The Booth at the End

Season 2 Episode 4

The Rules of the Game

Aired Monday Aug 27, 2012 on CityTV
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The Rules of the Game

Paths start to intertwine between clients as Conner finds a lost person, Henry meets a man who knows of a higher power, and Melody meets someone who could make her life worth living. Meanwhile, Doris continues to write down what The Man is thinking as he helps one of his clients.


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      • Doris: Did you say anything?
        The Man: Well, I did talk. Tried to get her to listen.
        Doris: And did your words help?
        The Man: Who knows what words can do?

      • Jack: I have a sense of it. How it will happen.
        The Man: The massacre?
        Jack: No, no, after that. How these people will go away. Their faith.
        The Man: Yeah, I'm interested in hearing about that.
        Jack: Well, the whole world, up in flames. Once I do this thing. I don't know how or why, but it's a clear picture in my head. It will start with my gunshots, hmm? Then across the world, more gunshots. Simple at first. No one will think anything of it. You know, the way these things go. And then, it will turn into something else. Something... we've never seen before.
        The Man: Really?
        Jack: You know what I'm talking about.
        The Man: I do.
        Jack: Okay, we'll keep it our little secret. The messenger from God, giving me a chance to do something great. What else could you be? Sent to lead me on a mission to save the world. Just tell me when it's time for you to shine forth in all your glory.

      • Theresa: I'm just so tired of settling.
        The Man: What would be the opposite of settling?
        Theresa: Certainty.

      • Dillon: People got flowers all wrong, man. They think they're just pretty.
        The Man: They're not just pretty, huh?
        Dillon: No. Flower grow from what is dead. They grow from decay. They blossom to lure, to spread pollen. To keep life going.
        The Man: So that death can happen. Again and again.

      • Maria: My mother. I found a way to cause her happiness.
        The Man: Did you make four more people cry?
        Maria: No. But I tried. I told her a story. Stories, really.
        The Man: Really.
        Maria: Yes. I told the story about how I met a man who sits in the back corner booth of a diner. And he said I could have anything I wanted.
        The Man: Sounds like it might be a scary story.

      • Maria: I hope you get what you're looking for, too.
        The Man: What makes you think I'm looking for anything?
        Maria: Why else would we come to this world?

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