The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 12

The Story of Catcher Freeman

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 28, 2008 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Huey and Riley listen to two very different perspectives on the story of their ancestor Catcher Freeeman.

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  • My favorite episode!

    This episode made me laugh so many times. It was just funny seeing all the different perspectives. My favorite perspective was Uncle Ruckus, which was just so funny because of how inaccurate it was. The action was pretty tight, too, and had some good music to go along with it. And while it was funny, if you look closely this episode is about the perspectives Granddad and Uncle Ruckus, who represent the stereotypes of black people: showing them in different lights. Then you see Huey's perspective is the one where the stereotypes disappear and reveals the characters are just people with human needs. This one was one of the best in the series if not the best.moreless
  • great episode

    This was so well written! I loved the way it was so obvious that grand dad was severely embellishing his story. He made ninja and batman references. Catcher Freeman was 14 feet tall. How can a 14 foot tall man be clandestine about anything!? It was also funny that Unkle Ruckus knew who Catch a Freeman was. I loved the fact that the true story contained vivid elements from the two fabricated accounts. History is littered with "heroes" who just sort of backed into their fame. It's far more often than not the legend that makes legends, not the facts.moreless
  • It wasn't Catcher freeman, it was CATCHA freeman!

    This episode is no doubt one of the best of season 2. It is really funny and is great! My friend Brandon didn't like it, oh well, he's an ARF. This episode was great, Riley and Grandad bickering was great. Huey finally settling the score is hilarious. And Uncle rukus saying what Catcher freeman really was, was hilarious. Aaron McGruder owned this episode. He did such a great job with writing. My favorite part of the episode is when Uncle Rukus shows Catcher Freeman jumping from tree to tree and Riley says "Woah you see the n!gg@ flip from treet to tree like some ol' Tarzan $h!t! Wait Wait bring that back. that's great. The music was great to, it was epic and it felt like a movie. i can't wait to get this episode on dvd and watch it in WIDESCREEN! Great job Boondocks animation, music, and editing team.moreless
  • Granddad and Uncle Ruckus argue over the true origin of Catcher Freeman

    This is the Boondocks episode I've been waiting for since the series started, where Aaron MacGruder finds that's perfect balance of comedy and biting satire that he hit dead-on in his comic. At first, the episode seems to follow the cliched sitcom "POV" formula. But if you watch closely, they're not arguing about Catcher Freeman as much as the progression of black people since slavery. Granddad, with a rosy view of black heritage, sees Catcher Freeman as the embodiment of everything great and "cool" - a fourteen-foot, suave, skilled, brilliant, ninja-revolutionary. Uncle Ruckus, suffering from racial self-hatred, sees Catcher Freeman as the embodiment of every negative black stereotype - a dumb, illiterate, violent, uncivilized lapdog. All the other characters play milder versions of the gamut of black character stereotypes from the present day: the educated "bougie"; the ambitious house n****r; the wannabe thug; the ignorant overseer. Finally, in Huey's retelling the stereotypes fall away and the characters are driven by common, human motivations (desire for freedom, desire for recognition, desire for money, the desire to belong).

    Something most people probably didn't catch is that in both Uncle Ruckus' and Granddad's story, the leading woman is the passive object of Catcher's desire; she's hypersexualized and dependant - a sly nod to the fact that the role of black women in history has long been underrepresented.

    If MacGruder can keep writing sly smart storylines like this, this show will be around awhile. :)moreless
  • Huey and Riley listen to different perspectives on the story of their ancestor Catcher Freeeman.

    OK. To be completley honest, this has to be the worst epidode!! It barley had a story, it hardly had any comedy. It was just corny! The writers were probably throwing out dumb ideas out of nowhere. Seriously, they could've cam out with something way, way better than just a corny episode like this corn corn crap. But still, "The Boondocks" is still at the top of my list. It remains #1 and if they keep up with what they do and continuing on with the good, creative, and the hilarity of the content, It's a fact It'll be on top. Now and forever. "The Boondocks" 100% percent terrific quality.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Ruckus makes no sense while telling his story, he refers to Themla as a "mulatto hussy". Mulatto being another term for "biracial". And yet when he talks to/about Jazmine he seems to praise her for being biracial.

    • If the story that Huey found on the internet is true, then the Freemans are partially descended from a slave master.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Catcher Freeman: Uh... die, cracker... die? Yeah. Take that mas'a! Yeah! You want to beat up on the slaves, huh? Well, take that to yo ass, muthafucka!

    • Riley: Aww, man! He sold the crew out for a script? That's a bitch ass nigga!

    • Catcher Freeman: No! You lyin' black bitch, that wasn't a week!

    • Guy #1: So let me get this straight: Catcher Freeman is gonna come through here with his berg aid, cut that cracka's (slave master) head clean off and then we'll be free?
      (all the slaves start to agree with the plan)
      Guy #2: wait a minute now. I, I know we've had our problems with the master, but uh, this is murder.
      (the slaves start to slap him across the head repeatedly)
      Guy #3: Man. Aw man, shut your punk ass up.

    • Slave Master: You ask me to take in a slave and this is how you repay me? All you do all day is sleep and jump and eat. All right stop it! Stop it! Stop having so much fun!
      Guy #1: Hey Master, why don't you do me a favor and master these nuts in your mouth, nigga.
      (everyone laughs)
      Master: Come on now. That's enough. I've had it. Ya'll get a timeout. Everybody is in timeout. Right now.
      Guy #3: You ever notice how white people sound? (Imitates white people) I've had it, you're all getting a timeout.
      (everyone laughs again)
      Guy #1: Hey master. Dienda sent a message.
      Master: I don't know anyone named Dienda. Dienda who?
      Guy #1: Dienda my dick, nigga!
      (everyone laughs a third time)
      Master: Now I have put up with this long enough and I'm not going to put up with it anymore! Get to work NOW!
      (everyone looks at him)
      Master: Now, um. I'm sorry I had to speak at you so sternly, but you brought it on yourself.
      (everyone looks at the master then breaks out laughing)
      Master: Stop that. Slave Masters have feeling too.
      (everyone continues laughing)
      Master: I just don't understand. I try so hard with ya'll. (rides off on his horse crying)

    • Guy #2: Tellin' you man, Catcher Freeman is real. He go round from Plantation to Plantation freeing all the slaves and shit. He's like 14 feet tall, got trapezius muscles and biceps. It's crazy, he ain't just no normal nigga. He's super-nigga. He's like a blackass Batman if you will. And he can fly… underwater!
      Riley: (out of story, laughing) Wait, how they know who Batman is?
      Granddad: (out of story) Stop interrupting!
      Guy #3: Ha! That's ridiculous. I don't even know who Batman is!

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