The Boondocks

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 05, 2006 on Adult Swim

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  • "Dees Nuts!" Damn dead pranksters. HA!

    So Grandad Freeman has to attend the funeral of a guy who was sorta his friend earlier in life. However, Grandad's wingman happens to be an a-hole. He has been giving Grandad problems thoughtout his entire life and now he learns that the bastard has left something for him. How nice! All Grandad has to do in order to get that gift is to give the eulogy (?) at his funeral. This seems impossible to do until Grandad realizes that the woman that they both had a crush on in the olden days, who wound up marrying the recently deceased, became a fat ugly douchebag.
    After the funeral is over and all is said and done, Grandad is eagerly awaiting his gift, which was a jar of nuts. Upon revealing the nuts, the dead guy yelled out "Dees nuts!" as his final prank.