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What happened to the youngest son, Gioffre? Rodrigo Borgia had 4 children!

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    It's confusing... Rodrigo Borgia had 4 children: Giovanni (Juan), Cesare, Lucrezia and Gioffre.

    Gioffre, the little boy, did appear on season 1, but then just... vanished. Did someone noticed?

    Anyone knows why did they make him disappear without mentioning the reason?

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    They certainly could have used Gioffre more. In the real life Borgias there was a suspicion that he was the one that killed his brother Juan because Juan was bonking his wife. At least the show portrayed half of that story correctly. The show decided to put the blame on Cesare though. Obviously Cesare played a much bigger part in the story (on the show) as a whole, so it makes sense they made him kill his brother. They certainly could have included Gioffre in the story a lot more.

    It is amazing how (reasonably) accurate the show was to true life. I've been reading the true story about the Borgias in Wikipedia and the show has been fairly true to what really happened. The true story is so amazing they really didn't have to embellish it to make a wicked series. A great show and a great story.

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