The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 6

The Story of Gangstalicious

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 11, 2005 on Adult Swim
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Riley visits his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious, in hospital after the rapper is shot and realises not all gangsters are as "hard" as they like to make out in their songs.

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  • riley saving his favorite rapper...

    you gets to know the character gangstalicious and discover that he's really a punk...i see similarities between gangstalicious and fifty cent :fake gangstaz with lots of cash,gangstalicous also gets shot;then "eat dirt" (gangstalicous ' s ennemie) reminds us of 50's rival JA RULE;and also, the scene when gangstali's crew fights the music awards reminds us about what happened with young buck protecting docta dre...even if @ the begginin' of the episode is written dat gangstalicous was referede to no rapper!(thinkin' of it,gangstali's look is quite similar to fabolous' s look!

  • Life imitates the artless when bullets fly in a feud between rap stars.

    The Freeman kids are watching a t.v. special on rapper Gangstalicious and his hope for a change from his aggressive ways, when an update on the music news informs them the star has been shot yet again.

    This incident happened during a stage show and was mistaken for part of his new song by the baffled crowd. It so resembled the lyrics to the man's new single that it was almost an hour before anyone knew to call for help.

    The shooting comes on the heels of the artist's longstanding battle with E-Dirt, who claims to come from a grittier background and therefore wants more credibility with the public.

    It remains to be seen whether this chicanery will lead to a truce or to further tomfoolery between the rappers and their fans.

    The writing is just hysterical in this one. I haven't been into all the episodes of this series, but this one is a big step up.moreless
  • dis hea was a pretty good story

    gangsta licious was havin a special done on him on tv when he got shot... again wel riely figures as one of his dutys a s one of gangsta liciousus street warriors is to go to the local hospital and make sure that nothin happens to gangstalicious however in the mayhem that insues (yes im talkin like a cracka fo a reason,... because i want to biatch dats y foo) gangstalicious turns out to not be verry gangsta at all, in fac, .... it turns out dat n****'s gay as a mutha fu**** in the verry end the real gangsta shoot at gangstalicious and empty out every shot, the catch the miss every time "damn we suck" peace dawgs ,Juanitomoreless
  • I didnt really like this episode that much.

    Huey was hardly in this episode so most of the comedy came from Granddad and Riley. IT wasnt really that funny except for the I got shot Raps song and the Way Riley finally realized that Gangstalicious wasnt a real Gangsta that was kinda funny, The climax thingy was really really weird though i would have never suspected Gangsta licious to be gay The crappy shots of linclons crew was hilarious though. It also seemed kinda shorter than most episodes do ( except for trial of R. Kelly) so i wonder why that was. six more words six more words.moreless
  • great episode

    In the beginning there is a disclamer for this episode, which is very very funny, because soo much of this episode really could happen. Pretty much what happens is that Riley goes to visit his favorite rapper in the hospital and some thugs come and try to kill Gangstalicious. I think the most important scene of this episode is when Gangstalicious and Riley are locked inside the trunk and Gangstalicous talks about how he really wanted to be a tough rapper, and then he found out he wasnt really like that. This is the most moving part of the episode because its soo real. ...well dats juss mah 2 cents bmoreless

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    • Gangstalicious: Put on your seatbelt! It's the law, and it's a really good idea.

    • Riley: Wow! That's so real. The drug game.Gangstalicious: Word. That's real spin dun dun dun. It's why I tell kids like you, the drug game is cool, y'know, but in some ways it's not cool. But...but mostly it's cool.

    • Gangstalicious: All I'm sayin' is, know I'm saying, shit's real. Know what I'm sayin'? This shit ain't music, right. Know what I'm sayin'? This is some bona fide unimpeachable gangsta shit. Know what I'm sayin'? This is some indubitable shit nigga!
      Nigga: What he said, nigga.

    • Nigga #1: (while loading his gun) I got this nigga now.
      Nigga #2: Slow down, nigga.
      (The car the niggas were in crashes into the car Gangstalicious and Riley were in. Both niggas got out and walked straight to the already damaged car)
      Nigga #1: Sup now, niggas? Open the door.
      (Gangstalicious presses a button with his foot causing the window to go up)
      Gangstalicious: Uh-uh.
      Nigga #1: Open… hey. Open the door!
      Gangstalicious: Uh-uh.
      Nigga #1: Nigga, if you don't open this door…
      Gangstalicious: Uh-uh.
      (Scene shows Riley and Gangstalicious tied up inside the trunk of a car)
      Gangstalicious: (whispering to Riley) I told you this nigga was crazy.

    • Riley: (to Gangstalicious) Damn, nigga, you short.

    • Black Eyewitness: Damn, that shit was crazy, nigga. I saw everything. (cell phone rings) Hold up. (answers it) Nigga, that's me on TV, baby. Yeah, nigga, yeah. Man I ain't got your money, nigga.

    • Riley: Where's your gun?
      Gangstalicious: I dropped it!
      Riley: What? You dropped it?! Who drops a gun? That isn't gangsta! That is very un-gangsta!

    • Granddad: Gangstalicious got shot again? That's a shame.
      Riley: Granddad, a nigga steppin' on your shoes is a shame. This is a catastrophe. This is catastrophic!

    • (Granddad calls Riley on his "cell phone")
      Granddad: (on the phone) Where's my god damn orange juice, boy?! You hear me?! What chu doin' growin' the oranges?!

    • Riley: And then Gangstalicious started crying, and I'm like, "quit crying you little bitch."

    • Granddad: Don't go to that hospital!
      Riley: (narrating) So the first thing I did was go straight to the hospital.

    • Granddad: The store...and back. That's it. No hospital. Take my phone, so I can reach you but don't call anyone.
      Riley: Dang, Granddad! Is this a cell phone or a cordless pay phone?
      Granddad: Shut up!
      Riley: This thing look like a laptop!

    • Gangstalicious: You know who my favorite rapper was when I was your age? Ice Cube.
      Riley: That dude who does family movies? He was a gangsta rapper?
      Gangstalicious: He was so gangsta I used to have dreams that Ice Cube would come to my house and kill my whole family.

    • TV: We now return to Gangstalicious: Resurrection.
      Huey: Resurrection? The nigga ain't dead!
      Riley: Shh! He been shot a buncha times, aight? At least he tryin'!

    • Granddad: What's Thuggin' love? Is that when you're makin' love to your woman and right before that "special moment", you beat her in the head, grab her by the throat, and throw her down the stairs?

    • Riley: It's like going to heaven and finding god smoking crack.

    • Gangstalicious: Oh we gonna die.
      Riley: Run nigga!

    • Riley: Niggas (gasp) comin'.

    • Riley: Gangstalicious got shot.
      Granddad: Again?

    • Riley: (describing Gangstalicious and a nigga) These niggas is still kissin'!

    • Nigga: (after trying to shoot Gangstalicious) Shit, we missed!
      Other Nigga: I can't believe this, we suck.

    • Riley: Hello, I'm lookin' for Gangstalicious.
      Woman: And who are you?
      Riley: I'm one of his many illegitimate children.
      Woman: 5th floor.

    • Granddad: Boy, are you stupid?
      Riley: Hmm... I don't think so.

    • Gangstalicious: Put yo' seatbelt on. Its the law and its a good idea.
      Riley: Nigga, just go faster!

    • Huey: I got an idea: let's all go to college so we don't end up like Gangstalicious.

    • Gangstalicious: I'm scared!
      Riley: What happened to "I fear no man but God"?
      Gangstalicious: Correction: God and the nigga that shot me!

    • Uncle Ruckus: (after spotting Gangstalicious and Riley)) There they are. Right… over… there.
      (The three niggas ran to the sound of Ruckus's voice)
      Nigga: Thanks. Now go change your pants.

    • Lincoln: Where's Gangstalicious?
      Uncle Ruckus: Could you say that again? I couldn't hear over the sound of me shitin' myself.

    • Riley: A full day's supply of Vitamin C.
      (Granddad hits carton out of Riley's hands)
      Granddad: Boy, have you lost your mind? How are you gonna drink my orange juice out of the carton? I don't know where your nasty lips have been.

    • Sway: Hey, this is Sway, and this is my inexpicable headwrap.; WE interupt Gangstalicious's Resurrection for important news: Gangstalicious has been shot.
      Huey & Riley: Again!?
      Sway: Again.

    • Riley: I was so wanting info on the shootin', I watched what my brother calls "The News".

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