The Boondocks

Season 3 Episode 10

The Story of Lando Freemen

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jul 04, 2010 on Adult Swim

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  • Emmy-Worthy

    This season has been so off-the-wall-completely-bat-sh*t-insane. One would think the newest "Story" episode of The Boondocks would be a non-stop laugh-riot, right? Yes and No.

    Instead, Aaron McGruder packs this installment with loads of emotion and thought. Granddad calls Ruckus to complain about Ruckus not cutting Granddad's grass in weeks, to which Ruckus basically responds that white people (even poor white trash who can't pay him a wage) are more important than the Freemans. From there, Granddad runs into a young man in his 20's who agrees to landscape Granddad's entire property for a cigarette and a glass of orange juice.

    After first not getting along with the landscaper, Granddad starts to bond with him and the landscaper decides to treat Granddad to cold beer and strippers at "The House Of Cheeks." Granddad finds out the man's name is Lando. Granddad then tells Lando that he used to call himself that after "Empire Strikes Back" turned Billy Dee Williams into a household name in the early 80's in order to get more girls. Then he tells Lando that one of the girls he was with back then was Billy Dee caliber hot, named Marietta. Lando mentions that was his mom's name, and then drops a bombshell on Granddad when he tells him he might be Granddad's son.

    In the ultimate case of poor judgement, Granddad seeks out the advice of Gin Rummy (welcome back Samuel L. Jackson!!!) Rummy's 2 solutions are kill Lando - even tho Rummy likes Lando and has nothing but good things to say about him or get a DNA paternity test of the Steve Wilkos show.

    On the Steve Wilkos Show, Granddad is yelled at and has chairs thrown at him by Steve Wilkos himself while they wait for the results of the DNA test. Right before the results are announced the episode hilariously cuts to commercial just like The Steve Wilkos Show would actually do.

    After the break, Steve Wilkos reveals Granddad to be Lando's father. Steve Wilkos calls Granddad several names that Lando does not want to hear his dad called, so Lando whoops Steve Wilkos' ass!

    Despondant, Granddad once again goes to Rummy for advice who once again has 2 options. The first is to bond with Lando. The 2nd is once again kill him. Rummy points a gun to the back of an unsuspecting Lando's head while Granddad tries to convince Rummy that he definitely wants to go with option 1 ("okay. which one was option 1?"). Lando settles down with The Freemans. He instantly becomes family. From the sibling rivalry between him and Riley to his outburst at granddad for not being allowed to drink or "smoke with cigarettes" in the house, it's the typical american household that almost anyone can relate to.

    While watching the Steve Wilkos Show at home, Huey catches a disclaimer that allows the show to "falsify, reversify, alter, or null any DNA tests to preserve the integrity of the show." They call up to get the real results and are disheartened to find out Lando really isn't a Freeman after all. After he walks off into the sunset, The Freemans meet Lando's real dad - Billy Dee Williams!!! Easily the best written episode of the entire series since "Return Of The King." McGruder managed to pull this episode away from every convention I would've expected the story to fall in and create a wholly unique television experience that you can't help but think about for days to come. This season is already the best of the 3 seasons in my eyes. Hopefully after this episode, everyone will agree
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