The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 15

The Passion of Ruckus

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 19, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Ruckus spreads the word of White Jesus after he is diagnosed with cancer. Meanwhile, Huey tries to save a friend from death row.

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  • Uncle Ruckus starts his own religion. Huey plots a prison break.

    I havent seen all of the Boondockks episodes because, though I lilked it when it aired on Adult Swim, I never realized how good it was until I started watching all the episodes that Adult Swim played on their website.

    This episode is really funny, like pretty much every other episode, but its appeal to me isnt in the comedy.

    The Boondocks is comedy with a message, and not just a fluffy message like in most comedies, it has a bold message. McGruder is not afraid to say what he thinks, and this episode is no exception; he is not afraid to take his shots at what he beleives to be the often misguided application of modern religion.

    In every episode, I feel like McGruder focuses on one of the young characters. Without a doubt the focus in the episode is on Huey, the revolutionary. The reason that this episode is so powerful is, in my opinion, the Shabazz subplot. Huey is such an honest and loving character, and it is this that makes the climax so incredibly emotional.

    I love The Boondocks because its one of the few things on tv that can make me cry either because I'm laughing so hard, or because it connected with me at such a deep level. This episode is a wonderful balance of both of these qualities.moreless
  • Freakin hillarious episode

    This is the reason why I watch boondocks. In every episode, I always find something funny, but if you really pay attention to it, there is always truth in what is said. If you look in the majority of peoples home and the picture they have of jesus, the picture is white, when it is a known fact that Jesus could not have been white. When people pray, they think of Jesus as being white. If you listen to the words of Uncle Ruckus about the tiny negro brain, that is the way many people think about black people. I wish that more and more people would watch this show, not only for the jokes, but truly understand that there is always truth in what is said.moreless
  • This episode is great and hilarious!

    This episode begins with Uncle Ruckus dreaming about meeting Ronald Reagan at the gates of heaven, and learning that there are "separate, but relatively equal heavens." You just have to laugh and shake your head at this point. And it gets even funnier. Ruckus preaches the idea that black people must "hate themselves to save themselves." So, naturally (I am saying this with sarcasm, by the way), the Caucasians in the audience rejoice that they will automatically reach heaven, while the black people try to reason that this still must be good news for them, as well. Riley also adds to the humor, when he talks about "smacking God upside the head" if he should die, because he expects to live forever. The character development in this episode is equally as strong as the humor. You only need to watch this episode in order to understand the child main characters -- Jazmine, Huey, and Riley.moreless
  • The episode starts with Uncle Ruckus at the gates of "White" Heaven.

    Ronald Reagan Gives him a tour of White Heaven, and says that if Ruckus teaches everyone to love the white man, he too can go to white heaven. Then at the Freeman house, Huey is holding a meeting to free a condemned man named Shabazz K. Milton Borough, who was falsely accused of murdering a police officer (despite overwhelming evidence that another man did it). Meanwhile Ruckus tells the people of Woodcrest that "God is white, and he loves the white man above all others" Tom DuBois and Granddad try to talk some sense into Ruckus, but he is discovered by Armstrong Elders, a black conservative, who helps him market his "ministry". Meanwhile, Huey discovers that the court has turned down Shabazz's appeal and the execution date will be in two months. The show skips ahead by two months, on the night of Shabazz's execution and, coincidentally, a revival that Ruckus is holding. Granddad, who told Huey that he would take him to the prison, tells Huey he can't because he wants to save Ruckus. As Granddad and Tom DuBois head to the revival, Huey, who is an Atheist, in desperation, prays for Shabazz. At the moment that the execution was going to happen, a lightning bolt struck Ruckus and blacked out Woodcrest. Then the governor calls the execution office and pardons Shabazz(due to Huey's plan to send anonymous letter threatening to expose his gay lover, Raoul).moreless
  • Oh Dang that was funny

    This one was one of the best episodes so far. That jesus loves the white man part was hilarious and it was funny to wtach ruckus idiotically go on oabout bein black is a sin and to relinquish your eternal blackness, to us it doesnt make alot of sense but to the white supremcy city that wood crest is it apperently does make sense. we also cant forget the scene where the guy huey was trying to set free got arrested, there was evidence everywhere that a white man did it yet they still arrested the black guy just for the hell of it.moreless

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