The Boondocks

Season 3 Episode 7

The Fundraiser

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jun 13, 2010 on Adult Swim

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  • The cost of doing business...

    unlike most of my reviews so far, when I give this episode a 10, it's a solid 10! Easily the funniest episode of the season thus far! Riley decides he wants to make that gangsta money so he twists the simple idea of the fundraiser (like selling crack on consignment, but you don't get paid) where you earn crappy prizes by selling thousands of dollars of over-priced chocolate to everyone in the neighborhood, and decides to start his own "fund-raiser" selling chocolate bars to the community and keeping all the money. With Jasmine and Cindy Murphy's help, he gets all the kids in the neighborhood to sell his "Young Reezy's Fun-Raiser" chocolate instead of the school's sponsored fundraisers, World's Ultimate Chocolates. He even buys off the principal so he and his associates never get in trouble.

    Even tho Riley and the kids are making money hand over fist (Riley even goes so far as to buy Granddad a car that turns into a boat, and then back into a car), Huey keeps telling Riley that it's gonna end "Really Bad." Riley refuses to let Huey spoil anything that's gonna happen tho - but Huey still gives Riley a bullet-proof vest.

    Sure enough things get out of hand quick when World's Ultimate Chocolates - a bunch of british gangsters with dialogue taken straight outta Guy Richie films ("As far as you're concerned, I'm Willy-f***kin-Wonka, and you're taking a sh*t in my f**kin chocolate factory) - puts the screws to Riley's Fund-Raiser, even going so far as to dip a kid in molten chocolate and deliver him to Riley's house looking like Han Solo in carbonite!

    Riley decides to call it quits when they blow up the car that turns into a boat and then back into a car. He meets the gangsters at the "Scarface Suite" where the leader of the gangsters agrees to give Riley an "allowance" of 10%. Riley goes Hollywood Gangsta on the brits with the greatest "f**k you" rant of all time. Right before the brits can kill Riley and his crew, the italian-mafia busts in shoots the leader of the gagsters and takes over their business. Riley decides this is "bad". Then the FBI bust in with swat teams and take out nearly everybody but the kids. Riley decides this is "Really Bad" and makes a run for it. Huey later discovers the bullet-proof-vest saved Riley's life, and Riley discovers Jasmine gave all the money they made to PETA because Riley told her at the beginning that the Fund-Raiser was to keep gangs and guns away from animals.

    A stand-out instant classic with so many quotable lines it would be impossible to get them all into this review. Top-notch work, Mr. McGruder!
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