The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 8

The Real

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 08, 2006 on Adult Swim



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    • Riley: I bet Xzibit's gonna put… thirty-inch rims on the car.
      Granddad: Thirty inches?! Is that big?

    • Xzibit: (one of his crew members got a black eye by Granddad when they were "invading" his property) Dude, you got fucked up by that old ass man.

    • Riley: All I'm saying is when Xzibit brings that car back you goin' be bitches.
      Granddad: What did you call me?!
      Riley: No, no I mean bitches like you gonna have so many bitches that's what niggas gonna call you. No disrespect.
      Huey: No disrespect? You just called your granddad "bitches".
      Riley: Yeah, but I don't mean bitches in a disrespectful way. I mean it as a general word for women.
      Huey: And your gonna let him get away with this?
      Granddad: It's ok. Just this once.
      Riley: Granddad, I'm just sayin' you might have to change your middle name from Jebediah to bitches. Is all I'm tryin' say. No disrespect.
      Granddad: Hmm, Granddad Bitches Freeman. Hoo, has a nice ring to it.

    • Granddad: So you're saying that the car stops, but the rims keep spinning? That's amazing!

    • White Shadow: And I wasn't actually in the bathroom taking a dump. That brother of yours is a hoot. And your Granddad? (laughs) Those two need their own sitcom.

    • Jazmine You can believe in secret agents, but I can't believe in the tooth fairy? That's messed up Huey.
      Huey Go--eat something out of a dumpster you street urchin.

    • Jazmine (wiggling her tooth): The tooth fairy will be coming soon.
      Huey: The tooth fairy?
      Jazmine: Yup. Everytime I lose a tooth, the toothfairy takes it away & leaves a dollar under my pillow.
      Huey: There ain't no such thing as a tooth fairy.
      Jazmine: Then who leaves the money?
      Huey: Probably your parents. They have both the cash and the access to your room.
      Jazmine: Why would they lie to me?
      Huey: Because the truth hurts Jazmine. The world is a hard and lonely place and nobody gets anything for free. And you want to know what else? One day, you and everyone you know is going to die.

    • Ty Pennington: Goooood morning, Freeman family!!!
      Granddad: What da hell?

    • Riley: Granddad, Huey's imaginary secret agent friend touched me in a private place… hahahaha!

    • Huey: (sees his remodelled room, which now resembles a public basketball court tagged with graffiti) This some bullshit!

    • Huey: I've come up with a name for you: The White Shadow.
      Secret Agent: Hmm, I'm white, and I'm shadowing you. Very clever.

    • Huey: (to Riley and Granddad) You two need your own sitcom.

    • Riley: (in confession room) This nigga gots imaginary friends.

    • Riley: Shh! Did you hear that?
      Granddad: I didn't hear nothin'
      Riley: It's Huey's secret agent friend taking a dump in our bathroom. (snickers)

    • Huey: Obi-Wan Kenobi once said 'your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them.' It seems to be getting harder. Distinguishing reality from the illusions people make for us, or the ones we make for ourselves. I don't know, maybe that's part of the plan, to make me think I'm's working.

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    • Episode title: "The Real"

      A spoof of one of MTV's first and longest-running reality shows, The Real World. They even use confession rooms in this episode like they do on the show.