The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 2

The Trial of R. Kelly

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Nov 13, 2005 on Adult Swim

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  • 1 of my fav. episodes. Adult Swim finally got a show forr us black people

    I wish I could see this episode again. This episode was 1 of the greatest out of this current season. I love shows like this, because they're funny and have true facts in the current events. Also, I like the Tom character. He makes me laugh when he tries to sing. I also like that episode when he was in Jail and was afraid to get anally raped. Also, that Jazmine character was funny on the christmas episode, well the beginning of it, but she's needs to be used more. Also, Uncle Rickus makes me laugh the most. A black guy hating his own race. More hilarious.