The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 05, 2006 on Adult Swim
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Granddad returns to his old home after his World War II friend Moe dies. Meanwhile, Huey has a chance to reconnect with an old friend. Soon Granddad and Huey must learn to leave the past behind after things don't go as planned.

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  • great episode

    This episode was one of the funniest I have ever seen. Plus it shows us how precious a friend can be, which is evidence between Huey and Duey as well as Robert and his friend from World War 2, Moe.

    Both Moe and Robert were so-called "best friends" during the second World War until something between the 2 of them caused them to break up. The same thing with Huey and Cairo. You see, since Huey left Chicago to live a better life in an all-white neighbourhood, Cairo thought Huey betrayed his own race. Robert and Moe's friendship was broken because of a "woman." Although in the end, Robert was able to forgive Moe after all those years. I can't say the same for Huey and Cairo though.

    To conclude, I wonder if anyone saw this, but it looks like Jazmine has a liking to Huey (which is far from a normal friendship if you're catching on quickly). She looked depressed when he had to go to Chicago, but was bubbling with joy when he came back. I think Huey likes her too though he doesn't show his emotions at all.moreless
  • I dunno if I can give alot of credit for this episode.

    I think everyone in this world does or should have a wingman, it makes everything fun. I kinda liked this episode, but Mike Epps shoulda been funnier than what they displayed him as, bcuz he's just so funny when he's in movies. Huey's friend really has a problem. Friends shouldn't treat you like dirt, no matter where you came from and stayed at, which is why I'm glad they f'ed up his new friend (that afrika bambaataa looking guy).moreless
  • this episode isnt really that funny besides the begining but it is pretty reavealing

    this episode isnt really that funny besides the begining but it is pretty reavealing We finally get to see a little bit of huey s past in this episode. We find out he has a best friend named cairo who isnt his best friend anymore and doesnt like huey for moving away to woodcrest. He dislikes him so much that he got a new deep black best friend who was into poetry instead of politics and stuff like huey was. the Big fight at the end was kinda fun but it had some many people in it i couldnt really see alot of the actionmoreless
  • You can't teach an OLD DOG new tricks!

    Tried and true. Aron McGruder is a Genius with this one. The truth in the lies! You can't expect anyone to change...they just have to change or they'll die THE SAME PERSON! Mo was ALL bad, from beginning of his and granddad's friendship to the end. And it's always amazing to watch this cartoonist/writer depict these life-like situations, even though they don't really happen like it does in the cartoon. Like Bugs Bunny and Wild E. Cycote....just good stuff maan!!moreless
  • "Dees Nuts!" Damn dead pranksters. HA!

    So Grandad Freeman has to attend the funeral of a guy who was sorta his friend earlier in life. However, Grandad's wingman happens to be an a-hole. He has been giving Grandad problems thoughtout his entire life and now he learns that the bastard has left something for him. How nice! All Grandad has to do in order to get that gift is to give the eulogy (?) at his funeral. This seems impossible to do until Grandad realizes that the woman that they both had a crush on in the olden days, who wound up marrying the recently deceased, became a fat ugly douchebag.

    After the funeral is over and all is said and done, Grandad is eagerly awaiting his gift, which was a jar of nuts. Upon revealing the nuts, the dead guy yelled out "Dees nuts!" as his final prank.

Gabby Soleil

Gabby Soleil

Jazmine Dubois

John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon

Robert "Granddad" Freeman

Regina King

Regina King

Huey and Riley Freeman

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    • Riley: Boo! Hey, Erykah Ba-Duey, that was real gay my nigga!

    • Jazmine: (to Huey) You came back. Did you miss me?
      Huey: Kinda.
      Jazmine: Yeah. I bet you did. Because I don't headbutt you in the face like your other so-called friends. (Jazmine laughs at the bandage on Huey's nose while Huey walks away in embarassment) Wait. Come back. Lemme look at it.

    • Moe: Well, I got somethin' here to give you, that's very near and dear to me, ya pimp. (Granddad opens the suitcase) These nuts, nigga! (starts laughing) Gotcha, nigga! From beyond the grave, you'll never be able to get me back, nigga!

    • Riley: (about to chase Duey) Don't run, nigga, I see you!

    • Granddad: Huey, say something deep. Huey: Huh? Granddad: I ain't got all day, boy. Be deep Huey: (sighs) Your pain is the breaking of the shell that enclosing your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity. Kahlil Gibran. (silence) Duey: Didn't rhyme.

    • Riley: (after Huey's friend headbutts him out of anger, causing him to go flying) Man, you got knocked the...never mind.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Duey: (talking to Huey and Riley) Well, if it isn't the Hilton brothers.

      Duey is alluding to the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky. They are famous American socialites who are the heiresses to the Hilton Hotel chain and their father's real estate fortune.