The Boondocks

Season 2 Episode 2

Tom, Sarah and Usher

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 15, 2007 on Adult Swim
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Episode Summary

Sarah Dubois meets Usher while on a date with Tom. She becomes obsessed with the singer, causing Tom to think she's cheating on him. Tom asks for help from A Pimp Named Slickback to sort out the problem.

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  • A Pimp Named Slickback shows his charitable side!

    Tom has trouble with Sarah and thinks she's cheating on him with Usher. He lives with the Freemans and Grandad gets A Pimp Named Slickback to provide an intervention for Tom. A Pimp Named Slickback tries to get Tom to fix his marriage by telling Tom to treat Sarah aggressively. Tom goes to confront Usher on Sarah and finds out that Sarah wanted to meet Usher so Jazmine could meet Usher. Only after he hits Usher and gets beaten up by Usher's crew. Tom feels relieved to know that Sarah isn't cheating on him but gets the punishment of pain put on him by Usher's crew.moreless
  • Oh Tom, oh Tom!

    Tom, Sarah and Usher was another comedic installment of one of my favorite shows on television. Tom and Sarah are experiencing a rough patch in their marriage so they try to enjoy and evening out together. To Tom's shagrin, R&B superstar, Usher Raymond, shows up to their restaurant and Sarah is instantly smitten. Of course Tom becomes distraught and acts in a way that makes the rough patch that he and Sarah are going through even rougher.

    Tom stays witht he Freeman's while he figures out a way to get his marriage right again. The Freemans believe that Tom may need a little help with his issues so they commission the assistance of A Pimp Named Slickback. (Please say the whole thing!)

    IMHO...any episode that features A Pimp Named Slickback and his arsenal of B!tches is a good episode worthy of watching. The fact that he has consorts named, Sweetest Taboo and the Quiet Storm is comedic in and of itself.

    Will Tom find his way back home and into the arms of his loving wife or will a singin' brotha like Usher take his place? I could understand if it was like T.I or something but...moreless
  • good episode

    A Pimp Named Slickback Stole the show again! It was a good episode-much better than the priemere-but still not on par with the first season. Tom's music video was somewhat funny but was entirely too long. Sarah's attitude/character has changed completely from previously, and I find her annoying like her daughter. Should have been more Riley and Huey...but I have to agree with Huey though. It was better that Usher stole Tom's wife than Omarion. LOL. A.P.N.S. had the best parts of the episode, including his mansion and his hoes calling him 'Daddy'. Um, that's about it. Hope the show gets better soonmoreless
  • This episode was a ****

    Episodes like this really are a **** (pun intended to review) it was hilarious...but the episodes one joke was set up very poorly with a very lazy pay off at the end.

    This episode of the boondocks focuses on a character thats been on the sidelines for a while Tom, it starts off with Tom and Sara dining out, until Sara meets Usher at the restorant which through a series of other forgetable events leads to Tom being kicked out and moving in with the Freemans and sighing unfunny reditions of Usher songs (bad singing stopped being funny during Season 2 or 3 of Idol)

    Hardcore Boondocks fans might remember a similiar situation happening in the comic strip...but the comic strip was a more up to date medium that could deliver extremely relevant poltical humor and clever satire on current affairs as they happened. The TV show has to be written months in this episode just has to get as much milage out of the word **** as it can...but when your show can get Katt Williams himself to do a voice...thats not a hard goal to reach

    Thats why the REAL episode begins when A Pimp named spipback himself returns to train Tom in the art of handling women...uh excuse me "****es" in order to get his wife back. This storyline as the brief glance we get at APNS' world is clearly the funniest part of the episode but its only given a third of the episode

    Also after all that build up the episode only ends with Tom accidentally hitting Usher and getting beat up by his security guards...funny but not the awesome payoff most episodes of the boondocks deliver.moreless
  • Not One Of My Favorite Episodes

    This episode could have been better. I think it deviated just a little bit from the storyline. Overall, it was a good episode with the least favorite part being Tom's music video (with the exception of the car scene). The best part by far was the appearance of 'A Pimp Named Slickback'. I loved how the Freeman's get involved by getting A.P.N.S. to intervene to help with Tom's Marriage. I love the full tour of his mansion as he gives a one-on-one counciling session to Tom to help him get over his...."dependency". Last, but not least, I love how Tom goes to confront Usher and as a result of his interaction with A.P.N.S., gets the snot beaten out of him.moreless

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