The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 2

The Trial of R. Kelly

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Nov 13, 2005 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Huey saying that blacks are crazy as he watches the news. The news is mocking Whitney Houston's current state with Bobby Brown. The coverage then show R. Kelly's trial after he was arrested for "relieving" himself on a fourteen year old girl.Riley is fascinated by this and goes to the courthouse to protest for Kelly holding a sign that says "Free R. Kelly" He then talks with the prosecutor of the case and goes into a rather humorous conservation about what R. Kelly did isn't wrong and that no every black would be afraid to pee.

Meanwhile Riley's Grandfather plays chess with Ruckus. As episode progresses we see several other protesters gathering at the courthouse. A fight eventually happens with the protesters and non-protesters. R. Kelly shows up and this stops the fight temporarily. R. Kelly of course thinks he is innocent when clearly in real life there would be several serious charges here.Huey talks to the prosecutor and tells him to be careful because Kelly is well liked.

As case finally is brought before the judge and jury, R. Kelly's attorney comes up with a laughable defense how in ancient times elders had sex with the young servants He then says that this is clear cut racism. As prosecutor presents the evidence though R. Kelly is clearly guilty. As in his real life case, R. Kelly liked to videotape his sexual interludes. This irates the attorney who says that the tapes "prove nothing" Grandad and Ruckus continue their chess game and now they begin talking about other court cases with black men including Kobe Bryant. They begin some nonsense saying that Kobe was innocent but was infatuated with white girls.

Back to the courtroom the prosecutor now puts the "victim" on the stand, the fourteen year old girl but he's strategy backfires as she admits she liked what R. Kelly did and has a thing for celebrities. The attorney for Kelly says he has a thing for black girls (as if that were an excuse). Back to the chess game, Granddad finally has enough of Ruckus when he says that he appreciates what the white man has done for him (sort of retelling old Southern mentality) and Granddad finally leaves him all alone.

Into the courtroom the attorney now having no real defense starts cheapshotting the prosecutor (which might considered contempt) and starts insulting him because he has a white wife and then comes with laughable lines such as "America urinated on R. Kelly". These laughable outbursts somehow convince the jury that R. Kelly is innocent (which by the way is mostly an all black jury). In perhaps the biggest joke of the episode, the jury and courtroom erupts into a circus as R. Kelly plays one of his songs and starts singing while everyone else dances. Huey brakes up this melee by saying "what the hell is wrong with you people" and starts to rant about how R. Kelly needs help. This of course is ignored and R. Kelly is somehow found innocent. The episode ends then with Huey saying how he did battle with ignorance and ignorance won.