed with his female friend and kicks them out. Tom begins showing all the symptoms of Fried Chicken Flu and Huey has him quarantined in the guest room. Huey questions Tom about what he ate and finds out Leonard fed Tom buffalo wings (LEONARD: "Nah, not chicken. Buffalo. I even tried one myself and thought this tastes like chicken, but it said buffalo wings so I decided not to say nothin cuz I didn't wanna look stupid.") Granddad kicks Leonard out too. Huey tells the remaining inhabitants that they have to evacuate if they wanna survive. Tom shows another rare burst of bravery this season by requesting they take the remaining food and leave him there. Granddad shows a rare act of selflessness by putting a delirious Tom into the trunk of Dorothy. The Freemans and The Dubois' escape, but the Militia - looking like villains from "Road Warrior" - hop on a bus in hot pursuit. Thugnificent and Leonard save The Freemans by taking out the bus with their UPS truck. Unbeknown to The Freemans, The Fried Chicken Flu was just salmonella and none of the people projected to die died. In fact, with most of the country without power, hardly anybody knows it. The Freemans crash into Kernel's Fried Chicken. Granddad and Riley place an order before they all feint in the car.

    Yet another episode with the charm of season 1 fueling the adventure. The character moments in this one were pitch perfect for every character. Ruckus once again plays the role of adversary to the Freemans for the first time this season. Huey gets more dialogue than he had in "The Red Ball." Everything from fast food, to H1N1, to 2012, to Obama's now laughable Hope campaign is satirized to great effect here. As funny as the episode is after repeat viewings, the first viewing is actually pretty intense when you don't know what's going on. Character's lives seem to hang in the balance and the whole episode oozes a sense of chaos and urgency. The whole episode is perfect until the ending. The conclusion is kinda forced into the script a little too abruptly. To go from "Road Warrior" road chase to finding out the flu was a false alarm with no cushion of story in between is a little surprising for someone like McGruder. 9.9/10. A nearly flawless episode that's hindered by it's own epic storyline - but the episode was so good I almost didn't care! Yet another piece of brilliance in the catalogue of season 3.