The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 14

The Hunger Strike

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 16, 2008 on Adult Swim

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  • Annoyed with BET to his breaking point, Huey decides to rally against it with a hunger strike.

    What a great episode. But apparently it was banned from American Television. I just recently got the Boondocks Season 2 DVD and wondered why it was already out with still two episodes that had not yet been aired. Then I saw it on the cover: "With two never before seen episodes!" Well, that explains it. Watching the DVD, I found interviews with McGruder explaining that this episode and "The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show" had been banned from American Television. Since both episodes deal with BET, it be can assumed, to aviod lawsuits, the episodes never aired in America. The episode however is wonderful and hits back to the roots of what made the Boondocks funny and controversial at the same time. Huey goes against BET because he believes the station hurts the image of the American American and expolits it, instead of advancing the African culture. He decides to go on a hunger strike until BET changes its ways or goes off the air entirely. He is given high profile support by what can be considered a direct parody of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, in the form of Rollo Goodlove. Rollo seems sincere but in the end betrays Huey for a show and Huey is left almost straving to death. But the message of episode is clear: Fight for what you believe is true, because even if you lose, you know you did what was right. This is lesson Huey learns and so do we. Oh yeah, and it's funny to boot.