The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 10

The Itis

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 22, 2006 on Adult Swim



  • Quotes

    • Sarah Dubois: Hey, everyone...
      (Sarah kisses Granddad on cheek)
      Sarah Dubois: (speaking in a singing-like manner) I brought peach cobbler!
      (Riley looks apprehensively in the Tupperware container)
      Riley: (disgusted by the appearance of the cobbler) Eeeew... Ms. Dubois, your peach cobbler look like throw-up.
      Granddad: (in a corrective manner) Boy!
      Riley: (insistent) It do, look! It look like throw-up with peas in it! Ms. Dubois, you been eatin' peas?
      (Granddad, visibly upset now, grabs Riley's arm and forces Riley to look at him)
      Granddad: (in a more angrily corrective manner) Boy, come here, what's wrong with you?!
      Riley: (defiant) What's wrong with me? What's wrong with her?! She the one who brought vomit over here in a Tupperware container!
      Granddad: That's not vomit! It just looks like vomit. Now apologize to Ms. Dubois.
      Sarah Dubois: (attempting to placate the situation) Um, it... it's okay, really.
      Riley: (semi-complying) Fine. Ms. Dubois, I'm sorry your peach cobbler look like vomit with peas.
      Granddad: Damn it, boy!