The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 13

The Story of Gangstalicious, Part 2

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Feb 04, 2008 on Adult Swim
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Granddad worries about Riley's sexuality when he notices that he begins to dress and act like "in-the-closet" rapper, Ganstalicious.

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  • Gay-stalicious!

    It is amazing how blurred the line between thuggish male bonding and homosexuality is. Until watching that episode I had never really paid attention to how many rappers have clothing lines - what can be any more gay than fashion!? I also liked the very close connection between "do the homey" and "do the homo With all of the DL shyt going on it would not surprise me in the least if I knew how many apparent "hard" rappers were actually downey soft. Seeing the Lethal Interjection crew so caught up in the transgendered gear was simply HILARIOUS! How could they not see all the gayness in that attire?! Skorts and a cut off wife beater?! CLASSIC EP!!!moreless
  • hillarious

    This episode was a conclusion to the first season episode "The Story of Gangstalicious, and it was funny, this sets a new bar on funny. Everyone had a cameo in the episode, except Jazmine. But this episode was hilarious, Riley wearing those clothes is one of the funniest things I have seen on this show. And Huey wanting his room made me bust out laughing. And I noticed uncle Rukus didn't make a raciest remark in this episode. This episode was hilarious and is my favorite of season two so far. I hope they follow up on Grandad thinking Riley's gay Anyway this episode is a 10/10, great job Aaron McGruder.moreless
  • Funny As Hell, Amazing Character Development.

    First let's cover the bad. This episode spends most of its time parading Riley's suspect fandom of Gangstalicious, keeping much of the episode's plot thin and somewhat monotonous. Fortunately, what surrounds that monotony more than makes up for it.

    This is basically a Riley story and, of course, continues from a season one episode. Without spoiling much, a lot of really obvious double entendre and collective naivety provide most of the episode's laughs, but the very best derive from this episode's character moments. In this episode, and later in the Ruckus reality show episode, The Boondocks' cast shows perhaps its greatest strength: characters who can go through situations that would, in almost any other show, bring then to accept their own ignorance, to evolve their understanding of the world and to grow as people. The awesome thing about the Boondocks is that, like a comic strip and much of real life, the personalities are what they are. They really don't change at all as people and, in a commentative and exploratory show like McGruder's, this results in magnificent displays of moral limbo, where characters must rationalize anything threatening them with a painful epiphany, so as to maintain the comforting world they've always lived in. Just keep in mind, this aspect of the characters propels the FUNNIEST aspects of this episode and some of the funniest in Ruckus's. Naturally, continuity payoffs from the the first of this two parter are just gravy when the show is this good.

    This episode is pivotal in showing what The Boondocks is capable of as a show, what McGruder is capable of as a writer, and just how scarily above every other current cartoon show this series actually is. I can't give it the full-monty score because the main plot does drag, but it's easily one of the funniest and cleverest episodes of not only The Boondocks but of ANY cartoon in the last decade. Catch part one first, then this one right after.moreless
  • Granddad worries about Riley's sexuality when he notices that he begins to dress and act like "in-the-closet" rapper, Ganstalicious.

    This episode has got to be the best of Season two so far! The fact that Riley was completely oblivious to Gangstalicious's sexual orientation was just funny. I mean, one can only drop hints for so long before someone catchs on. The Homie over Ho's video was priceless, not to mention all the sexual innuendo. In the near future, I hope that Gangstalicious returns because the storyline is very interesting to me and they make for good episodes. I would love to see an episode about how he came to become who he is. Sooner or later Riley will need to find out about the real Gangstalicious.moreless
  • The Boondocks is based on the satiric Aaron McGruder comic strip of the same name.

    Ok six words to describe this episode, "Laugh Out Loud On The Floor". This has got to be the funniest episode of season 2, YET!! Gangstalicious comes back for a 2nd time, except he's gay I still can't believe he busted slob with that dude that kidnapped him and stripped him bucket-naked in season 1. That was nasty. Now, Gangstalicious is out with "Homies Over Hoes". I knew it from the start that dance was gay.

    But, why Riley? He was wearing a skirt and carrying a purse! That was unbelievable!! Then Riley admits he's homo at the end of the episode! I was speechless. Riley of all people, GAY I wonder how this is gonna affect the future episodes. The Boondocks, remains on top!moreless
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