The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 2

The Trial of R. Kelly

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Nov 13, 2005 on Adult Swim

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  • This episode of The Boondocks is one of the best ones since "Guess Hoe's Coming To Dinner".

    The Trial of R. Kelly episode was really funny. I realle don\'t see how R. Kelly won the trial. I\'m not saying that he should be guilty in real life, but that doesn\'t mean that he should not be guilty either. it\'s true what Riley said, when personal responsibility become an option in this. But it\'s true, exactly what was going through his mind if he did pee on the girl. And what Huey said should\'ve had the audience agree with him. and they shouldve stopped the damn dancing too, cuz if a case like this happened for Micheal Jackson, would you have seen kids and adults doing the moonwalk on top of tables? This episode was well written. I would also have to give thanks to R. Kelly's mistake, or this would have never happened. I give it an 8.7/10.