The Borderers

BBC Two (ended 1970)


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  • Filmed at Mugdock Castle near Milngavie

    I saw part of this series being filmed in the grounds of Mugdock Castle on the outskirts of Milngavie. They had done up some parts of the castle and were filming some parts in the castle and in the grounds. It was great watching this on Television and looking out for the parts of the set that we knew.
  • Great period drama, DVD issue would be appreciated, but does not seem very likely...

    When I saw this, I was about ten years old - very impressionable - but this struck home in no uncertain way! And although I probably didn't understand most of it, it still struck home. So much so, that when I was in a record store as a thirty-year-old, and the title music blared out of the speakers, I simply had to have that record!

    Should you remember that moody introduction, it is taken from the first movement of Prokofiev's 'Scythian Suite' - it is, in fact, the second theme.

    I also remember the whole family being angry first when Rab was suddenly played by someone else, and then when the series was suddunly cut short and we never saw the remaning episodes. This was in The Netherlands, by the way, so don't blame the BBC!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this series and saw it depicting very much my own family historical background. Very entertaining with a level of violence that was not translated into these existing times.

    This series gave an excellent picture of the struggles and intrigues faced by those living in the borders. Sadly, in some countries, we only saw enough to whet our appetite. Personally, I would like to see it re-run. A "historical" series that was also entertaining, was on my "Must see at all costs" list! The clan struggles which were part of life were realistic and the border skirmishes gave a good picture of life in the 17th. century, not to mention a long time later as well. Yes, there was violence, but it was related to the time and the setting when life was often brutal and cruel. That sort of violence is more acceptable than what we get today, so often depicted as the norm for our modern society.
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